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In fact, Fertilizer Blender, or fertilizer mixing machinery, is a piece of vital equipment on your fertilizer production line.

It is widely used to thoroughly mix different raw materials, such as composted animal manure and chemical materials. After blending, you can make your raw materials into various kinds of fertilizer, including organic fertilizer, bio fertilizer, bulk blending fertilizer and so on.

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Why Are Our Blenders Indispensable on Your Fertilizer Production Line?

Generally speaking, mixing, in the process of manufacturing fertilizer, plays a crucial role. It even determines the output of your fertilizer products.

If you don’t blend different raw materials thoroughly, final fertilizer products may not up to national standard in your country. Consequently, you will unfortunately end up suffering a large amount of financial damage.

Apropos traditional fertilizer mixers, there are many common weaknesses, such as low efficiency, high energy consumption and lack of ability to mix materials thoroughly.

Today, we have made a breakthrough in the improvement of our mixing machines. Thus, our mixing machines can ensure that your fertilizer production line runs better and brings more profits as much as possible for you.

Shunxin Machinery Company is a fertilizer blender manufacturer who is highly acknowledged in international society. It broke most flaws of common fertilizer blending machines and designed 5 types of fertilizer mixing machines with new technology for your production line.

Horizontal Blending Machine for Sale
Double Shaft Mixing Machine
Single Shaft Mixer for Sale
Pan Mixer for Sale
BB Fertilizer Mixing Machine for Sale

Which Mixer Should You Select for Your Fertilizer Production Line?


· Horizontal Mixer for Fertilizer ·

Horizontal Mixer is an attractive fertilizer blender, with the maximum capacity of 10-15 tons per hour.

In general, it is more functional in terms of the large-scale production of organic fertilizer. Hence, horizontal fertilizer mixer is able to increasingly improve the efficiency of fertilizer production after you buy one in your large fertilizer factory.

How Does Our Horizontal Mixing Equipment Work?

Equipped with two ribbons rotating reversely, horizontal mixer blender is able to constantly turn the materials from top to bottom.

Because of the high rotation rate of two ribbons working alternatively, the gravity of the material is reduced. Accordingly, even the materials at the bottom of the machine groove can be mixed as well.

All in all, our horizontal blending machine has no dead angle. As a result, it can perfectly prevent a large amount of waste of raw materials. In other words, you can save a substantial sum of cost on production.

Why Could Our Horizontal Mixing Machine Be Popular?

Stable Operation

The whole machine groove is tightly welded on a solid steel rack. And the rack remains well the stability of the mixer and makes it movable as well. Moreover, the components, including rotary blades, axes and shafts, are soldered together firmly. As a result, you don’t need to worry that they may fall off.

The Frame Supporting the Horizontal Mixing Machine
Horizontal Blending Machine with a Large Capacity

Huge Capacity

SXWJ-1630 horizontal mixer has the ability of mixing raw materials about 15 tons per hour. In large-scale fertilizer plants where tons of materials need to be made into fertilizer, it is more economical to purchase one or two our horizontal mixing machines, instead of several other mixers.


· Single Shaft Blender and Double Shaft Mixer ·

Single Shaft Blender and Double Shaft Mixer are two automatic fertilizer blenders connected with batch machine.

The Details of Double Shaft Mixer

The Details of Double Shaft Mixer

The Details of Single Shaft Blender

The Details of Single Shaft Mixer

The Shaft of Mixers

They share a lot in common, from their working principal to operation steps. Nevertheless, they have a distinct difference in structure.

For example, the latter has one more steel shaft than the former. Hence, twin shaft paddle mixer is more suitable for you when you need to ensure the mass production of NPK fertilizer every day.

How Does Our Shaft Blender Mix Your Materials Evenly?

The First Step

After starting single shaft mixer/dual shaft mixer, you need to put your materials into the mixer through feeder.

Single Shaft Mxing Machine in Fertilizer Making Plant

The Second Step

The rotor drive two shafts of our two shaft mixer rotate respectively in the opposite direction. Thus, they can blend different materials together.

In single shaft mixer, the only one axis works clockwise and brings materials move towards the same direction in order to mix them thoroughly.

The Third Step

After mixing, materials will be discharged via the outlet. Then, our conveyor system will sent them into granulation machine or bagging equipment.

Most importantly, all these steps are taken automatically without constant intervention of workers. Hence, the workload is greatly reduced for you.


· Pan Mixer ·

Pan Mixer for Making Verious Fertilizer

Pan Mixer, called disc mixer as well, is another hot-selling fertilizer mixing machine of Shunxin Machinery Company. It is highlighted for its high efficiency and simple operation.

3 Features Make Our Pan Mixing Machine a Prevalence Overseas

Reasonable Structure Lessens the Waste of Materials

Generally speaking, ordinary mixing equipment tends to waste a large amount of raw materials. Of course, that is a headache for lots of people. Because of gravitation, raw materials tend to pile up at the button of the machine groove. Accordingly, the blade can hardly blend them well, causing a great amount of waste.

However, our pan mixing machine solves this problem. The sealing between the bottom of the machine groove and mixing blades is is tight enough.

Consequently, the mixer is able to mix all materials comprehensively. Likewise, it is able to prevent materials from sticking on the machine. As a result, our pan blender will spare scads of problems in cleaning for you.

The Inner Design of Pan Mixing Machine

High Efficiency Increases the Output of Your Fertilizer Production Line

In comparison with other fertilizer blenders, disc mixer stands out by dint of its various striking advantages, such as small size, easy operation and long continuous working time. In large-scale compound fertilizer manufacturing plants, it is able to run all day without a halt on the premise that other parts of the production line work smoothly.

Longer Service Life

We use unbroken and anti-corrosive steel to manufacture the components of our disc blending equipment and weld them firmly. Hence, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on repairing and maintaining.

Pan Blending Machine without Painting


· BB Fertilizer Mixer ·

Drum Type BB Fertilizer Mixer for Commercial Production

BB Fertilizer, an abbreviation of Bulk Blending Fertilizer, is a kind of fertilizer made by blending different compound fertilizer pellets in a proper proportion. Given its simple making steps and lucrative market, BB fertilizer now attaches importance to a group of fertilizer makers.

Hence, Shunxin Machinery Company specially designs two types of blending machines for BB fertilizer only, namely BB Fertilizer Mixer and Drum Type BB Fertilizer Mixer.

The Details of BB Mixing Machine

The Cable of BB fertilizer Mixer's Feeder
The Feeder of BB Mixing Machine
The Frame of BB Fertilizer Mixer
The Electric Control Box of BB Fertilizer Blender
The Rear of BB Fertilizer Mixer

Why Should You Buy Our BB Fertilizer Mixing Equipment?

A range of BB Fertilizer mixing machines with different specifications is available to you.

We will recommend a befitting BB fertilizer blending machine for you in accordance with your needs.

For example, drum type BB fertilizer mixer, with the maximum capacity of 30-40 tons per hour, is more suitable for mass BB fertilizer production.

As for BB fertilizer mixer, it, small-size and movable, is sufficient for a small production line.

Industrial BB Fertilizer Mixer for Sale

Automatic operation saves a lot of cost for you.

Our BB fertilizer mixing equipment, controlled by a smart electronic system, makes the consecutive operation of the whole BB fertilizer production line possible. Hence, your plant require only a few workers.

A customized BB fertilizer production line project Is designed for you.

For those customers who have an inclination to establish a BB fertilizer line, we offer a free relative project plan. In addition, we will design the diagram of the production line, and choose necessary machines as well as accessory equipment within your budget.

If you have any demand for the parameters of our equipment, we can customize them for you! We promise that we’ll try our best to help you build a perfect BB fertilizer production line with low investment!

To Make Sure Mixing Machine Can Work Evenly, What Should You Do?

Raw Materials

Our mixing equipment is for making fertilizeronly. Therefore, do not feed wrong materials, such as stones, rocks and sand, or they may broke the mixer easily.


Adding lubricant regularly to remain the smooth operation of our fertilizer mixer.


Start the blending machine before the process of feeding.

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