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Disk Pelletizer for Sale

Let us tell you why you should buy our disk pelletizer and how to use it to produce fertilizer granules

There are 5 hot granulating machines that have gained lasting popularity in the international markets, and disk pelletizer is one of them. But, what is a disk pelletizer? Actually, a disc granulator is an essential machine when you make preparations for the establishment of a granular fertilizer plant. It is designed to turn your fertilizer powder into fine fertilizer granules.

5 Hot Types of Fertilizer Granulators

Disk pelletizer for sale

As a professional disc granulator machine manufacturer, we have made relentless efforts to refine the design of the pan granulation machine in order to make improvements in the efficiency and performance of our disc granulator. Our latest type of disk pelletizer has been one of the hottest products of our company for several years in a row. But, why can the sales of our pan pelletizer machine remain so high? How does it win over the vast number of fertilizer makers? The reason lies in its special design, which puts it in an advantageous position.


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What is the Uniqueness of the Design of the Disk Pan Granulator?

Our disk pan granulator is composed of a gear reducer, a drive motor, a spray system, a scraper, a pelletizing disc, a feeder, 2 outlets, and a triangular base. Such a structure sounds nothing innovative or special, right? However, it is these parts that form the competitive edges of our disc pelletizer.

The Design of Disk Pelletizer

The rotor of disk pelletizer

The Driving Part

The motor and the reducer of our disc granulator consume less power and energy than that of the same products from other companies. Besides, they depend on a flexible and soft belt to drive, reducing the impact force of the disc pelletizer. Hence, our pan pelletizer can stably work for a long time.

Spray Systems

In general, wet granulation machines are equipped with a device to spray water. Then, what is the particularity of the spray system of our disc granulation machine? The answer is the easy operation of these water sprayers. Let’s take the rotary drum granulation machine as an example. Its sprayers are inside the machine, so it is quite difficult to adjust them in real time. However, the water sprayers of our disk granulator are on the steel bar above the unsealed granulation pan. Therefore, you can easily use them to add more or less water to your fertilizer powder.

The water sprayers of pan granulator
The cleaning blade of disk granulator

The Scraper

The scraper is used as a self-cleaning system. When the disc granulation machine works, the scraper will keep scraping the bottom of the granulation pan to ensure there are no raw materials sticking to it. So, how does it benefit you in fertilizer production? On the one hand, the waste of raw materials will be minimized in the process of granulating. On the other hand, it saves you a lot of energy to clean and maintain the pelletizing disc.

The Granulation Pan

The most apparent particularity of our granulation pan is the unsealed granulation pan. Other fertilizer granulating machines, such as flat die granulator, rotary drum churning granulator, and double roller extrusion machine, can’t allow you to behold the process of granulation, while our disk granulator can. Thus, you can expeditiously take measures, such as adjusting the angle of the granulation pan, when fertilizer pellets do not reach your standards, avoiding a large amount of loss as much as possible.

The granulation pan of disc granulating machine
The base of disk pelletizer

The Triangular Prism Base

The base of our pan pelletizer is made of rigid and thick steel plates which are not likely to deform. Besides, its triangular prism design ensures that the machine can work steadily and smoothly, even without being fixed on the ground by bolts.

How Does Pan Granulator Work to Produce Fertilizer Pellets?

As a wet granulation machine, our disc pelletizer produces fertilizer granules in 4 steps.

Carried by the auto conveying system, your raw materials are sent into the granulation pan of our dick pelletizer. But, there is one thing you need to remember: Your raw materials should be powder, or the caked fertilizer powder takes a toll on the granulation rate. Hence, you can crush your raw materials before the process of granulating in case it is needed.

It is impossible to round dry fertilizer powder into small granules without the agent of adhesive or water. Therefore, you need to dampen your fertilizer powder. There are water sprayers on our disc pelletizer that you can control these sprayers to add water to your raw materials. But, do not scrimp on or squander the water. Just keep the water content of your raw materials in an ideal range between 25% and 30%.

As the granulation disk rotates, your damp fertilizer powder, with a degree of stickiness, is rounded into small pellets by centrifugal force. The size of the pellets is commonly within 5 mm. You can change it by adjusting the angle of the granulating disc.

There are 2 outlets for discharging fertilizer granules, one for quality pellets, and the other, unqualified ones. The qualified fertilizer granules are discharged and sent to a rotary drying machine, while unqualified ones go to a crushing machine so that they can be re-granulated.

How to Use Our Pan Granulator to Manufacture Perfect Fertilizer Granules?

Though the disc pelletizer working process sounds simple, it takes some techniques to make high-quality fertilizer pellets with our pan pelletizer. Therefore, there are some tips to help you successfully produce a batch of fine fertilizer granules, even if you are the first to venture into fertilizer production.

Remain the Stability of Our Disc Granulation Machine

Our pan pelletizer has a strong frame that is made of durable and thick steel plates and a firm structural base that is designed in a triangular shape to maintain the stability of the machine. Though our disk granulator works smoothly and stably, there are some things you should do in order to maintain its stability as long as possible.

Place our disk granulating machine on a wide flat floor, and check if there is any stuff, like little stones, under the structural base of the pan granulating machine, which makes pan granulator shake in operation.

Check the screws and lubricate gear constantly to keep your disk granulator in good condition. By doing so, the high stability makes it possible for our disc granulator machine to produce good fertilizer granules fast

Disk pelletizer in fertilizer production plant

Feed Raw Materials at a Steady Speed

Conveying system for feeding fertilizer powder

To produce good fertilizer granules, you should keep the speed of feeding steady. If the speed is too fast, the granulation pan will stock too much fertilizer powder that our pan granulating machine can not deal with. Accordingly, not only will the granulation rate drop but cause the waste of raw materials. Then, how to feed steadily? You can use our auto conveying system, which has the ability to send automatically fertilizer powder to the pan granulation machine at a steady speed.

Adjust the Angle of Granulation Pan

There are 2 factors determining the size of your fertilizer granules, and the angle of the granulation pan is one of them. In general, the speed of the granulieren pelletizer increases as the angle becomes higher. Accordingly, the process of granulation takes less time, producing small fertilizer granules. If the angle is below 40%, a slower granulation speed will give enough time for fertilizer pellets to become larger.

The ideal angle ranges from 40° to 60°. You can adjust it to manufacture the fertilizer granules in the size that you want.

The device to adjust the inclination of disk pelletizer

Control the Water Sprayers

The water sprayer of disc granulator

Considering that our pan granulator works on the principle of wet granulation, it is quite vital to control the water content in your raw materials by adjusting water sprayers.

Water is the other factor influencing the size of your fertilizer granules. Therefore, you can control the water sprayers to produce pellets of different sizes. Generally speaking, the higher water content of your raw materials is, the bigger disk granulator granule size is. However, keep the water content within 25%-30%, or the granulation rate will decrease. Therefore, you need to control the amount of water sprinkled by sprayers sometimes so as to make sure that the water content of your raw materials is ideal when you want to manufacture a batch of perfect fertilizer granules.

Choose an Ideal Model of Disc Granulator

As a disc granulator machine manufacturer, we offer a variety of models of disc granulators for fertilizer production. You have to buy a disc pelletizing machine that is suitable for your fertilizer plant if you are preparing to make perfect fertilizer products. Then, how to choose an ideal one?

You can pick a disc granulator machine on the basis of the scale of your fertilizer plant. For example, our SXYZ-3600, whose hourly output reaches 6 tons, performs excellently in large-scale fertilizer plants. If you are looking for a lab disc granulator or a mini pan granulator, our SXYZ-500 is your best choice due to its small hour output, about 0.05 tons.

You can tell us what kind of fertilizer granules you produce, such as NPK fertilizer pellets and animal manure fertilizer granules. Then, we will recommend an ideal disk granulating machine for your commercial factory.. There are 3 hot kinds of disk granulating machines used in making fine fertilizer granules.

3 Top Types of Disk Pelletizers

NPK disc granulator for sale

· NPK Disc Granulator ·

Our NPK disc granulator is one of the ideal wet fertilizer pelletizer for producing NPK fertilizer granules. It is able to mix each raw material completely and then round it into small NPK granules. In addition, the fertilizer granules, made by our NPK disc granulator, can withstand long-time storage and transportation without a decline in quality.

· Organic Fertilizer Disc Granulator ·

In responding to the reality that the need for manufacturing organic fertilizer pellets is increasing, we now provide a new type of organic fertilizer disc granulator. Besides, the steel of the granulation pan of our organic fertilizer disc granulator has an outstanding feature of resisting erosion. So, don’t worry that your animal manure will erode the machine easily.

Organic fertilizer disc granulator for sale
Disk pelletizer for cat litter

· Disc Granulator for Cat Litter Producing ·

Are you a manufacturer of cat litter? Do you want to make small cat litter that produces a little powder and dust? Why not use our disc granulation machine? Our pan granulating machine can use centrifugal force to make bentonite, coupled with other raw materials, if needed, into small granules. these pellets need to be dried and cooled to largely decrease the amount of water in them.

After the process of granulation, your cat litter needs to be dried and cooled to largely decrease the amount of water in them. Then, it will be hard and impossible to break easily, causing no dust pollution. Though hard enough, your cat litter will not make the cat’s paws feel uncomfortable. Most importantly, the cat litter that our disc granulating machine produces has an impressive ability to absorb liquid and odor.

A Trustworthy Supplier of Disk Pelletizers

We are a disc granulation machine supplier in China, and we have a large-scale factory where a group of skillful workers endeavors to produce disc pelletizer of high quality. Unlike other agents or middlemen, we ask for no extra fee, so the price of our disc granulator is the best.

In addition to providing highly efficient disk granulators to every client, we provide the design of the disc granulation production line. If you are planning to set up a fertilizer plant, we can give you an ideal solution for fertilizer manufacturing.

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