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Start Your Fertilizer Business With Our Help

Shunxin machinery was founded in China at the end of 2005. It is a leading provider of fertilizer manufacturing solutions, production line designs and fertilizer making equipment. We mainly strive to make progress in 3 key domains – the production of high-quality fertilizer making machines, the design of production for every client and the technical support of fertilizer production. Throughout the history lasting over a decade, we have been committed to setting up an ideal fertilizer production line in accordance with every customer’s requirements. In 2022, a new but divinely good year, we expect to furnish your fertilizer plant with an auto production line and boost your fertilizer business!

Who is Shunxin Machinery?

As a Certified Fertilizer Making Equipment Suppler,

We are able to provide you with fertilizer manufacturing machines with high quality to form an auto production line

But, We Can Do More

Realizing every client’s idea of fertilizer manufacturing is our principle since our company’s establishment. Hence, we offer the following services to ensure that you are able you engage in manufacturing good fertilizer products successfully.

Project Design

We can provide you with an ideal design of fertilizer production line in accordance with all your requirements.

Customized Service

We can fulfill your demand for customized fertilizer making machines, production line and factory design.

Equipment Installment

We can send a professional engineer to your fertilizer making factory to assist in machine installment and adjustment.

Worker Trainning

We can train your workers how to operate and maintain the machines so as to ensure their smooth operation .

Why Should You Choose Us?

As one of leading suppliers of fertilizer manufacturing machines in the whole world, we make relentless efforts to provide you with high-quality equipment that makes your fertilizer production much easier and simpler.

10+ Years of Experience

We has an ability to design a customized fertilizer production line with high-quality machines.

2k+ Projects

Over a thousand fertilizer production lines designed by our company has been sold worldwide.

Our 2,000+ customers come from different countries spanning 5 continents in the world.

Patent Certificate

There are a crowd of professionals dedicating to innovating new fertilizer making machines and refining the old ones. Today, we have applied patents for many equipment.

Production Workshop

In Chain, we have a large plant for manufacturing fertilizer machines only. Our workers will endeavor to produce the machine in accordance with your special needs.

One-Stop Service for Better Customer Experience

You Ask, We Ansewer

In Shunxin Machinery Company, there are 100+ professials with 5+ years of working experience. They are here waiting for your inquiry about how to set up an ideal fertilizer plant

There are 3 reasons:

First, we only manufacture fertilizer making machines with high-quality steel and alloy, such as 304 stainless steel and manganese steel, so that their service life is much longer than that of the machines from other brands.

Second, you can not compare products by their price. As we know, some companies are selling some product with the same name as our machine, but its output are smaller than ours. That’s why their machines have an absurdly low price. All in all, you should be circumspect when you purchase any products, or you may regret your choice.

Third, not only do we provide high-quality fertilizer making equipment, but other services that can not be offered by other small companies, such as machine customization and plant solution. Moreover, we have a professional square set for giving you technical support. If you have any problems with our machine or fertilizer production, we will solve it as soon as possible.

So you see, the products we sell actually are much more cost-effective, right?

Yes, you can if local health authorities or local DHL management indicates that logistics services are allowed. And we promote ‘Safety First’ approach. Hence, we will disinfect our fertilizer making machines before the process of loading and shipment.

If your country is afflicted by Covid-19 severely and local logistics services are suspended, you can order our machines after the infection is curbed and everything gets back on track. And we will try our best to remain the best prices for you.

Besides, freight fees have increasingly hiked recently because of the epidemic. However, international logistics companies have forged a long cooperative relationship with us and they will give us some discounts. You may think the freight fees are too expensive to accept, but that is the best price we can offer.

Before you choose machines, you should be clear about the following information.

1, What’s your raw materials?

2.Do you want to produce fertilizer powder or fertilizer pellets?

3.How much is the daily output of the production line that you want?

4.How much is your capital?

5.If you want to make organic fertilizer, what is the daily capacity of animal manure on your farm?

6.What are your special requirements for fertilizer making machines or production lines?

Then, you can send your answers to our sales rep and he will recommend ideal equipment to meet your needs. Now, you can contact us by e-mail or call 0086-180-3757-2883 to our senior manager for instant reply!

We’re on the Mission to Design an Ideal Fertilizer Production Line for You

We strive for excellence in everything we do.