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2 pieces of dry granulation eeuipment for organic/compound fertilizer granules

Have you ever heard of dry granulation equipment for fertilizer production in the fertilizer industry? Actually, it is a kind of fertilizer granulating machine that works on the principle of dry granulation. In the process of granulation, it requires no water and presses your fertilizer powder into small pellets at a time. Most importantly, the fertilizer granules can be packed without the process of drying and cooling. Accordingly, the whole production of fertilizer granules takes less time and money, which puts you at an advantage in the market.


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Which Machine Can You Use in Dry Granulation?

As a dry granulator supplier, we offer 2 hot kinds of machines used for dry granulation, namely flat die granulating machine and roller compactor dry granulator. They enjoy a burst of popularity after their presence in the markets. Then, how to choose a dry granulation machine that is suitable for your plant?


· Flat Die Granulating Machine ·

the Best Dry Granulation Equipment for Organic Fertilizer Production

Dry granulating machine for organic fertilizer

Are you looking for a dry granulation machine for your organic fertilizer production factory? Our flat die granulator has a widespread application in the process of manufacturing granules in the organic fertilizer industry. Therefore, you can see it in most dry granulation plants for making organic fertilizer.

Why Should You Choose Our Flat Die Granulating Machine?

Quick Production

After the process of composting, our flat die granulating equipment can press your organic fertilizer powder into fine granules quickly if the water content of your raw materials is ideal.

Flat die granulating machine making fertilizer granules
Fertilizer pellets made by flat die granulator

Good Fertilizer

The most nutrients in your organic fertilizer powder will be kept in the process of granulation, so that you can produce good organic fertilizer granules in high quality.

Customization Aavailable

The fertilizer granules produced by our flat die granulating machine are cylindrical in shape. But, the size of them is not fixed. In other words, it is possible for you to produce organic fertilizer granules with a diameter of 2-8 mm by using different molds.

The mold of flat die granulating machine


· Double Roller Compactor ·

a Dry Granulating Machine for Compound Fertilizer Production

Dry granulating machine for organic fertilizer

Our double roller extrusion granulator performs excellently in the production of compound fertilizer granules. To be honest, there are 80% orders of our double roller compactor placed by the manufacturers of compound fertilizer pellets.

Why Can Our Double Roller Extrusion Granulator be So Hot?

Reasonable Design

Actually, our double roller compactor is exclusively designed for the production of compound fertilizer granules. Connected with other machines, such as a horizontal crusher, a dynamic batching system, and a smart mixer, it can form a whole compound fertilizer production line that realizes continuous and mechanized production.

Double roller extrusion granulating machines with fertilizer mixing machine
Double roller extrusion granulator for sale

Low Energy Consumption

With advanced development, we refined and improved our double roller granulator. Compared with the same model from other companies, our double roller extrusion machine consumes less energy and power in granulation. Therefore, low production costs will benefit you in many ways.

Machine Customization

Unlike flat die granulators, our double roller granulating machine is able to produce fertilizer pellets in many shapes. For example, you can use it to make 5 mm compound fertilizer granules in a pill shape. Just tell us what kind of shape and size you want your fertilizer granules to be, and we will customize rollers with specific ball sockets to meet your requirements.

The rollers of extrusion granulating machine

What is the Dry Granulation Process in Fertilizer Production?

Generally speaking, it is quite simple to manufacture all kinds of fertilizer pellets if you adopt the method of dry granulation, including bio fertilizer, NPK fertilizer and animal waste fertilizer. You can pour your raw materials into the feeders of our dry granulator as long as their water content is in the range between 5% and 10%. However, please control the speed of feeding. If you feed too much fertilizer powder at once, it is likely to block the dry granulating machines, weighing on the granulation rate.

In fact, a dry granulator works in a way of pressing fertilizer powder by a huge extrusion force. While our flat die granulation machine and dry granulator roller compactor work on the principle of dry granulation, they have some differences in their working principles. Then, how exactly do they work to turn fertilizer powder into small granules?

Flat Die Granulating Machine’s Dry Granulation Steps

There is a flat die, coupled with rotating rollers, inside our flat die granulating machine. When the fertilizer powder is fed into the granulator, rollers will press it on the flat die to make it into die holes. Then, fertilizer powder is pressed into small fertilizer granules.

Double Roller Extrusion Machine’s Dry Granulation Procedure

Unlike flat die granulators, our double roller extrusion machine presses fertilizer powder with 2 rollers with many small ball sockets. After you start the dry granulator, rotating rollers use huge extrusion force to squeeze the raw materials into the ball sockets on them. As a result, fertilizer powder is pressed into small pellets.

Why Do We Use Dry Granulation Machine in Fertilizer Production?

In the field of granular fertilizer production, there are 2 granulation methods that have a widespread application, namely dry granulation, and wet granulation. Then why should you choose a dry granulation machine for fertilizer production? What are the advantages of dry granulation?

Easy Production

When you compare the layout of a wet granulation plant with that of a dry granulation factory, you will find out that the former is more complex because the fertilizer granules made with wet granulation machines need further process after granulation. However, your fertilizer production will be easy and simple when you use our dry granulation machine. Why?


You do not need to stand near the dry granulating machine all the time to ensure the quality of granular fertilizer products. As we know, wet granulation machines need to dampen your fertilizer powder to make it into granules, and sometimes you need to adjust the water sprayers to control the moisture of your raw materials. However, there is no need for you to do so when you use our dry granulation machines. Our dry granulators can consecutively produce tons of qualified fertilizer granules without a hitch.

The fertilizer pellets, after being screened, will be packaged without the process of drying and cooling.

Dry granulation line and wet granulation line
Dry granulation line for fertilizer production plant

Low Investment & Production Cost

Actually, our machines for dry granulation can save a lot of money in the establishment of a fertilizer plant and the production of good fertilizer products. Without the process of drying and cooling, the whole dry granulation line requires a few necessary machines, and the energy it consumes is relatively low. To be honest, a large group of beginners chooses dry granulation equipment to start their fertilizer production because it can minimize the risks of their business when they fail.

Wide Adaptability

Without water, there is no chemical reaction but physical changes in the process of dry granulation. Therefore, our equipment of dry granulation can make some types of compound fertilizer that wet granulators can not. Nowdays, the kinds of chemical materials that can be made into compound fertilizer granules by our dry granulating machines are more than 30, including ammonium nitrate, urea, potassium chloride, and potassium sulfate. Meanwhile, you can mix your compound fertilizer powder with trace elements, like zinc, copper, and manganese, to improve the quality of fertilizer granules.

Flat die granulating machine in fertilizer production factory

Less Air Pollution

During the dry granulation process, you do not need to worry about the problem of pollution. Some may consider that dry granulation machines for fertilizer production are likely to produce powder and dust in the process of granulation. Nevertheless, they should have worries about that. Actually, our dry granulators produce fertilizer pellets inside the machine, given its sealed design. Hence, they will cause no dust pollution in the process of granulation

As a dry granulator manufacturer in China, we will provide you with high-quality dry granulators at the best price. If you are in the market for an ideal dry granulator machine that is used to manufacture fertilizer granules, please contact us now!

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