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Chicken Manure Fertilizer Pellets Production

A brief introduction of chicken manure fertilizer production, 2 solutions facilitate your production

When it comes to waste management

it is always a sticky issue for the owners of chicken farms on a large scale or small scale. Every day, fresh chicken manure with the reek contaminates the environment of the farm and even the health of animals. So, how to deal with a huge amount of chicken manure?

It is an advisable way to turn them into organic fertilizer, because one can gain economic benefits from it. However, these owners, though conversant with the skills of feeding chicken, are devoid of the basic knowledge of fertilizer production. Then, how to make chicken manure fertilizer pellets?

Today, let us show you the answer!

How Are Chicken Manure Fertilizer Pellets Made?

Commonly speaking, there are over 10 steps in the process of turning your chicken litter into salable fertilizer pellets.


On average, the water content of fresh chicken manure is about 75%, which is much higher than needed. So, you need to reduce it to an ideal amount, about 35%, or you are prone to end up with failure in the next step: composting.

The process of dewatering animal manure


It is widely known that fresh chicken manure has various harmful materials, including bacteria, insect eggs and E.coli. To produce quality fertilizer pellets, it is necessary to eliminate these materials first. Then, what should you do? Compost your dried chicken manure!

According to statistics, the quality of harmful materials in your chicken manure shows a great slump after the process of composting. Consequently, your chicken manure is qualified to be used as a kind of safe powder fertilizer.

But, how to compost it? Just collect chicken litter and stock it in a long strip. Next, you need to turn it from time to time to aerate it. Of course, you can add straw and sawdust to your compost piles in order to adjust the C/N ration and water content of your chicken manure. In this way, you can speed up composting easily.

Indoor compost piles


Due to the sudden decline of water content, the external layer of your compost pile is prone to form a hard crust. You need to crush it completely, or the large pieces of your raw materials are an adverse factor for the process of granulating.


In order to increase the purity of your chicken litter fertilizer pellets, it is needed to screen useless materials, such as undigested grains, feathers and sand.

Rotary drum screening machine for poultry manure


Do you want to produce high-quality fertilizer pellets that various nutrients and microorganisms abound? If you do, it is a good idea to mix your chicken litter with other raw materials in the right proportion.


After putting other raw materials in your chicken manure, you have to mix them thoroughly before the next step, or the quality of your chicken manure fertilizer pellets may become poor.


This step is so crucial that it has a huge influence on the output of your fertilizer products. Commonly, there are 2 methods of granulating, namely wet granulation and dry granulation. And they differ a lot in the way of granulating and the choice of machines. You can choose the one you like.

The Granulating Machines for Chicken Manure

Screening and Crushing

Do you want to buy a bag of fertilizer with misshape pellets or broken pellets? No, right? Hence, you need to screen defective chicken manure fertilizer pellets to make sure that every granules consumer buys is of high-quality. In addition, substandard granules can be crushed and re-granulated. Thus, you are able to maximize the utilization of your raw materials.

Drying and Cooling

It is a necessary process if you choose wet granulation. Theoretically, your fertilizer pellets are moist and sticky after granulation. If you pack them, they are likely to cake. Therefore, you need to dry them to make the moisture content drop. Of course, the process of cooling is needed after drying.

Rotary drum drying machine
Rotary drum dryer with a dedusting room


In the markets, slow release fertilizer pellets have rather high sales. Have you ever considered producing them? Actually, you can make them by coating your fertilizer granules with a layer of special substance, and the layer will slow the release of nutrients. More importantly, coated chicken manure fertilizer granules are able to endure long-time storage and transportation without causing caking problems.

Chicken Manure Fertilizer Pellets After the Process of Coating


Hardly can any manufacturers store, transport or sell their fertilizer pellets without bagging them, right? Hence, you need to pack your fertilizer products for your and buyers’ convenience.

Now, do you grasp how to make chicken manure fertilizer pellets don’t you? But, wait! There is still a question. How to start the production? By hand? That’s quite unrealistic, even for the owners of small-scale fertilizer plants! You need fertilizer making machines to help you. Then, which machine should you buy?.

To be honest, the 11 steps above are nothing but a brief description of each process of fertilizer production. According to every client’s needs, capital and plant area, the process flows of the production have something different. Accordingly, the machines you need vary.

The Designs of Chicken Fertilizer Mking Plants

Don’t worry. As a professional supplier of fertilizer production solutions, we provide you with 2 solutions for chicken manure fertilizer production here.


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The Solution for Small Farms with Less than 10,000 Chickens

For small chicken farms, you don’t have heaps of chicken manure weighing tons, and you probably lack enough capital and room on the farm. Therefore, it is not economical for you to set up a plant. Actually, you can start your fertilizer production with a fermentation vessel, a screening machine, a flat die granulator and a bagging machine.

Chicken manure fertilizer production line on the farm

What You Should To Spend Less on Chickan Manure Fertilizer Production?

Step 1

You can collect chicken litter and let the sun dry it up. It may take a couple of days, but you don’t need to spend more money to buy a machine for dewatering, right?

Step 2

Fermentation tank for poltry manure

Put your chicken manure into our vertical fermentation tank. Our fermentation vessel, controlled by a smart computer, will manage the whole process of composting. You don’t even have to check the temperature or water content of your compost and think about when to turn it. Our chicken manure fermentation tank will do it for you.

In addition, it has a sealed design, so your farm is free from the reek of your chicken manure compost. After half a month, the process of composting ends.

Step 3

Put your chicken waste into our screening machine to sift useless materials.

Step 4

Flat die granulator for poultry manure fertilizer

Composted by our chicken manure fermentation vessel, your raw materials do not require the process of crushing. Just put them into our flat die granulating machine. By huge extrusion force, they will be pressed into small pellets.

Of course, the size of the granules can change by using different models of rollers. If you need one, we can customize a roller for you.

Step 5

In the principle of dry granulation, our flat die granulating machine produces pellets by extrusion force. Hence, your chicken manure fertilizer granules have an ideal water content, and they don’t require the process of drying or cooling.

Then, you can put them in our rotary drum screening machine to screen flawed fertilizer pellets. You may ask, do I need a fertilizer crusher to deal with these pellets? Well, it is more economical for you to use them for the plants and crops on your farm.

The fertilizer granules made by flat die granulator

Step 6

The Bagging Machine on Fertilizer Production Line

Quality chicken fertilizer pellets will be packed by our auto bagging machine. It has the ability to automatically weigh, pack and seal, and you just need a worker to put the bag in the right place.

If you want to engage in chicken manure fertilizer production with a small investment, the above machines are enough for you. Of course, you can purchase our auto convoying system to connect each fertilizer making machine, so as to form a simple production line.

The SX Conveying Machines

Solution for Large Chicken Farms or Fertilizer Plants

A full fertilizer production line for commercial plants

For commercial chicken farms and fertilizer plants, the daily amount of chicken manure fertilizer they should treat is huge. Thus, the owners of them should establish a whole production line to realize mass production. Only in this way can they truly make profits from the management of chicken waste.

How to Realize the Mass Prodcution of Chicken Manure Fertilizer?

Step 1

To increase efficiency, you need to use our chicken manure dewatering machine to reduce the water content of your raw materials.

Industrial Dewatering Machine for Sale

Step 2

Groove type composting machine for chicken manure fertilizer

You have to stock dried chicken manure in a groove that is 0.8-1.8 m in height and 2.5-3 m in width. Then, start our groove type composter to turn your compost pile. This type of composting machine has a large capacity, and it is able to deal with tons of chicken manure hourly. More importantly, it is equipped with an auto electrical control system, so you don’t need to operate it by yourself.

In addition, our groove type composting machine is able to speed up composting, finishing the process within a month. That unquestionably shortens your production cycle.

The working picture of groove type compostor

Step 3

In this step, our rotary drum screening machine and vertical crusher will do their jobs of making your chicken manure suitable for granulation.

Rotary screener for chicken litter fertilizer

Step 4

Auto Batching System with 4 Hoppers

If you want to mix different raw materials, our auto batching system and pan mixer are your top choices. The former is equipped with hoppers that can meet your needs for adding several kinds of raw materials in a specific ration; the latter has anti-corrosive blades used to mix your materials thoroughly.

Pan mixer for chicken manure

Step 5

In order to realize mass production, you need a high-efficient granulating machine with high capacity. Thus, we recommend our disc granulator whose hourly output reaches 6 tons. You can buy 2 or 3 to form a pan granulation line.

Disc granulating machine for chicken manure fertilizer

Step 6

Rotary drum screener for chicken manure fertilizer

Chicken manure fertilizer granules will be sifted by a rotary screening machine, and flawed granules will be carried to a chain crusher by an auto conveying system.

Step 7

In the principle of wet granulation, our disc granulating machine will damp your chicken manure first and round it into pellets. Therefore, you need to use our rotary drying machine and rotary drum cooler to process your chicken manure fertilizer.

Commercial rotary drying machine for chicken manure fertilizer
The dryer connected with a cyclone dust collector

Considering the large amount of dust produced in the process of drying, you can equip your drying machine with a dust collector to prevent the dust from permeating into your plant.

Step 8

If you have a high standard for the shape and quality of your chicken manure fertilizer granules, our polishing machine and coating machine are indispensable on your production line.

Organic polishing machine for chicken manure
Coated fertilizer granules

After our organic polishing machine makes your fertilizer granules more beautiful, our coating equipment will cover these pellets with a layer of nutrient substance. The final chicken manure fertilizer granules will be sent to a double bucket packing machine.

There are More Solutions Waiting for You to Explore

If you reckon the 2 solutions above are far away from your expectation, please contact us now! As a supplier of fertilizer manufacturing solutions, we have various solutions for producing chicken waste fertilizer pellets, and we will appoint a professional expert to find an ideal solution for your fertilizer production. Of course, we can even customize chicken manure fertilizer pellet machines to meet your special requirements. Just fill out the following contact form and send your inquiry!

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