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Rotary Drum Screening Machine for Fertilizer

Rotary Screening Machine, or rotating drum screen, is one of the elemental machines on your fertilizer production line. Coupled with a crusher or a granulator, it is widely utilized in screening raw materials or fertilizer pellets.


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What Can a Rotating Drum Screening Machine Do in Your Fertilizer Factory?

With a crusher, rotary screening equipment can screen out raw materials that fail to meet the standard of size, and these materials will be sent back to the crusher again by the conveying system. Therefore, the utilization of raw materials and the rate of granulation is improved strikingly.

If you couple it with a granulator, the drum screener can sift out unqualified fertilizer pellets and discharge them to the conveying equipment which will carry them to the chain crusher before the process of coating. By doing so, it enables the quality of your organic fertilizer pellets to go up sharply.

4 Outstangding Features of Our Screener Won Buys’ Favor

Longer Consecutive Working Hours

Considering the moisture content of raw materials, materials tend to stick on the sieve tightly, halting the screener. Hence, we install a clean device on our rotating drum screen machine to prevent the sieve from being occluded frequently. By doing so, your screening machine can work consecutively for a long time.

Clean Devise of Rotary Drum Screening Machine
The Casing of Rotating Drum Screen to Prevent Dust Pollution

No Dust Pollution

Besides the side board, our rotating drum screen is equipped with a casing as an effective measure to prevent dust or powder pollution. Therefore, a clean and healthy working environment is created for your workers.

Lower Energy Consumption

According to the study, the power required by our rotating drum screener per hour is rather small, which is only half of that needed by other screeners with the same capacity. With it, a great sum of production will be saved for you.

Fertilizer Rotary Screening Machine

Wide Utilization

Our rotary screening machine is quite versatile for its ability to screen a large range of materials, such as animal manure, powder fertilizer, granular fertilizer and so on.

We Are a Certified Supplier of Fertilizer Equipment in the International Markets

Shunxin Machinery Company, a noted rotary drum screen supplier in China, has a large screening machine production factory. In pursuit of prime quality, we keep refining our rotary drum screen’s structure and optimizing its performance.

In the overseas markets, including India, Malaysia and South Africa, the demand for our drum screening machine is increasingly higher and higher because of its several stunning advantages, such as higher efficiency, easier maintenance and longer service life. If you have any willingness to establish an auto organic fertilizer production line, our rotary screening machine should be your top choice.

What Is the Price of  Our Rotary Screening Machine?

Our rotating drum screen machine has a wide range of models, so we can not give you an explicit price list now. If you have any interest in our fertilizer rotary screening machine, we sincerely invite you to contact us. In light of your special requirements, we can help you choose an ideal rotary screener for your fertilizer production line at the best price!

Rotating Drum Screener for Fertilizer Production

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