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In Vessel Composting Systems for Sale

3 hot type in vessel composting machine to speed up the process of composting

What is in vessel composting?

It is a common way to compost animal manure in a closed vessel. Our in vessel composting system is a hot machine for in vessel composting. Someone may ask, “how can you turn your compost in a closed vessel? If you don’t turn it, it is anaerobic fermentation that prolongs the process of composting.” In fact, our in-vessel composting system will not slow the process of composting. On the contrary, it can accelerate the fermentation of animal manure in a way of creating an aerobic condition for your compost. Then, how can our fertilizer fermentation system play a vital role in aerobic fermentation of compost and speed up composting? You should know its unique design.

In-vessel composting machine for organic fertilizer production

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Why Can Our In Vessel Composting System Accelerate the Composting?

To figure out it, first, you should have a look at the design of in vessel composting systems. Our in-vessel composting system consists of the following parts.

The components of an in-vessel composting machine

The feeder is on the top of our in-vessel composting system. Hence, the staircase allows you to go there to ensure the smoothness of feeding animal manure, boosting your working efficiency.

It is driven by an automatic lifting device. In the process of feeding, the feeder carrying the animal manure will automatically move upwards and pour the raw materials into the fermentation tank, reducing your workload.

The hatch makes it easy for you to check and maintain the vital components inside the fermentation tank.

As the aeration system sends fresh oxygen, the blade will blend your compost constantly to aerate it, avoiding the formation of an anaerobic condition.

It is used to provide power to drive the mixing blade to move stably and smoothly, without harsh noise.

Temperature is a vital factor in the efficiency of composting. The layer has an impressive feature of insolation, allowing the compost to have immunity from the outside. As a result, our fermentation vessel can realize high-speed fermentation even in extreme environments, such as in freezing winter or muggy midsummer.

A fermentation tank is costly, so every organic fertilizer maker expects that it can work for them for a long time without frequently breaking down. Considering the corrosive ability of animal manure, we designed a special inner wall for our in-vessel composting system, which is made of stainless steel of high quality. Therefore, the service life of our industrial fermentation tank is prolonged dramatically, to over 20 years, according to our conservative estimation.

Are you worried about the pungent odor given off by your compost piles? Then, you should try our in-vessel composter. It is equipped with a deodorizing system that sprays and filters the exhaust gas discharged by a heat exchanging device. After the process of deodorizing, the gas will meet the emission standards in your country. Hence, you will not worry about the fear of complaints from the local inhabitants vexed by the stink from your compost. Nor will you face a forfeit because your compost pollutes the local environment.

When your compost pile lacks oxygen, the aeration system will be activated to send fresh air into your in vessel composting system. As the mixing blade moves, your animal manure will be aerated. If the temperature of your compost drops, the aeration system is able to send hot air to create an ideal condition for your compost.

The low oxygen content of your compost will lead to anaerobic fermentation, prolonging the process of composting. Hence, it is vital to control it to fluctuate within an ideal range. The oxygen sensor will monitor the oxygen content of your compost in real time. When the content is too low, the sensor will activate the aeration system immediately.

As we mentioned, temperature is a factor determining the efficiency of composting. For instance, bad materials, such as pathogens, insect eggs, and bacteria, can not be eliminated completely when the temperature remains under 60℃ for a long time. At this time, the temperature sensor will expeditiously start the heating device to heat the fresh air brought in by the aeration system, increasing the temperature of your compost.

What is the In-vessel Composting Process in Organic Fertilizer?

After being fed into the fertilizer fermentation pot, your animal manure will ferment and generate a huge amount of heat with the help of aerobic bacteria.

As the temperature rises, reaching 65℃, harmful pathogens, bacteria and eggs will be killed.

During the fermentation, the aeration system, temperature sensor, and oxygen sensor work to create an ideal aerobic condition for your composting. The high temperature will last for over a week, facilitating the microorganisms to break down and accelerating the in vessel composting process.

When the process of decomposing microorganisms finishes, the temperature will recline to 50℃. Then, you can control the fermentation tank to discharge your animal manure which is a good organic fertilizer powder now.

3 Hot Types of Fast Organic Waste Fermentation Systems for Animal Manure

Chicken manure fermentation machine for sale

· Automatic Chicken Manure Fermentation Machine for Sale ·

According to our research, the owners of chicken farms, particularly those small-scale ones, prefer a small automatic machine to compost their chicken litter. To meet their needs, we recommend our auto chicken manure fermentation machine.

Why Should You Purchase It for Your Chicken Mnaure?

Small Size

The shape of the in vessel composting chicken manure system is a vertical cylinder, taking up less room than other compost turning machines do. For example, the SXFT-10, one of the small fermentation tanks, covers an area of 6 m3. You can use it to compost chicken waste in your backyard, without the need to rent a plant for composting.

Small fermentation vessel tank for sale
The control panel of the in vessel composting machine

Fully Automatic Fermentation

The in-vessel composting system is one of the automatic machines with the ability to realize high-speed fermentation of chicken waste. During the process of composting, you can use a control panel to control it. Our in-vessel system will do the most work to create an aerobic condition for your compost, such as turning and aerating your compost.

· Cow Dung Fermentation Tanks for Sale ·

How to make the fermentation of cow dung faster, even in extreme weather? You should try our cow dung fermentation tank because it composts animal manure in a closed tank that has a layer of thermal insulation.

Cow dung fermentation machine for sale

2 Features of Our Cow Dung Fermentation Vessel

The layer of heat isolation

The Layer of Heat Isolation

Our industrial fermentation tank has a layer of thermal insulation to prevent heat from being lost because of the cold temperature outside. In Russia, where cold weather is an impediment to the increasing temperature of compost, our commercial fermentation tank can make your compost stay away from the effect of low temperature from the outside, and thus, accelerate manure fermentation.

In-vessel Composting

Unlike other composting turning machines, our cattle manure fermentation machine provides a closed environment for your compost, minimizing the influence of the weather. For example, it is a problem to speed up composting in India, because humid weather tends to increase the water content of cow manure, stalling the process of composting. However, our in vessel composter can isolate your cattle manure from the outside, speeding up the composting.

In-vessel composting for animal manure
Swine manure fermentation machine for sale

· Fermentation Tank for Pig Manuree ·

Do you have a project for pig manure fermentation? Have you ever wondered how to compost your pig manure at high speed? Our fertilizer fermentation tank is able to turn your fresh pig slurry into organic fertilizer powder within 15 days. You do not need to add any fermentation adjuncts to your raw materials. However, there is a crucial thing that you need to do before you use our in vessel composting machine.

Dewatering Your Pig Manure Before You Put It in the Fermentation Tank

The ideal water content of your animal manure should be 50%-60%, or the activities of microorganisms will be impeded. Given the high water content in your pig waste, you need to reduce it before you put your pig waste in the fermentation tank. There are 2 methods you can use.

Put some materials, such as straw, sawdust, and hay, into your pig manure and mix them together.

You can use a solid-liquid separator to dewater your swine manure.

Solidi-liquid separator for swine manure

As a fermentation tank supplier, we provide a wide range of in vessel composting systems for different animal manure. If you don’t know which model of organic fertilizer fermentation tank is suitable for your plant, you can fill out the contact form at the end of the page. We will recommend one according to your needs. In addition, we have a fermentation tank factory in China, so we can customize one for you if needed.

What Are the Distinctions between In Vessel Composting Systems and Compost Turning Machines?

Which type of fermentation is used in organic fertilizer manufacturing? In general, there are 3 approaches adopted by a majority of organic fertilizer makers, namely windrow type composting, groove type composting, and in vessel composting. Though belong to aerobic fermentation, they have some differences in the process of accelerating manure fermentation.

Vertical Fermentation Tank for Organic Fertilizer Production

Sealed Design

No matter which one you choose, windrow type composting or groove type composting, you need to prepare an expansive area for composting piles. However, our closed in-vessel composter processes animal manure in a sealed vertical tank which can create an enclosed aerobic condition for your compost.

High Automation

In the process of fermentation, you need to do a lot of manual work, such as stacking your animal manure and turning compost piles, when you use compost turners. But, our in vessel composter has the ability to reduce your workload in the way of automatically controlling throughout the process of composting, from feeding to discharging. That allows one worker to control more than one fermentation system.

The screen of the fermentation tank's contron panel
In-vessel fermentation tank discharging composted animal manure

Fast Composting

Considering its closed design and high automation, our in-vessel composting system has high efficiency in speeding up composting. Commonly, it takes about 20-25 days when your animal manure becomes good organic fertilizer powder, if you use compost turning machines to turn your compost. However, our fermentation tank makes it possible to finish the process of composting within half a month, even in the winter.

Despite its outstanding features, our fertilizer compost vessel is not a perfect machine for every organic fertilizer plant, particularly one on a large scale. Our commercial compost turning machines are the best choice for fertilizer manufacturers who have enough room for large-scale composting because they are more efficient. To find an ideal composting machine for your fertilizer plant, you can fill out the contact form and tell us the information that we need, so that we can recommend a cost-effective one that meets all your needs.

Windrow type composting in commerical plant

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