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Composting Animal Waste

6 turkey solutions for composting animal waste and making organic fertilizer

Are you vexed at having these unsolved problems on your animal farm, like:

  • Tons of filthy animal manure pile up in your farmyard, attracting a group of noisy flies.
  • Thousands of dollars are spent on disposing of animal manure every year.
  • The stink from your animal manure is the cause of complaints from neighbors.
  • Animals get sick easily because of poor waste management.

If you are, keep reading. You will find a perfect solution that solves all your problems!

How to Properly Dispose of Animal Waste?

When it comes to the management process of animal waste, it is a costly task for most farm owners. Cleaning animal waste is necessary. The sight of a group of animals living with their manure is intolerable for everyone. But, that is not the point. The real problem is how to dispose of the animal waste you collect? The large piles of animal manure lead to a huge amount of money to get rid of it instead of bringing you any profit. Throwing it away from your animal farm is a simple way to dispose of manure without spending a lot. However, that will cause severe pollution to the air, water and soil. Then, how to dispose of animal waste in the right way? Try composting animal manure.


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Composting Helps The Disposal Of Animal Manure

Animal manure compost is a process where organic matter decomposes and becomes humus. Basically, it is a kind of natural decomposition of organic waste, but it is much faster. Usually, animal manure is mixed with other materials to encourage microbial activity. With the materials and environmental conditions they need, organisms reproduce and break down organic matter quickly. As they work, the heat they generate makes it harder for pathogens and parasites to live. To some degree, composting sterilizes your animal manure.

Then, when the decomposition of most materials, especially these complex matter, such as cellulose, ends, your animal manure is turned into organic compost that contains massive micro-nutrients and macro-nutrients. Well-composted animal manure can be used as organic fertilizer to sustain the growth of plants and crops with sufficient nutrients. In short, composting animal waste is an economical method of managing animal manure effectively. It converts manure and waste into useful organic fertilizer in the process of natural decomposition. But, composting animal manure doesn’t mean that you just sit there and do nothing to your animal waste compost. Making good animal dung compost requires proper and careful management. Then, how to make good compost from animal dung? Keep reading to find the solution that is right for you.

windrow composting for making organic fertilizer

6 Animal Waste Compost Solutions For You

The animal waste composting process is flexible, depending on your raw materials, composting methods and sites. There is no formula that works for every farm when making compost manure using animal dung. As an animal manure processing machine supplier, we provide 6 animal waste compost solutions on the basis of the types of animal waste. Of course, we don’t omit the factors, like the intention of animal waste composting and the form of organic fertilizer. Therefore, there must be a solution for you, no matter whether you are looking for a method of disposing of animal waste or have a project on animal dung into fertilizer.

· The Solution for Manure Management On Horse Farm ·

A profitable way of animal waste management is what the owners of horse farms want. Composting provides an eco-friendly approach to disposing of horse manure. It is a process that aerobic organisms break down organic matter to reproduce and grow. But, these compost bacteria can not do their work efficiently without the nutrients or environmental conditions they need. Then, what should you do to encourage organisms to decompose your horse manure faster? Manage it carefully and create aerobic conditions!

How to Hot Compost Horse Manure?

Compost organisms grow quickly when there is an optimal amount of oxygen, water, and nutrients. As they grow and decompose organic materials, the heat they give off sanitizes the animal manure compost. It is a process called hot composting, which is much faster than natural composting. Here, we provide you with the following tips to help you with hot composting horse manure.

Drying Animal Waste

The ideal level of moisture in your horse manure should be 50-60%. More water will lead to anaerobic composting. But, how to dry fresh animal manure? Try our manure drying machine! After the process of drying, the water in your horse manure is about 55%.

The Production of Dewatering Machine
Straw Crushing Machine for Sale

Adding Organic Materials

Carbon is one of the sources that provide energy to aerobic organisms. A sufficient amount of carbon stimulates microorganisms to break down organic waste, accelerating the process of composting. There are many materials that contain carbon, like sawdust. You can use the straw crusher to grind them into powder and mix them with your horse waste manure with a composting machine.

Providing More Oxygen

Hot composting, or aerobic composting, requires oxygen, or the horse manure compost pile is not an ideal place for aerobic bacteria to live in. You need to make sure that the pore space of your horse manure has more than 5 % of fresh air. It is hard to test how much oxygen your compost has exactly. But, you will know it is time to aerate the horse manure compost pile when it smells like rotten eggs. Our commercial horse manure turning machine can incorporate fresh air into the animal manure compost and homogenize the compost, quickening the decomposition of horse manure.

Large composting turner for sale
Industrial compost turner for sale

Being Careful of the Temperature

Though heat is necessary for the decomposition of organic waste and the eradication of parasites and pathogens, it doesn’t mean that high temperatures are good for your horse manure compost all the time. As the temperature reaches 158℉, the enzymes that compost bacteria use to break down organic materials are nonfunctional, so organisms can not continue to degrade organic materials and the microbial activity decreases. Then, what should you do when your horse manure compost is overheated? Aerating it with an industrial composting machine is a good choice. Fresh air will cool your compost down. Alternatively, you can choose an auto compost fermentation machine that manages your horse manure compost automatically, from the aeration to temperature control

· 3 Solutions for Poultry Manure Composting On the Basis for Different Purpos ·

Our clients have different purposes for making poultry compost. For example, some just want to get rid of their animal waste, while others compost manure for the environment. Here, we offer 3 solutions for poultry manure fermentation.

How to Make Compost from Poultry Wastein Farmyard?

A windrow composting machine can realize your dream of making good organic fertilizer from poultry waste. You can just pile your poultry litter into a long windrow whose dimension depends on the size of the commercial compost turning machine or the room in your farmyard. Then, aerate the pile twice a week with the poultry manure composting equipment. The whole procedure of making compost from poultry manure costs you nothing but patience and time.

How to Make Compost Manure Poultry for Sale?

The Installment of Groove Type Composting Machine in an Indian Client's Fertilizer Plant

Automation composting is a solution for projects that work on the conversion of animal dung to fertilizer. In a commercial manure composting plant, an automatic poultry litter compost machine will improve the efficiency largely. You need to set up some grooves that are used for composting poultry waste. Then, leave the rest of the work to the groove type composting machine. It will aerate the compost with its turning teeth, from one groove to another, at a stable speed. The only work that requires in your poultry waste compost plant is carrying manure in or out of the groove with a forklift

How to Make Poultry Compost for the Sake of a Good Environment?

If managed improperly, poultry litter compost will have an adverse influence on the environment. To name a few, the pathogens it contains will put your animals in danger; the filthy liquid will seep into the ground and contaminate the groundwater; the stink it gives off will irritate you… So, how do we manage poultry litter compost in order to prevent it from polluting the environment, particularly for beginners?

You need the help of an automatic composter for poultry litter. It adopts the latest technology that allows it to manage animal compost automatically. You don’t need to be afraid of making mistakes during processing animal waste into fertilizer. The composter will turn your poultry manure into organic compost via a systematic process. The work, like turning and mixing animal manure compost, is no longer your job, but it’s.

· 3 Ways For Hot Chicken Waste Composting ·

When it comes to chicken waste composting, there are various options. As a compost turning machine supplier who provides solutions for clients, we recommend 3 ways to compost chicken litter.

Windrow Composting Chicken Manure

This is one of the easy and simple ways of composting animal manure. There are just 2 steps to make chicken waste compost: stack it and aerate it. But, there is a lot of work you should do before you compost chicken waste.

manure drying machine for sale

1. The Water Control

There are 2 scenarios. One, you use fresh chicken litter to make compost. Two, dry chicken bedding is all you have. No matter which scenario it is, the process of making compost from animal manure is difficult when the water in your poultry manure is far away from the ideal level. Hence, you can use an animal dung drying machine to remove water from fresh manure, or an animal manure grinder to crush dry chicken bedding and wet it.

2. The Measures To Secure Sanitation in The Process Of Composting

Before the heating destroys all harmful materials in your compost, chicken waste is a potential threat to your health and farm environment. Therefore, some measures should be taken in order to avoid fresh animal manure from harming you and help the heat sanitize the poultry compost.


Groove Type Composting

It is the best way to choose for those who prefer an animal waste fertilizer plant. A typical composting groove (120m*4m*1.5m) can contain hundreds of tons of manure.

Usually, a commercial organic fertilizer plant needs 4 composting grooves to ensure a stable supply of organic manure. If you are planning to set up an animal manure treatment plant and start an granular organic fertilizer business, you should think about the groove composting method first. Here, we provide efficient animal waste compost machines and organic fertilizer plant design.

In Vessel Composting Chicken Manure

In-vessel composting is the fastest way to dispose of animal manure. If the materials are proper, the fermentation of chicken manure will end after 2 weeks. The well-composted manure looks like soil, with a soft texture. You can place a room to stock the compost for some months. After a long time of curing, your chicken litter will become a kind of high-quality organic fertilizer that will bring you untold profits.

The Part of Composting in Fertilizer Plant

· The Solution for Making Organic Fertilizer From Sheep Manure ·

Animal manure composting is not only an effective approach to the disposal of animal wastes but a way to make money. When the decomposition of organic materials ends, your sheep manure becomes a pile of humus that has massive nutrients. Considering that it is totally sanitized, your sheep waste manure can be used as organic fertilizer. Is it difficult to make sheep manure fertilizer? In fact, it is simple if you adopt our composting methods for animal manure. There are just 4 steps in the composting process of animal waste.

2 Goat Manure Fertilizer Processing Lines

In order to sell your goat manure fertilizer at the best price, you need to process your well-composted animal manure. For instance, the step of crushing breaks big lumps in your goat manure compost and homogenizes the organic powder. A bag of fine fertilizer powder sells better, after all. As a fertilizer machinery supplier, we provide 2 organic fertilizer production lines for making sheep manure fertilizer.

Production line for making powder and granular fertilizer

One is for making compost fertilizer powder, and the other aims to produce manure fertilizer pellets. The fertilizer production line has all the organic fertilizer making machines you need, including the windrow composting machine, the granular compost machine and the manure bagging machine. You can buy it for your organic manure making plant and start a compost production business.

· The Solution for Speeding up the Composting Process for Pig Manure ·

Without proper machines, the composting of animal manure takes a long time, particularly large-scale composting. Hence, we offer 4 manure composting machines to facilitate you in the preparation of good organic compost.

Farm Composting Equipment

For making compost in farmyards, people want a kind of compost turning machine that is small and flexible, with large horsepower. Therefore, windrow composting machines are a hit for a group of farm owners this year. It has levers and steering wheels. You can drive it to move past your pig manure compost pile, aerating the pile with its rigid turning teeth

Moving Type Composting Machine for sale

Commercial Compost Machine for Pig Farm

Groove Type Composting Machine in Our Client's Fertilizer Production Line

A large-scale pig farm usually feeds 5,000 adult pigs or more. More pigs mean a greater quantity of smelly but valuable manure. Statistically, 5000 pigs generate at least 14,000 tons of waste a year. You need a commercial compost machine to lower your workload in compost manure preparation. You can choose the SXCF-3000.

Compost Machine for an Organic Fertilizer Factory

How to make pig manure in large quantities and prepare sufficient materials for organic fertilizer production? High automation and large capacity are two key factors.

Therefore, our large compost machine is a good option if you are looking for the proper equipment for your organic fertilizer making plant. There are two types of large composting facilities. After you prepare all the raw materials according to the formulation, the animal waste compost machine will mix them first. Then, under ideal environmental conditions, organisms work hard to break down organic waste. During the heating stage, you can actuate the composting machine and let it turn the tons of pig manure in the composting trench when your compost generates too much heat.

Groove type composting

Fast Compost Making Machine


Though the utilization of manure composting machines speeds up composting, some clients prefer the fastest composting machine. For them, the SXFJ-30 is the best choice. Given its smart system, the fast compost making machine manages the pig manure automatically. Its main job is to provide an ideal environment to encourage compost bacteria to produce and grow. After 2 weeks, you will have well-composted pig manure.

· The Solution for Composting Cow Dung on a Large Scale ·

Because of the huge amount of animal manure, a project of a composting plant is advisable for the owners of commercial cow farms. So, this solution is for setting up an industrial manure composting plant and making cow dung compost in large quantities.

Prepare the Composting Areas

A proper site makes the process of cow dung composting easy. It is suggestive to make compost indoors. If you insist on outdoor composting, a roof is necessary. Then, you need to build a large groove or trench whose dimension depends on the composting machines. Usually, a typical groove (100m*30m*5m) contains more than 1,000 tons of cow manure.

Groove Type Compostor on Fertilizer Plant

Choose the Right Large Composting Machine


There are 2 hot machines to make cow dung compost on a large scale. With bulk turning teeth and strong horsepower, they can lift the bottom layer of cow dung compost easily and expose it to the fresh air. Hundreds of tons of cow manure compost can be fully aerated within a few minutes. But, they differ a lot in designs and working principles. You should learn more about them to make your decision between them.

Choose the Right Large Composting Machine

There is knowledge in composting. The process of turning cow dung compost has reasons. Usually, aeration is the first resort to dissipate excessive heat and bring oxygen to microorganisms. However, undue aeration leads to the failure to make high-quality organic compost. Hence, it is quite important for you to know when you should aerate the compost with the large compost machines.


Bonus for Composting Animal Waste

Sterilize Animal Manure

Why is the management process of animal waste a tough problem for most farmers? Why can’t animal manure be used as organic fertilizer? The answer lies in the parasites it contains. Animal manure contains a large group of microorganisms, and some of them are detrimental to the health of animals and humans. They are termed pathogens. When we get close to fresh manure or immature animal manure compost, we expose ourselves to them, increasing the possibility of getting severe diseases. Killing these pathogens is the biggest challenge to animal waste management. Whereas, composting is a great approach to sanitizing your animal manure.

During the heating phase, massive heat is given off because of intense microbial activity, which drives up the temperature of your animal manure compost to 140 °F. The heat is intolerable for these pathogens, so they are killed completely. The study found that there were no pathogens or parasite eggs, such as E coil and Salmonella, in the animal manure compost after several days of hot composting. Animal manure composting is the best way to reduce the potential spread of diseases.

Destroy Weed Seeds

In addition to parasites, animal manure contains a great number of weed seeds whose enormous vitality allows them to live in any environment. Wind or animals can bring these seeds to your fields accidentally. Then, they absorb the nutrients which are prepared for plants and grow vigorously, retarding the growth of crops.

Accordingly, the workload of weed control becomes a burden for most farmers. But, it will not happen to you if you make animal manure compost. As the temperature of the animal manure compost reaches 160 °F, weed seeds are nonfunctional due to the harsh environment they live in. After the animal manure composting process, you can fertilize your animal manure on the fields without worrying that your fertile land will become a paradise for weeds.

Store Manure Easily

A small farm with 200 adult cows produces over 600 kg of fresh manure, while a commercial cattle manure composting factory has tons of that to deal with. Where can you store it properly until you figure out the solution? How about piling it in one of the empty rooms in your warehouse? But, the bulk pile of animal manure gives off a pungent odor when it is stacked statically for a long time. So, why not take the method of making composting animal manures?


While making compost from animal waste, the liquid in animal manure evaporates, organic matter breaks down, and harmful pathogens die. Accordingly, the volume of animal manure compost drops by 50% or more, and animal waste compost is dry and light, with a smell of fresh soil. You can use it as organic fertilizer, process it into granules with an organic fertilizer granulator, or just stack it to stabilize the compost during the curing phase. In short, the fermentation of animal manure provides an approach to stocking your animal manure.

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