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· New Type Vertical Crusher ·

New Type Vertical Grinder for Fertilizer Production

New Type Vertical Grinder is one of the latest fertilizer crusher machines designed by Shunxin Machinery Company, with the painstaking and strenuous efforts of our every professional.

The Details of Fertilizer Grinder


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4 Facts Show You the Prominent Features of Vertical Crusher

Reasonable Structure:

By the highly spinning blades, the raw materials, after being put through feed hopper, will be ground into powder completely and discharged from the bottom exit. The whole process occurs automatically, so you don’t need to hire many workers to help to feed and discharge materials.

High Quailty

Its blades, sharp and anti-corrosive, are able to grind any agricultural waste, even animal manure with long resilient fibers. Moreover, they are made from special steel which largely prolongs their life. Then you don’t need to take too much time on scrupulously maintaining it frequently.

Easy Maintenance:

A small window in the body of vertical pulverizer for fertilizer enables you to change and replace components without effort.

Stable Operation:

Tightly welded steel frames and machine pedestals ensure fertilizer crusher runs smoothly and stably without loud noise. So, a pleasant working environment is created for you.


· Cage Crusher for Fertilizer ·

Cage crusher is a piece of proper fertilizer crusher machine thanks to its prominent features of high efficiency and crushing speed.

Cage Crusher for Fertilizer
The Electric Motor of Cage Grinder

The Rotor

Cage Crusher for Sale

The Feeder of Cage Grinding Machine

The Inner Design

How Can Cage Grinder Crush Efficiently?

First, you put the raw materials into the fertilizer-crushing machine via the feeder. In accordance with the principle of impact breaking, they will be inflicted on the strong impulse of rotating cage bars.

Afterwards, They are crushed and smashed into powder completely by that irresistible force. Given that, the efficiency of cage mill machine is strikingly higher than traditional crushers.


· Chain Crusher ·

Single Rotor Chain Crusher for Fertilizer Production
The Single Rotor Crushing Machine in Stock

Chain Crushers offered by our company are 2 types : one has a rotor, the other has 2 rotors,

They are both widely used for crushing bulk materials, such as livestock dung and poultry litter. Likewise, they can crush substandard fertilizer pellets to fully take advantage of raw materials

Double Rotor Chain Crushing Machine for Fertilizer Manufacturing
The Double Rotor Chain Grinder in Stock

What Are the Most Conspicuous Features of Fertilizer Chain Crusher?

The chain and rotor are of high quality owing to the fact that they are made from fine steel, durable and unbroken, and so you can use it for a long time.

Our chain shredder can crush chemical materials, which makes compound fertilizer production easier, Also, it can deal with substandard fertilizer pellets.

How Does the Chain Crusher Work?

From the upper feeder, raw materials are fed into chain mill crusher. Firstly, they are crushed by the impulse of a highly rotating chain and the collusion among materials.

The Feeder

The Rotor

Then, because of centrifugal force, raw materials are thrown towards the steel plate again and again, going through several times of crushing till they are discharged by the outlet at the end.


· Semi-Wet Material Crusher ·

Semi-Wet Material Crusher is able to quickly grind materials with the maximum moisture content of 55%. Hence, it is your best choice for you to treat raw materials with high moisture content, such as cow dung.

Why Did We Design Semi-wet Fertilizer Crusher?

Actually, “How to crush wet materials in a simple way” has been an intractable problem bringing a headache to people for years. People need to buy drying equipment first to dehydrate their raw materials and then use a grinder to process them next. By doing so, undeniably, the speed of productivity is greatly retarded.

So some manufacturers, in pursuit of high production, try to use common crushers to dispose of wet materials. And consequently, because of the viscidity of high moisture content, a part of raw materials sticks on the machine tightly. That not only adversely impinges on the performance of crushing but also corrodes machine components. Hence, there is a great gap for a specialized grinder to deal with wet materials in the market.

So, we designed semi-wet material crusher, known as compost crusher machine. It’s fair to say that it, specially designed for crushing wet materials, perfectly narrows the gap.

Special Design of Our Compost Grinding Machine

  • Easy Maintenance

The unique inner structure and design avoid materials from sticking on the machine on a large scale and consequently spare the difficulty of cleaning and maintaining the crusher for you.

The Inner Design of Semi-Water Crushing Machine

The Inner Design

Semi-Water Grinder in Stock
  • High Automation

With high-tech, wet grinding machine is able to run automatically, and merely one worker is needed to feed materials. Thus, the cost of energy and labor is largely saved for you

  • Long Service Life

The body and components of wet grinder are made of qualified alloy and steel so that the machine is strong enough to withstand corrosion and abrasion. Thus, you don’t need to maintain or repair it constantly.

The Grinding Hammer of Semi-Water Crushing Machine

The Component

Which Shredder is More Preferable if You Want to Dispose of Special Materials?


· Urea Crusher ·

Urea, one of nitrogen fertilizers without bad effects on plants, is a vital constituent of compound fertilizer. But it needs to be crushed thoroughly before the process of blending with other material to produce NPK fertilizer.

Therefore, Urea Grinder is indispensable if you own the production line of urea fertilizer and compound fertilizer.

Urea Grinding Machine for Fertilizer

Urea Crusher for Sale

Urea Crushing Machine in Stock
Urea Grinding Machine in Our Warehouse

How Does Urea Shredder Work?

Inside the urea crusher machine, there is an extremely narrow gap between the spinning roller and the concave plate, which is adjustable. Then, the raw materials, by the extrusion force of roller and concave, are smashed and crushed into pellets through that gap so as to be processed in the next step.


· Straw Crusher ·

Straw Grinder for Fertilizer Production

Straw is bountiful with lots of nutrients that are essential for the growth of plants and crops, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other organic substances.

It, if crushed and blended with your stock or poultry manure to compost, has the ability to decrease the composting time. Besides, crushed straw is a good feed for cattle, chicken, goats and other animals on your farm. Thus, you need a quality Straw Crusher.

The Details of Straw Crusher

Our Straw Grinder Is Your First Choice

Worry About Noise?

Commonly speaking, rotation speed is higher, the noise is louder. Nevertheless, SX Machinery Company has cracked this problem. It increases the velocity of rotation, and, at the same time, remains the stable operation of the crusher as well as reduces the noise by dint of its special structure and design.

Worry About Dust Pollution?

In the process of grinding, there is no dust in the air brought by our straw pulverizer so that a healthy and safe environment is ensured for your workers.

Worry About Complex Operation Steps?

Our straw shredder is easy enough to operate, even one worker is capable of feeding raw materials and maintaining the machine simultaneously.

Is Necessary to Grind Your Raw Materials?

Of course, it is. In fact, the step of crushing is key factor during producing good fertilizer.

For example, raw materials should be crushed completely before the process of granulation, or pellets may not be desirable due to their unqualified shape and size and consequently need to be re-granulated again. Provided they are thoroughly grounded, the materials will become small powder, which, as to speak, is easier to be pelleted. Consequently, a huge cost of energy and labor is saved for you.

It is fair to say that grinding is a process of high magnitude in the efficient production of fertilizer.

Therefore, fertilizer crusher machine, or grinding machine, is an essential auxiliary equipment in your fertilizer production plant. Shunxin Machinery Company, as a noted fertilizer mill supplier, mainly provides 6 hot-selling fertilizer crusher machine for different raw materials, such as compost, animal manure, straw or urea. Among them, the cow dung curshing machine sell well. You can sent an inquiry to get the details about the cow dung frinding machine, such as its price, functions, and parameters.

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