Making Saleable Fertilizer by Chicken Manure

How Can Stink Chicken Litter Become Fertilizer?

Like other animal manure, chicken litter contains a diversity of pernicious materials, such as parasites, insect eggs and germs. Without proper treatment, it is a potential risk to the environment. Imagine there is an enormous pile of chicken manure, with a pungent smell permeating miles away, standing on your farm, which attracts nothing but a group of flies buzzing around. What would you think? We bet you will toss and turn every night till you find an ideal approach to dealing with it.


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The Composting in Fertilizer Making Plant

Composting Is a Key Step

How to make chicken manure fertilizer? Given harmful materials in your chicken manure, the process of composting is necessary if you want to make qualified fertilizer. As aerobic microorganisms consume nutrients during composting, the heat they release will eliminate these materials efficiently. Moreover, the stink odor of your chicken manure will lessen if you create an aerobic environment for your compost.

3 Factors You Should Know

if your want to compost your chicken manure quickly and efficiently

Moisture Content

The ideal water content of your compost is within 50% – 60%. If the content is too low, less than 20%, the aeration of your compost is limited, which leads to an anaerobic environment.

Oxygen Content

It’s a crucial factor. If the content is over 15%, the temperature will decline, leaving a group of harmful materials alive. According to our research, the optimum oxygen content is about 18%.


The heat released by aerobic microorganisms will provide a good condition for the reproduction of bacteriophage which, in turn, will boost the increment in temperature. But the temperature should be maintained within 50℃- 60℃, or the reproduce of good germs will come to a stagnation.

How Long Is the Process of Composting?

Commonly, the process needs 2 months at least if you use traditional methods, such as composting in an anaerobic environment. Is it too long for you? Don’t worry! You can use our compost turners to control the above 3 factors precisely to create an aerobic environment. Thus, the period of composting is efficiently shortened to within a month.

But, is there a faster way to turn your chicken waste into qualified fertilizer?

The Part of Composting in Making Organic Fertilizer

· Chicken Manure Composting Tank ·

For manufacturers, the less time spent on production, the more profits they will gain. In organic fertilizer production, composting is a time-comsuming step. Many clients once came to us and asked, “Is there any possibility that you can finish the process of composting within a few weeks, about 14 days?”

Of course! Just try our fermentation tank!

In addition to the ability to compost fast, its other features are highlighted, such as high automation and easy maintenance. Our overseas buyers, notably those from Turkey, Kenya, Singapore and Lebanon, gave high credit to our fermentation vessel.

Fast Composting

With a smart system, you can control the temperature and oxygen content of your chicken waste with high precision. So, the process of composting will be fastened greatly.

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Easy Operation

You don’t need to stock your chicken litter in the open air anymore. Instead, all you need is to put manure into the composting tank, waiting for it to process manure automatically.

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No Stink

The process of fermentation occur in its firmly sealed casing, so the worry of pungent smell is totally unnecessary. The environment of your composting plant will be more pleasant and cleaner.

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A Tricky Problem for Ckicken Farm Owners

In many countries, the increasing demand for chicken in the market calls for a trend of establishing commercial chicken farms. In these large-scale farms, with thousands of chickens, chicken waste management is a tricky problem for their owners. Because of a large quantity, hardly can they take the approach to discarding it without any treatment which goes against the current tendency of sustainable development.

According to our clients, they used to spend a huge sum on hiring people to clean chicken bedding and dispose of chicken manure in an environment-friendly way. Some of them once established a special plant to sanitize their chicken manure and discharge it, but failed. Because they are unable to meet the environmental standards and regulations which have been improved constantly.

Hence, it is your preoccupation to properly manage the waste of your chicken if you want to a sustained development of your commercial farm.

But, how?

How to Make Money From the Disposal of Your Chicken Manure?

Making it organic fertilizer!

Good Fertilizer

Like other animal waste, chicken manure is an excellent raw material of organic fertilizer. Amidst the group of other animals, chicken ranks first for its highest contains of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, accounting for 1.63%, 1.54% and 0.85% respectively. The large quantity of nutrients in chicken litter, including trace elements, make it one of the best sellers in the fertilizer market.

Cheap Raw Materials

In a commercial chicken farm, with 100,000 adult chicken, over 10 tons of chicken manure is produced every day, or 3,700 tons every year. Such a huge amount of manure is the equivalent of a stable source of income if properly treated, such as making it fertilizer.

Large Market

Now that the organic fertilizer market is thriving and the demand for animal fertilizer is increasing, why not establish an industrial fertilizer production line to make your chicken manure commercialized? You will gain boundless benefits from it with a small amount of investment.

Is Composted Chicken Droppings a Profitable Fertilizer?

The answer is “YES” if you use our vertical composting can.

Composted Chicken Litter

After the process of composting lasting a few weeks, your chicken waste is dark-brown, with an aroma of fresh dirt. The heat has already eliminated all harmful materials and, at the same time, created an ideal environment for the reproduction of helpful organisms.

The Qualifty of Your Fertilizer 90+%

The Composted Animal Manure Produced by Vertical Fermentation Vessel

According to our test, our vertical composting vessel has the ability to remain the content of each nutrient in your chicken droppings as much as possible during composting. Therefore, the chicken waste, once discharged from our composting can, is able to be used as quality fertilizer. But, it require further treament if you want to sale it at a good price.

Chicken Manure Fertilizer

If you want a quick economic return, you need to form a simple chicken manure fertilizer production line with a compost crusher, a screening machine and compost bagging machine. The line will turn your composted chicken waste into bags of high-quality fertilizer. Besides, a granular fertilizer production line can be established if you buy a granulating machine.

Here, we offer chicken manure fertilizer making machines and the designs of organic fertilizer production lines.

No matter which chicken manure fertilizer you prefer, fertilizer pellets or fertilizer powder, we can recommend ideal machines that make your chicken litter into profitable fertilizer products!

How Much Does It Cost To Buy Chicken Manure Fertilizer Making Machines?

According to your choices of composting equipments, fertilizer granulating machine and ancillary devices, the total price varies greatly.

Considering that there is no agent or intermediary between you and us, every machine we sell at the relatively lowest price on the market. In addition, we hold some promotions, and some of our machines will be at the best discount. Hence, please contact us if you are interested in our machines. We will give you the final quotation as soon as possible!

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