How to Compost Sheep Manure to Make Fertilizer?

3 hot commercial compost tuners to make organic fertilizer from sheep manure compost

Can you compost goat poop? Someone may ask, “Why do I need to compost goat manure?” To use it as good fertilizer! It is a truism that goat manure, after being composted, will be an organic fertilizer with ample nutrients. Hence, composting goat manure is not only a feasible way to dispose of animal farm waste, but a new source of income. Then, how to compost the goat manure in a simple way? How to compost goat poop for fertilizer? Today, let us teach you step by step.

What is an Easy Way to Make Compost from Goat Manure?

The groove type composting is a rather simple and easy method to dispose of your fresh sheep manure. There are just 3 steps. First, stack your sheep manure in the pit. Second, let a composting turning machine turn the goat manure compost automatically. Third, wait until your goat manure compost is done. Sounds super simple, but a little tough. Therefore, let us teach you how to compost goat bedding in the groove more specifically.

Groove composting for making organic fertilizer

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4 Steps to Make Good Organic Compost From Goat Manure

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The First Step: Drying

Dry your fresh goat manure first. The water content of your fresh goat manure should be 50-60%. There are 2 ways for you to make the water drop. Use a manure drying machine to dewater your goat manure or add straw to your goat manure compost.

The Second Step: Stacking Up

Stack your dry sheep manure in the groove and add other raw materials, such as bulking agents. Commonly, the temperature of your goat manure will rise to 122 ℉ in the first week. That is a sign of the success of your sheep manure compost.

Groove Type Composting in Fertilizer Making Plant
Industrial compost making machine for sale

The Third Step: Mixing

let our goat manure compost machine mix your raw materials well, to accelerate the process of composting.

The Forth Step: Checking

Check the temperature of your compost. When the temperature is above 140 ℉, our automatic groove type composting machine can be actuated to turn your goat manure compost.

The temperature of the compost pile
manure compost in pit

The Fourth Step: Waiting

Wait until the temperature of your sheep manure compost drops to 104 ℉ or lower. When the temperature has no drastic fluctuation, the process of composting goat manure is done!

It takes about 20 days if you compost in accordance with the steps above. If you find the temperature of your sheep manure compost declines earlier, turn your compost.

Now, you know the method of how to make compost from goat dung in a simple way. But, there is a question? Which composting goat manure equipment should you choose? As we know, a commercial goat composting plant usually depends on high technology and high automation to increase its productivity. Hence, an automatic goat manure composting machine is indispensable for large-scale compost production from goat manure. As a supplier of composting machines, we provide 3 new types of composting machines for sheep manure.

3 Hot Goat Manure Compost Machines for Large-scale Composting

In commercial goat manure composting plants, there are tons of goat manure in the groove. How to find an easy and fast way to aerate them? You need to use an automatic goat manure composting machine. Here, we have 3 new types of commercial goat manure compost machines, namely groove type composting machines, wheel type composting machines, and chain plate type composting machines.

Which Type of Goat Composting Machine Should You Purchase?

These 3 new types of composting machines, though all designed for turning goat manure in the groove, have some differences.

The groove type composting machine has a relatively short turning width. However, you can equip it with a special device that allows your composter to shift to another groove. Therefore, if you want to expand the productivity of your goat manure compost plant, you can establish more composting grooves. One groove type composting machine can shift among these grooves and turn all the goat manure.

Groove Type Compost Turner for Fertilizer Plants

· Industrial Compost Turner ·

Model: SXCF-4000

Turning Width(mm): 4000

Turning Depth(mm): 800

Main Motor(kw): 15*2

While our chain type composting machine has something in common with the groove type composting, it has a greater turning depth. In addition, as its turning teeth move, more sheep manure is brought on the chain plate. When the compost reaches the crest of the plate, it will drop back into the groove. In doing so, your goat manure is totally exposed to the air, increasing the oxygen content of your goat manure compost.

Wheel Type Composting Machine in Fertilizer Making Factory

· Commercial Compost Machine ·

Model: SXLPFD-2000

Turning Width(m): 30

Power(kw): 22+1.5×4+4

Dimensions(m): 22×5.8×4.5

Wheel type compost has the largest turning depth and width among these 3 goat manure composting machines. Before you choose it, you need to make sure that your compost plant is huge enough that you can establish a groove with an area of 200 m3 at least. Usually, wheel type compost is the choice of those who prefer the mass production of goat manure compost.

How to Use Our Commercial Composting Machine to Turn Goat Manure Compost?

In the process of composting, these composting machines will turn your sheep manure without your operation. Once being actuated, they will go forwards with the help of the moving device on the 2 walls. At the same time, their turning teeth, which are in the groove, will aerate your sheep manure. Don’t worry about the dead angle. Our goat manure composting machine has the ability to turn your compost completely from the bottom to the top, without a dead angle.

When to Use Composted Sheep Manureas Fertilizer?

It takes about 15-20 days to turn your sheep manure into organic fertilizer. However, you still can not use your composted goat waste as a quality fertilizer, let alone sell it on the market. Ask for the reason? The purity of your sheep manure is substandard.

It is inevitable that your sheep manure has something that has an adverse influence on the purity of your organic fertilizer, like undigested food. Hence, you need to screen these things to increase the purity of your sheep manure fertilizer. You can use a compost screening machine that has the ability to screen tons of composted goat manure automatically. After the process of screening, your goat manure compost is still unsaleable, because fewer will have the willingness to pay for a bag of caked organic fertilizer.

Fertilizer Rotary Screening Machine
The Operation of Fertilizer Production Line

During the process of composting, your goat manure compost will form a layer of crest because of the drastic evaporation of water in your compost. Although our goat manure compost machine can crush your caked goat manure into powder when it turns your compost, there are some small sizes of caked goat manure in your compost. You need to use an efficient fertilizer grinding machine to crush all your goat manure compost into fine power.

“After the above 2 steps, can I sell my goat manure fertilizer?”, you may ask. Why not buy an auto packing machine to turn your large compost piles into uniformed bags of fertilizer products? After all, the process of automatically packing goat manure is more time-consuming and efficient, right? I know, someone now is complaining, “How many machines exactly should I buy for my plant?” Actually, you need an ideal design for an organic fertilizer production line for your goat manure compost.

2 Types of Organic Fertilizer Production Lines for Your Goat Manure Composting

The majority of owners of commercial goat farms or goat manure composting plants are not likely to be satisfied with the profits from the production of composting. They are eager to make more money from farm waste. Hence, when they found us for a design of a commercial goat manure composting factory, they asked for a whole goat manure fertilizer production line to further process their composted goat waste.

If you have a goat manure composting project, the economic return brought by a goat manure composting machine is much more inappreciable than that given by a whole goat manure fertilizer production line. Here, we provide 2 hot types of manure fertilizer production lines. You can make your choice on the basis of your preference for the types of organic fertilizer.

· Powder Fertilizer Production Line for Sheep Manure ·

An organic fertilizer powder production line consists of a few necessary machines, such as compost screening machines and compost crusher machines, as we mentioned. Each goat manure fertilizer making machine is connected with belt conveyors, so the whole production is automatic. You can buy it with a small amount of investment.

· Granular Fertilizer Production Line for Goat Manure ·

commercial organic fertilizer plant layout

The design of the granular fertilizer production line is more complex because it has various production units. But, the production of goat manure fertilizer granules is rather easier for you, because the whole production line, as same as the above powder fertilizer production line, is equipped with highly automatic organic fertilizer making machines. From the process of feeding to the process of bagging, it takes about a few minutes to turn your goat manure compost into organic fertilizer granules of high quality.

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