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Cow Dung Compost Machine for Sale

New commercial compost machine to make high-quality organic fertilizer from cattle manure

The process of composting plays a decisive role in the production of cow manure fertilizer. However, the daily output of cow manure produced by a commercial cattle farm is tremendous, about tons of manure piles. Then, how to make organic compost from cow dung in large quantities? Is there a large-scale composting machine for cow dung? Of course! There are 2 hot types of cow dung compost machines with the ability to facilitate you in the process of composting cow manure on a large scale.

Top 2 Composting Machines for Cow Dung

· Chain Plate Type Compost Turner for Cow Dung ·

Chain Plate Type Compost Turner for Organic Fertilizer Production

Our chain plate type compost turning machine is widely used in industrial composting plants because of its high efficiency. As the chain moves, cow dung will be carried upwards by the plate and fall back into the groove for composting. Even the raw material at the bottom can be turned and exposed to the air, fully aerating your compost pile.

· Wheel Type Composting Machine for Cattle Manure ·

Our wheel type composting machine turns cow dung compost with a huge wheel that moves from side to side. It has a transmission mechanism of high efficiency, allowing it to turn a large amount of compost with less energy consumption. In comparison with our chain plate type compost turner, our wheel type compost turning machine has a larger capacity. Hence, it more befits commercial cow farms with thousands of adult cows.

Wheel Type Composting Machine in Fertilizer Making Factory

What is the Difference between These 2 Hot Types of Cow Dung Composting Machines?

The main difference lies in their working principles.

Our chain plate type compost turner turns the compost with the turning teeth on its plate. As it goes forwards, its turning teeth will move upwards, bringing cow dung compost from the bottom to the top. Turned compost will fall from the top of the plate and stack in the groove.

Our wheel type composting machine uses a wheel with turning teeth to turn your compost piles. The chain will drive the wheel to rotate, turning your cow dung compost. The turner has a high tuning depth and a wide turning span, reaching 3 m and 30 m, respectively, making it possible for you to easily turn tons of cow dung at a time


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Why Should You Use Our Cow Manure Compost Machines?

Groove type composting

Fast Composting

These hot cattle manure composting machines are in a group of groove type composting machines which require a groove for composting. The groove, usually built indoors, can minimize the influence of the outside environment, such as weather. Therefore, the high temperature of your compost will last longer, even in the winter. Then, you can get composted cow dung within 20 days.

Largest Capacity

Our 2 types of commercial groove type composting machines are able to turn large-scale compost. Generally, the groove can contain a large quantity of cow dung. If you want to expand the production scale, you can establish more fermentation grooves. A chain plate composting machine, with the help of a transfer vehicle, can shift easily among grooves, turning tons of cow manure compost.

Large compost making machine for sale
Automatic composting machine for making organic fertilizer

High Automation

The electrical control system of our cow dung compost machine is of high automation. In the process of turning compost, our cow manure composting machine will do all the work without your operation, which greatly reduces your workload.

How to Compost Cow Manure into Industrial Organic Fertilizer Quickly?

In addition to using our cattle manure composting systems to turn your compost regularly, there are some things you should do before the process of composting if you want to turn your cow dung into organic fertilizer faster.

The water content of fresh cattle manure is 60%-80%, which is an impediment to the aeration of your compost. Hence, you should use a solid-liquid separator to reduce the content. Our cow dung dewatering system can make sure that the content drops to 50%-60%, an ideal amount for aerobic composting.

Before the process of composting, you need to mix your cow manure and other materials, such as sawdust, straw, and mushrooms, in a proper ratio, like 8:2. Assuming that mixed raw materials weigh 1 ton, you need to add 1 kilo of fermenting agent and 5 kilos of rice bran into them. Then, use our cow dung composting machine to turn your compost from time to time, and wait for 20 days until your cattle manure turns into organic fertilizer powder.

Commercial composting plant

How Long Does It Take to Make Compost Manure From Cow Dung?

Large composting turner for sale

In general, there are many factors that influence the speed of composting, including temperature, the amount of your cow dung, and sometimes the weather. Usually, it takes over 3-4 months to get composted cow manure, if you take the approach of traditional way – anaerobic fermentation. This method allows you to compost your cattle manure without machines, but the process of composting is time-consuming. A lone time on production means an increment in production costs for organic fertilizer makers. Hence, it is economically beneficial for them to use a compost turning machine to accelerate the process of composting cow manure.

Our cow dung compost machine can create an aerobic condition in which the high temperature of your cow dung compost will stimulate the decomposition of microorganisms and kill pathogens completely, speeding up the process of composting cattle manure. Therefore, it takes about 20 days to make compost with cow dung. Of course, there are other measures that you can take to accelerate composting. For example, you can dewater your fresh cow manure first and mix it with materials, like straw, hay, and sawdust, so it will be easier for your cow dung to ferment quickly.

Industrial compost turner for sale

When Should You Turn Your Cow Manure Compost Pile with Our Machines?

To figure out that question, you should know why you should turn your cow manure compost pile.

The step of turning your compost aims at aerating it to prevent the formation of anaerobic conditions. Usually, the temperature of your cow dung compost will reach 60℃ after 2 days. At that time, microorganisms break down quickly and consume a large amount of oxygen. Provided you leave your compost there without turning it, it will lead to the anaerobic fermentation of your cow manure, which makes your compost smelly and slows down the process of composting. Hence, you should use a cow dung composting machine to turn your compost regularly, like three times a week, at the first week when your compost is in the thermophilic phase.

Turning your cow manure compost can prevent its temperature from rising too high. In the thermophilic phase, there is a change that the temperature of your cow dung compost will jump to 70℃, creating a harsh environment for the microorganisms and zymase to live. Hence, you need to frequently measure the temperature of your compost pile. Once it is over 70℃, please use a composter to turn your cow dung immediately, or the quality of your compost will drop. In addition, you can lower the frequency of turning your cow dung when your compost pile is in the cooling phase.

How Do We Know that Cow Dung Has Been Composted?

There are 3 tips helping you to know whether your cow dung is composted or not.

Composted cow dung is usually black brown, without a pungent odor.

When your cow dung is well composted, its volume will decrease by 50% or more.

After the thermophilic phase, a majority of microorganisms have decomposed, indicating the upcoming end of the process of composting. Then, the temperature of your cow dung composting will drop and reach a plateau.

Wheel Type Composting Machine In Operation

What Can You Do with Your Composted Cow Manure?

After the process of composting, the harmful materials in your fresh cattle manure, including insect eggs, germs, and seeds, are completely eliminated. Hence, your cow dung can be used as a kind of good organic fertilizer that provides abundant nutrients to the plants and improves the fecundity of the fields. There are 3 ways you can choose to make use of your composted cow manure.

You can use it to fertilize your farmland to boost the productivity of your plants and crops. However, the economic return it brings to you is meager.

You can bag and sell it on the market. Your composted cow dung has a large amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which account for 0.35%, 0.16%, and 0.3%, respectively. That makes cow manure fertilizer a hot product on the fertilizer market. You can buy an auto packing machine to bag your composted cow manure and sell it to local farmers.

Making it into fertilizer pellets is a good idea. It can bring you more profits if you use composted cow manure as a material to produce organic fertilizer granules because of the promising market for granular fertilizer. You can buy a fertilizer production line that has the ability to allow you to make money from farm waste recycling. Hence, the scope of your production will be expanded by making composting cow manure as your business.

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