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To be honest, our Industrial Rotary Dryer is an integral machine on your granular fertilizer production line. In general, fertilizer makers use it to reduce the moisture content in their fertilizer pellets to a certain amount. After drying, their fertilizer pellets are able to be stored or transported for a long time.

Besides, our dryer is versatile and multi-functional. Actually, it has a capacity to dispose of a full range of raw materials. For example, our drying equipment is commonly applied in the fertilizer industry to dry pelleted organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer.


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The 3 Practical Functions of Our Rotary Drying Machine

To Decrease Water Content

Usually, granular fertilizer contains a lot of water, over 30%, when you adopt wet granulation. However, pellets tend to get saturated and stick together if its moisture content is over 10%. And, that will definitely affect the quality of your fertilizer pellets greatly.

Rotary Drum Drying Machine in Fertilizer Making Plant

To Speed Up Production

Commonly, drying is a factor effecting the productivity in commercial fertilizer plants. Our rotary dryer can deal with tons of fertilizer pellets within a few minutes. Therefore, the speed of manufacturing fertilizer pellets is quickened.

To Improve Product Quality

To produce good and qualified fertilizer in quantity, rotating dryer is an indispensable equipment on every fertilizer production line. When you use our dryer to treat your fertilizer pellets, the water content of it will drop greatly to a certain amount. As a result, you fertilizer products will meet the national standard in your country.

Organic Fertilizer Granules Processed by Rotary Drying Machine

Why Does Our Drum Drying Machine Sell So Good ?

In recent years, the sale of our drum drying machine has achieved a consecutive growth of 3 years. In the overseas markets, such as India, Malaysia and Turkey, our dryer is a hot choice for the majority of fertilizer makers. Here, its 3 outstanding features you should know.

Anti-corrosive structure

Actually, most fertilizer drying equipment in the market is made and welded by normal metals and steel. And these materials are prone to be eroded by the effect of oxidation, high temperature and other chemical reactions. Thus, the service life of these fertilizer dryers is rather short.

Shunxin Machinery Company found a good way to prevent dryer from being eroded easily. It adopted a kind of anti-corrosive and durable steel to manufacture the body and components of rotary drying machine.

Thus, you can save a large sum of money spent on changing the components of the dryer!

Fine Rubber Lining

The Inner of Rotary Drying Machine

During the process of drying organic fertilizer, pellets tend to stick on the inner wall of the rotary dryer because of their high moisture content.

Accordingly, a series of adverse impacts on the efficiency of the dryer, the rate of forming ball and the shape and surface of fertilizer pellets ensues. Certainly, that is quite a headache for most fertilizer manufacturers.

Hence, Shunxin Machinery Company refined the structure of its rotary drum dryer. It added a rubber layer to the lining of dryer. Most importantly, the rubber lining not only prevent raw materials from sticking on the inner wall of the dryer, but also is easy to clean and maintain. As a result, you have no need to suffer from a lots of troubles and issues in machine maintenance..

The Inner Design of Rotary Drum Drying Machine

Perfect Auxiliary Equipment

Dryer with Auxiliary Equipment

In fact, you can equip our rotary drying system with other auxiliary equipment, such as natural gas burner, dust collector and conveying system.

Therefore, you can further simplify the process of granular fertilizer production. And at the same time, you will have a great and healthy working environment in your plant.

What Will We Offer You When You Choose Our Industrial Rotary Dryer?

  • High Mechanization

  • Smooth Performance

  • Good Adaptability

In the international market, our rotary drying machine is highly acclaimed, because it has the ability to achieve the automation of your organic fertilizer production line. Without doubt, our rotary drying equipment will make your granular fertilizer manufacturing much easier faster!

To make you have a better purchase experience, we can provide you with:

The exhaustive details about the models of our rotary dryer

The Engineering drawing of our rotary dryer

The direction of installation of our rotary drum drying machine

The handbook of our rotary dryer maintenance

A professional squad waiting to offer technical support for you

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