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Bentonite Granules Making Machine for Sale

2 hot types of bentonite granules making machines turn bentonite into money

Do you know what bentonite granules making machine is? Actually, it is a machine used to turn bentonite into small pellets. But, why would one want to make bentonite granules? First, you should know what bentonite is and what it can do.

Bentonite — A Type of Versatile Material

Bentonite is a kind of clay containing halloysite, kaolin, chlorite, and so on. It has impressive features, including absorbing water, adhering to materials, and remaining stable in extreme environments. Therefore, bentonite is widely used in many plants, particularly foundries. However, we will not talk about how we use it to cast things here. On the contrary, we want to introduce its widespread utilization in cat litter production and compound fertilizer production.

Cat Litter

For Cat Litter Makers

Considering its good ability to absorb water and deodorize, bentonite is a type of hot raw material used to make cat litter. What’s more, the market for bentonite cat litter is becoming larger as an increasing group of people feed cats. If you want to make profits from bentonite, it is an excellent idea to use it to make cat litter.

In Fertilizer Industry

Bentonite is usually used as an adhesive agent in compound fertilizer production. In fertilizer production, your raw materials can be granulated easily if you mix them with bentonite powder. More importantly, bentonite fertilizer pellets are more expensive than normal compound fertilizer, because they can provide more trace nutrients to the plants and improve the fecundity of the soil. If you want to engage in compound fertilizer production, the manufacturing of bentonite fertilizer granules is a remunerative choice.

Bentonite fertilizer pellets

However, how can you turn bentonite powder into pellets to make cat litter or compound fertilizer? Use our bentonite granules making machine!


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Bentonite Granules Making Machine for Cat Litter

Disc granulating machine for cat litter

For manufacturers of cat litter, hard and round bentonite granules are what they want. Therefore, our disc granulation machine is a perfect choice.

Why Should You Use Our Disc Granulator to Make Bentonite Pellets?

High Automation

In design, our bentonite granules making machine has a open outlet. When bentonite powder is granulated into pellets, the granules will be discharged from the granulating pan automatically. Therefore, you can increase working efficiency and, meanwhile, reduce labor intensity.

Pan granulator for cat litter
The cleaning blade of disk granulator

The Self-cleaning Device

Our pan granulating machine works on the principle of wet granulation. In production, it will damp your raw materials first with water sprayers. And, as you know, bentonite has viscosity once it is wet. Thus, it can be rolled into small pellets easily. And don’t worry that it may stick to the granulation pan and increase the difficulty of cleaning and maintenance. Our disc granulating machine is equipped with a cleaning plate which can scrape the raw materials off the pan efficiently.

The Open Granulating Pan

Our disc granulating machine has an unsealed granulating pan. In other words, you can see the process of granulation in real-time. If the bentonite powder is too dry to be granulated, you can immediately add water to it. Hence, you can produce ideal bentonite pellets.

The granulating pan of disc granulator
The cleaning blade of disk granulator

High-quality Cat Litter

Bentonite granules made by our disc granulating machine should be dried and cooled so as to reduce their moisture content. And, dried granules are not easy to break into powder during long-time storage and transportation. Moreover, your hard cat litter will win over consumers, because it does not generate dust or powder.

A Whole Production Line for Bentonite Granules

It is not advisable to manufacture cat litter with a bentonite granulation machine alone. In fact, there are several steps to produce quality cat litter. For example, your bentonite granules need to be dried and cooled after the process of granulation, because they contain more water. In addition, if you want to add other raw materials, such as bean dregs, to bentonite, you need an efficient fertilizer blender to mix them well.

As a supplier of bentonite granules making machines, we provide a whole production line that can make your bentonite granules manufacturing process easier and faster! Just contact us for more information about it!

The Machines for Your Production Line

Bentonite Granulating Machine for Compound Fertilizer

In the production of bentonite fertilizer pellets, our double roller granulator deeply impressed its buyers with its stunning features, including high efficiency, stable performance, and easy operation.

Double extrusion granulating machine for making compound fertilizer

How Does Our Bentonite Granules Making Machine Produce Compound Fertilizer?

In fact, the rollers of our bentonite granules making machine have many small sockets. When the granulator is in operation, 2 rollers will press compound fertilizer powder by huge extrusion force and turn it into small granules. It only takes a few minutes to manufacture a bunch of bentonite fertilizer granules. If you use our conveying system to connect it with other machines, the process of granulation can be consecutive.

An Automatic Bentonite Fertilizer Pellets Production Line

The priority of being a manufacturer of bentonite fertilizer granules is to have a whole production line with high-efficient equipment. Here, we designed one for you. You will be clear about the compound fertilizer manufacturing and the machines it needs after you finish the following introduction of our production line.

Auto batching system for compound fertilizer


When you need to use more than 2 types of raw materials to make fertilizer, a batching machine can ensure the right proportion of each raw material. Our dynamic batching system can batch with high precision, about 96%.


Our fertilizer mixer machine will mix your compound fertilizer powder and bentonite completely, so as to produce quality fertilizer pellets. Of course, you can make choices among our other compound fertilizer mixers, such as pan blenders, horizontal blenders, and single shaft blenders.

Double shaft mixer for bentonite fertilizer
Double roller granulator in compound fertilizer plant


Our double roller granulator will press compound fertilizer powder into hard granules that have low water content, about 10%.


Substandard bentonite fertilizer granules will be screened by our rotary screening machine and prepared for crushing.

Rotary drum screening machine in fertilizer factory
Chain crushing machine for compound fertilizer


Substandard pellets will be crushed into powder by our fertilizer crusher equipment. Then, the powder will be sent to the granulator.


All good compound fertilizer granules will move to the end part of the bentonite fertilizer production line — the bagging machine. We provide 2 types of fertilizer bagging equipment, namely single bucket bagging machine and double bucket packaging machine.

Auto bagging machine for compound fertilizer granules

Of course, it is one of the designs of our bentonite fertilizer pellets production line. If you want, we can draw an ideal design in accordance with your special requirements, capital, and plant layout. We are waiting for your inquiry!

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