Animal Waste as Fertilizer

When It Comes to Animal Waste on Your Farm,

What Will Flit Through Your Mind First?

A stinky pile of filth?
A formidable task to handle?
Or the main source of your pain?

But, have you ever dreamed that it is actually a provider of buckets of dollars?

Among diverse approaches to recycling and utilizing animal manure on your farm, there are some that you are familiar with. For instance, you can make your animal manure into feed, biogas or fuel. However, do you know that you can economically benefit from your animal waste if you make them into good organic fertilizer?


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It Is a Good Idea to Produce Animal Fertilizer?

The Large Demand for It

You may be curious why smelly animal waste can be used as fertilizer, right? In fact, animal manure contains diverse basic nutrients for plants and crops. For example, it has trace elements, crude protein and organic acid. Hence, your animal manure is a treasure for the soil and plants after it is properly treated.

Good Materials
Excellent Sales

In addition, animal manure fertilizer is one of the hottest sellers in the market. In comparison with other fertilizer products, including compound fertilizer, it performs better in activating the reproduce of organic matter in the soil. Meanwhile, it nourishes the field with bountiful nutrients and effectively prevents the ground from caking. As a result, the potential of animal waste fertilizer is rather large on the market.

An Easy Way to Deal With Animal Manure on Your Farm

Nowadays, intensive farming is a trend in agriculture. With the multiplication of large-scale animal farms, there is a pressing need to find a proper way to deal with an increasing pile of animal waste efficiently and environment-friendly.

In a large-scale swine farm, 1,000 pigs produce about 2,200 tons of manure a year. Such a large quantity is usually a trouble for most farm owners. However, it may be a pile of dollars for you when you turn them into lucrative fertilizer!

A Good Choice for Starting a Business of Selling Animal Manure Fertilizer

Maybe it is time for you to secure a place in the organic fertilizer industry. But, it is not enough for you to only make profit from animal manure on your farms, right? Thus, you can buy manure from other farms at a cheap price and make it into a high-valued product.

In doing so, you can benefit a lot from the diversified operation of your animal farm in the course of sustained development. Some day, you will become a magnate in the fertilizer industry.

How to Make a Buck From Animal Manure Fertilizer?

A Business Plan?

The first thought poops into most people’s heads is a sound fertilizer business plan, including marketing strategy. However, the factor determining the revenue largely lies in the production rather than sales and marketing.
Hence, your marketing strategy, no matter how perfect it is, can not let you march too far on the path towards the success of your fertilizer business unless you manufacture high-quality fertilizer products.

Most inportantly, you need to buy a set of animal waste fertilizer making machines and form them into a production line first. After all, the fertilizer produced by effective machines is much better than that made by hand.

We are an experienced supplier of animal waste fertilizer making equipment. Here, we offer disparate designs of animal fertilizer production lines in line with the manure capacity on your farm. such as a 50,000 ton/year fertilizer production line. Only a small amount of investment can make a huge profit from your animal waste.

The Designs of Fertilizer Production Lines for Different Raw Materials

Frankly speaking, the designs of fertilizer production lines vary in accordance with the raw materials.

For instance

We advise you to buy our rotary drum granulator line if you have a disposition to produce tons of cow dung fertilizer pellets a day.

We are likely to introduce our chicken manure fertilizer production line. And it consists of a vertical fermentation vessel, a crusher, a screener and a bagging machine.


the Past 30 Years,

we have designed hundreds of production lines meeting different needs of our clients.

Today, we summarize 5 fertilizer production lines whose sales are relatively high. They are designed for making fertilizer with chicken litter, goat waste, cattle dung, swine slurry and horse manure respectively.

Chicken Manure Fertilizer Production Line

For chicken farms, it is an economical way to make chicken waste fertilizer powder. Accordingly, your production line requires a few machines. For example, a vertical fermentation can, a crusher, a screener and a bagging machine are enough to form a chicken manure fertilizer production line. In conculsion, there is no need for you to invest a lot in chicken manure fertilizer production. A small amount of capital will turn your chicken waste into fertilizer that brings you a steady income.

  • Less Investment

The Pictures of Chicken Manure Fertilizer Production Lines

The Groove for Composting in Myanmar
Chicken Manure Fertilizer Production Line in Myanmar
A Whole Chicken Manure Fertilizer Production Line in Myanmar

‘Goat Waste Fertilizer Production Line

  • High Efficiency

The efficiency of your goat manure fertilizer production line is a determining factor for the production of fertilizer products. Therefore, it is time to improve your fertilizer production line to maximum the revenue brought by it.

First, it is a good choice to equip your fertilizer production line with high-tech machines.

Our goat waste fertilizer production line stands out by its high automation. In other words, our machines will take on the most manual work. Hence, the efficiency of your animal manure fertilizer production line will improve greatly.

The Pictures of Goat Manure Fertilizer Production Lines

Organic Fertilizer Production Line for Making Goat Manure Fertilizer Pellets
The Process of Composting on Goat Manure Fertilizer Production Line
Goat Manure Fertilizer Production Line

‘Cattle Dung Fertilizer Production Line

  • Large Capacity

In commercial cattle farms, tons of cow dung are produced annually. Then, you need a whole production line with a rather large capacity. Therefore, we designed a rotary drum granulator line whose maximum hourly output reaches 30 tons.

In addition, the whole production line is connected by a conveying system to greatly ensure the continuity of the production.

Don’t worry. According to our clients, they usually make profits in the first or the second year under our guidance,

‘Swine Slurry Fertilizer Production Line

The Liquid Outlet of Solid Liquid Separator
Swine Manure Separator in Operation
Swine Manure Dewatering System Discharging the Solid
  • Quality Equipment

Do you ever think about starting your swine manure fertilizer business? Since the market for organic fertilizer is unprecedentedly promising, it is a perfect time for you to start it. So, what should you do or need to make preparations for your swine waste business?

A stable source of raw material and a plant for production are indispensable..

But, the most important thing is that you need a swine manure fertilizer production line with high-quality equipment. In international markets, our pig manure fertilizer making machines are given credit for its long service life and durability.

The Pictures of Swine Manure Fertilizer Production Lines

‘Horse Manure Fertilizer Production Line

  • High Automation

For large-scale horse farms, what is a profitable way to dispose of a large amount of horse manure produced a day? Apparently, making it into good fertilizer is a good choice. Then, you need a horse manure fertilizer production line.

The process of composting is a key factor. Hence, we equipped the production line with a commercial composting turning machine. In composting, our machine will automatically turn your compost once you start it. Within a month, you can get a huge amount of composted horse manure. After that, you can use our fertilizer making machine to turn it into profitable organic fertilizer.

The Pictures of Swine Manure Fertilizer Production Lines

If you have any special need for the design of animal manure fertilizer production line, you can click the button and contact us now!

Our animal manure fertilizer production line is able to be inclusively customized to meet your requirements.

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