How TMake Good Fertilizer From Cow Dung?

How to make fertilizer from cow dung? To make qualified cow dung fertilizer, there are many steps you need to know.


The manure of cattle, notably dairy cows, contains a large amount of water, about 80%. That retards the speed of composting. Hence, it is necessary to reduce its moisture to a certain amount, under 65%, before composting. You can use manure drying machine to process your fresh cattle manure first.


During this process, it is possible for organic materials to completely decompose and salutary microorganisms to grow. Meanwhile, a number of harmful germs, microorganisms and parasite eggs are killed as the compost temperature rises. Thus, your cow dung is up to your national standards as a safe material to make organic fertilizer. Our moving type compost turner and windrow compost turner are good helpers for turning your compost piles.


  • In order to prevent cow dung from caking, a cow dung crushing machine is indispensable on your commercial cow dung fertilizer production line. It can evenly crush your materials into powder, facilitating you to make them into better fertilizer.
  • Moreover, substandard fertilizer pellets require the process of crushing. Thus, it is necessary for you to equip your fertilizer production line with 2 crushers.


On your cattle manure fertilizer production line, there are 2 rotary screening machines. One is for screening useless matters out of your compost, such as stones and rocks, while the other is for sifting unqualified fertilizer pellets.
Screening Machine on Fertilizer Production Line

Screener for Composted Raw Materials


Screener for Fertilizer Pellets

A Whole Chicken Manure Fertilizer Production Line in Myanmar


In commercial cattle manure production plants, the method of wet granulation is prevailing. If you prefer that method, our rotary drum granulator and disc granulator may make you satisfied. They are able to ensure tons of cow manure fertilizer output every day. Moreover, their rate of granulation both exceeds 95%. But the pellets made by them need further processes.

Drying and Cooling:

After the process of drying, water moisture in your cattle manure fertilizer pellets is greatly decreased. However, you need a rotary cooler to cool your dried fertilizer pellets. In doing so, your fertilizer pellets can be stored for a longer time without caking.


In a commercial cattle manure fertilizer manufacturing plant, tons of output hourly asks for the consecutive process of bagging at a high speed. Our fertilizer bagging machine can realize the automatic process of weighting, packaging and sealing quickly. Hence, the need to hire more people to manually bag fertilizer is obviated, largely cutting your labour costs.

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Why Can You Make Profites From Cattle Manure Fertilizer Production?

A Surge in the Number of Cattle

With the increasingly huge requirement for meat and dairy products, a growing group of commercial cow farms has appeared hither and thither. Consequently, the number of cows has reached its historical high in recent years. Because of the increasing number of cows, the amount of their dung produced one day is tremendous in a commercial farm. That brings a headache for farmers.

Generally speaking, within one day, a cow is able to produce more manure than other animals. For instance, the quantity of waste produced by an adult beef cow is over 30 kg per day (that produced by a dairy cow may be higher, about 60 kg per day).

A Difficulty in Treating Cow Dung

Windrow Type Compost Turning Equipment in Fertilizer Plant

If you have a commercial farm with thousands of cattle, the daily amount of cattle dung reaches more than 3 tons. Definitely, that is a huge pile with stink, waiting for you to deal with. You may think the number is not a big deal. But the annual amount, about 10,950 tons, may totally overwhelm you. According to our buyers, the gross payment used to dispose of the manure was about thousands of dollars a year.

Of course, there is.

Just make them into organic fertilizer! it is possible for you to make a great amount of money from it.

You can build a commercial fertilizer production line on your cow farm first. It takes less investment actually. Then, it will turn your cow waste into useful fertilizer. Consequently, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to deal with cow dung anymore.

Why Can Cattle Dung Be Made Into Fertilizer?

In comparison with other manure, such as chicken litter, pig waste and horse manure, cow dung contains a variety of organic matters and trace elements that are essentials for the growth of plants and crops.

An Ability to Improve Soil

What’s more, it can create a benign environment for microorganisms, which greatly improves the fecundity of soil. So, it goes without saying that cow manure is a good fertilizer.

Does It Complex to Produce Cow Waste Fertilizer?

There is a large amount of harmful germs and parasite eggs in your smelly and filthy cow manure. Hence, your fresh cattle manure is not proper to use for fertilizing directly. or it will pollute soil and water, putting a threat to our environment. In order to make your cow dung useful, it needs to be treated right via several processes, including dewatering, composting and crushing. It sounds difficult, doesn’t it?

If you produce fertilizer manually, it is indeed a burdensome work. But, a fertilizer production can make the cow dung manure preparation much easier!

Our Production Line Simplifies the Cattle Manure Fertilizer Production

A commercial fertilizer production line equipped with highly automatic machines has an ability to simplify your production. Commonly, our cattle waste fertilizer production line takes minutes to produce a batch of quality fertilizer products.

In doing so, a large amount of cow dung that once gave you a headache could turn into lucrative organic fertilizer. Undoubtedly, that will bring lots of money to you.

Our Technicians Provide You with Assistance and Guidance

You do not have experience of cow dung fertilizer production or do not know how to start a cow dung fertilizer business either, do you? Don’t worry. We are a famous company of making cow dung fertilizer production equipment. Here, a technical squad is formed to help you set up your cow dung fertilizer project and realize your idea of making cow dung fertilizer. With our help, you are able to make money from cow dung rather than spend a lot on disposing of it, like other farmers.

If you want more details about how to make organic fertilizer from cow dung easy and fast, welcome you to contact us!

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Given the potential market of cow dung fertilizer, a crowd of people gradually made a plan to start their business of producing cow manure fertilizer commercially and then make a huge buck from it. If you are one of them, you can contact us to ask anything relating to cattle manure fertilizer production!

If you have no clue how to make organic manure from cow dung, don’t worry. Besides a set of premium cow dung fertilizer machine, we will provide you with a professional squad who is committed to giving you technical support.

  • According to your requirements, we will draw a design for your production line for free.
  • Experts will help you to install and adjust machines in person and teach you how to operate and maintain them.
  • We will frequently contact you online to solve your problems and issues.

With our help, the steps of making organic fertilizer from cow dung will be faster and easier for you!

The Shipment of Cattle Manure Fertilizer Making Machine to Other Countries

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