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The Rotary cooler, known as drum cooling machine in the market, is commonly used to cool the dried fertilizer pellets to a certain temperature. Thus, fertilizer pellets will not stick together in bulk.

As a supplier of fertilizer machinery, we refined and improved it. Now, our cooler is highly acknowledged in overseas countries, particularly in India and South Africa, by dint of good performance. Furthermore, our rotary cooling system has the ability to cool a wide range of raw materials, including organic fertilizer,.


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Why Can a Rotary Cooler Influence the Quality of Fertilizer Pellets?

In general, the temperature and moisture content of your fertilizer pellets are two fundamental factors dominating the quality of your products.

Our rotary dryer is able to ideally dry your fertilizer pellets, but you need an effective machine to cool them down.

As a matter of fact, the temperature of organic fertilizer, after the process of granulating, reaches over 80 degrees Celsius(176 degrees Fahrenheit), even higher in summer.

Provided that it is not cooled thoroughly to a certain temperature, your organic fertilizer is prone to absorbing the moisture in the air. Then, it will cake after the process of bagging. That undeniably has an adverse effect on the efficiency of your fertilizer and the mechanical process of fertilizing.

Today, there are three kinds of machines widely used in the process of cooling fertilizer by most fertilizer makers, namely rotary drum cooler, fluid-bed cooler and wave surface cooler. But, fluid-bed cooler and wave surface cooler have been battered with a lot of criticism for their loud noise, low output and a lack of non-corrosive resistance.

Hence, you should try our high-quality rotary cooler! It, coupled with rotary dryers, is a basic machine on most granular fertilizer production lines.

3 Highlights of Our Rotary Drum Cooler

Longer Service Life

There is a special rubber inner installed inside the rotary cooling machine. So you don’t need to worry that animal manure may corrode your cooler. Besides, the body and the parts of our rotary cooler, including gears and rotor, are all made of fine steel, wearable and heat-resistant. All of these make our rotary drum cooler stand out in the market.

The Anti-corrosive Lining of Rotary Drum Cooling Machine
Rotary Drum Cooling Machines for Medium/Commercial Fertilizer Plants

Good Adaptability

In accordance with your needs and requirements, diverse models with different capacity of our rotary cooler are available to you. For instance, SXHG-2424, a good choice of mass manufacturing plants, has the largest output among models, nearly 18 tons per hour. As for SXHG-0808, it, with the capacity of 1-2 tons per hour, is more suitable for small-scale granular fertilizer production line.

Moreover, you can regulate the rotary speed of the cylinder. Our technical expert will help you slow it down if you want to cool your fertilizer pellets longer.

Smooth Performance

Because of its stable structure and good performance, our rotary cooling equipment makes automatic fertilizer production on a large scale possible. In comparison with other fertilizer cooling machines in the market, our cooler is able to run longer. Thus, the production of fertilizer pellets will be smooth.

In addition, you can connect our cooler with a dryer. Accordingly, the automatic process of making organic fertilizer without too much human intervention is possible in your plant.

Rotary Drum Cooling Machine in Operation

How Does Our Cool Drum Equipment Cool Your Fertilizer Pellets Efficiently?

Our cool drum equipment consists of feeding inlet, support roller, cylinder, driving device, thrust roller, and discharge outlet.

The First Step

You need to start the draught fan to let the cool air flow through the rotary drum at an increasing speed.

There is an auto conveying system feeding your raw materials to the cylinder via the feeding inlet. Hence, you don’t need to manually feed anymore. Then, the heat from materials and the cold air encounter each other.

The Second Step

The Third Step

In the process of heat transfer, the heat is transferred to the cold air. Thus, the temperature of fertilizer pellets drops gradually.

Don’t worry that your pellets may slip out before they totally get cooled. Inside the cylinder, there are many lifting plates on the inner. They carry an amount of fertilizer pellets moving with the rotary of the cylinder so that the pellets are able to be cooled comprehensively.

The Forth Step

The Fifth Step

Through the process of cooling lasting about 15 minutes, the temperature of fertilizer is reduced greatly, to less than 40 degrees Celsius(104 degrees Fahrenheit). Then, you can send your cooled fertilizer pellets to the screening machine, waiting for the next step.

You can choose to furnish cooling equipment with a dust collector to dispose of the dust created in the process of cooling. Therefore, you can have a healthy working environment without dust pollution!

The Sixth Step

Our Rotary Cooler Optimizes Your Organic Fertilizer Production Line

To produce high-quality organic fertilizer in an efficient way, a good rotary cooler is indispensable on your production line. Our rotary cooler has won fame for its smooth performance, high quality and low consumption in many countries, including India, Brazil, Russia and so on.


The Shipment of Rotary Drum Cooling Machine to Various Countries

We firmly believe that our rotary cooler can further boost the efficiency of your fertilizer production line and then allow you to make huge profits from it!

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