Pig Manure as Fertilizer

Why can pig manure used as fertilizer? Is pig manure a good fertilizer? Can swine fertilizer production be profitable?

These questions may haunt you time to time. Today, let us answer you respectively.

Large Market

Good Fertilizer

Firstly, swine manure, a good material for organic fertilizer, has a diversity of nutrients which conduce to the growth of plants. Applied in fields, it can improve the fecundity of soil and, consequently, promote the output of crops.

Secondly, thanks to its good quality, the market for pig manure fertilizer has great potential. If you engage in pig manure fertilizer business, the manure produced by every pig is no longer a challenge but a buck of dollars to you!

Then, is it a good time to start swine fertilizer business?

Of course!

Swine Manure Management

In recent years, the advancement of animal husbandry, notably pig farming, has accelerated faster than ever against the backdrop of an increasing demand for meat in society. In keeping with the call of intensive production, commercial pig farms accordingly surpass family farms in quantity, becoming the main provider of pork in the market. However, problems rise at the same time. For example, the management of pig waste in an eco-friendly way is the first challenge for the owners of these large-scale farms.


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Swine Manure Fertilizer Business

With the demand for organic fertilizer expanding, most owners seize the opportunity to start their swine manure fertilizer production in present. After all, the production of swine slurry fertilizer is a remunerative choice to dispose of their pig waste in comparison with other methods, such as turning swine waste into biogas or biochar.

What Do You Need to Start Your Swine Manure Fertilizer Business?

1. A Stable Source of Raw Materials

It is common sense that you need to have a stable source to get raw material, or the production may halt sporadically, which is translated as a huge economic damage to you. And that is why most people who start the business have a swine farm. However, you don’t need to be frustrated if you don’t feed pigs. Just make sure your swine waste fertilizer plant is in the vicinity of 1 or 2 pig farms.

Yes, it can. Commonly, an adult swine is able to produce several tons of half-solid manure a year. Therefore, a commercial swine farm with thousands of pigs can provide you with a large amount of fresh manure that makes brings a great fortune.

2. A Perfect Plan For Swine Manure Fertilizer Production

In general, there are 2 kinds of swine manure fertilizer on the market, namely powder fertilizer and granular fertilizer.

For owners of commercial swine farms, the production of swine manure fertilizer pellets is more profitable. Hence, you can choose our rotary drum granulation line. It is able to produce over 10 tons of swine manure fertilizer pellets an hour, which means barrels of dollars.

The production of powder fertilizer stands out by the dint of its features, like less investment and quick economic returns. So, we usually recommend it to those who have no experience of fertilizer production or operate a small-scale swine farm.

3. High-Quality Fertilizer Making Machines

Before you start your business, you need to buy swine manure fertilizer making machines and use them to form a small pig manure organic fertilizer production line. Then, what machines should you buy?

Industrial Dehydrate Machine for Swine Manure Fertilizer

· Manure Dryer Equipment ·

The content of liquid in pig manure is higher than that in other animal waste. Therefore, you need our manure dryer equipment to reduce it to an ideal amount, or the time of composting may prolong.

The Shipment of Dehydrate Machine


Swine Manure Separator in Operation



Swine Manure Dewatering System Discharging the Solid

· Swine Manure Compost Turner ·

To speed up the process of composting, the priority is to create an aerobic environment for your compost. In large-scale pig waste fertilizer plants, there is no time for you to manually turn your compost piles. So, you need the help of our swine manure compost turners.

Accordingly, we design 3 types of commercial composters for you, namely groove type compost turner, wheel type compost turner and chain plate type compost turner. Once you stock your swine waste in a groove, our pig manure compost turners will turn them automatically under your direction.

Groove Type

Wheel Type

Chain Plate Type

· Swine Waste Crusher ·

After composting, you can use our vertical crushing machine to grind your composted swine waste manure into powder. So, the granulation rate will be higher. Moreover, you need a chain crusher to deal with unqualified swine manure fertilizer pellets.

The Component of Rotary Drum Screening Machine

The Shaft

· Screening Machine ·

To make high-quality swine manure fertilizer, it is needed to sift improper materials in your compost, such as rocks, leaves or grains. Besides, you need to uniform their size to make your fertilizer pellets commercial. So, you should have another screening machine for sifting unqualified fertilizer pellets.

The Rotary Part of Fertilizer Screening Machine

The Shaft

· Fertilizer Mixer ·

When you have a need to add other materials to your swing waste, a high-quality fertilizer blending machine is indispensable. You can make a choice among our horizontal mixer, double shafts horizontal mixer, and disc mixer. They are given credit by lots of the owners of commercial swine manure fertilizer plants.

· Fertilizer Granulating Machine ·

We recommend you to use our rotary drum granulator, because it has the largest capacity. You can see it in many large-scale fertilizer production lines.

· Fertilizer Drying Machine and Cooling Machine ·

Considering the influence of temperature and water content of pig manure fertilizer, you have to further process your fertilizer pellets when you choose wet granulation. Thus, our fertilizer dryer and fertilizer cooling machine are indispensable on your swine manure fertilizer production line if you want to avoid fertilizer caking,

The Rotary Dryer

The RotaryCooler

· Auto Bagging System ·

In addition to the high quality that is ensured by our premium swine waste fertilizer making equipment, you need our auto bagging system to make your fertilizer products look more standardized.

What You Can Have From Us?

High-Quality Swine Manure Making Machines


As a professional supplier of fertilizer making equipment, we pledge for the high quality of our swine manure fertilizer making equipment. From compost turners to bagging system, all the machines are made by our accomplished workers. Every process is under good regulation and supervision. So, the quality of each machine is secured. Moreover, a warranty lasting one year will be given to you free.

You can ask anything about swine manure fertilizer production. We will give an adequate answer as soon as possible. For those who have no experience of fertilizer production, we will teach them how to turn pig manure into profitable fertilizer step by step. In addition to a set of swine manure fertilizer making machines, we can even provide you with a free design of the production line.

Diverse Auxiliary Machines for You To Choose

There are several ancillary machines:

Dust Collector for Swine Manure Fertilizer Production

Dust Collector

To make sure there is no secondary dust pollution in your factory

Conveying System for Swine Manure Fertilizer Production

Conveying System

To realize high automation of your fertilizer production line

Pig Waste Fertilizer Coating Machine

Coating Machine

To prevent your fertilizer pellets from absorbing water in the air

Polishing Machine for Fertilizer Pellets

Polishing Machine

To improve the attractiveness of pig manure fertilizer pellets

With our help, there is no doubt that your pig manure fertilizer business will be brisk in the future.

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