New Rotary Screener in 2020

Improve the Purity of Your Fertilizer

When it comes to the rotary screener, there is a common view that it is used for sieving substandard fertilizer granules. But, is that all it can do? Just have a glance at the most designs of commercial fertilizer production lines, particularly these for making animal manure fertilizer. Then, you will realize that the drum screener is more important than you thought in the process of making good organic fertilizer.

What Can a Rotary Screener Do for Your Fertilizer Factory?

How many rotary screeners do you need? Before you blurt out the answer, I want to give you a hint that one screener actually is not enough, especially for organic fertilizer makers. In a commercial organic fertilizer manufacturing plant, there are usually 2 rotary screening machines connected with different organic fertilizer processing machines. As you know, a fertilizer screener, after a rotary cooler, aims to screen substandard fertilizer pellets. But, what is the function of the other one behind the feeding machine?

Rotary drum screening machine for fertilizer production

Improve the Purity of Your Organic Fertilizer!

True, our client will immediately point out the redundancy of the first rotary drum screening machine when we show the design of their organic fertilizer production line. Actually, the rotary screener plays a vital role in the procedure of making quality fertilizer. Here’s why.

If you ever have a close look at your organic compost, you will find there is something else in it. Yes, due to the anatomical features of poultry and stock, animal manure is full of undigested food, such as grains, hay and grass, and sometimes, little rocks. How can you make good organic fertilizer granules with these impurities? Therefore, the step of screening your well-composted animal manure should be given first priority.

Rotary Drum Screening Machine for Sale

Our rotary drum screening machine can sieve fertilizer granules as well as organic compost.

· Rotary Drum Screener ·

for Organic Compost

Model: SXGS-1030

Capacity(t/h): 2-3

Power(kw): 3

Drum Speed(r/min): 21

liquid solid separator for sale
liquid solid separator for sale

· Rotary Screening Machine ·

for Fertilizer Granules

Model: SXGS-1870

Capacity(t/h): 10-15

Power(kw): 7.5

Drum Speed(r/min): 12

Clean Devise of Rotary Drum Screening Machine
The Casing of Rotary Screening Machine in Fertilizer Production

As a famous fertilizer equipment manufacturer, we offer various types and models of rotary screeners. You can contact us to get the one you want!

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