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Composting Pig Manure

4 hot commercial compost machine for pig manure, Make your choice according to the scale of your farm

Every day, an adult pig (about 90 kg) produces over 5 kg of fresh manure that contains a variety of bad materials, such as parasites, E. Coli and salmonella, according to statistics. That sounds horrible, right? However, the manure will bring you a huge economic profit if you compost it and turn it into organic fertilizer. Someone may question the practicability of composting pig manure because it has too much water that is an impediment to the success of aerobic fermentation. So, can pig manure be composted? If the answer is yes, how to compost pig manure? What is the aerobic composting process of pig manure?

Can You Compost Pig Manure?

Yes, you can. But, dehydrate it first! Lots of people think pig manure is not suitable for composting in that it has a high volume of liquid. And water, if it is too high, will hinder the increase in temperature, causing the failure to destroy bad materials in your compost. Hence, you need a manure drying machine to reduce it to 50-60%. Though dewatered swine manure is a good raw material to make compost, you need another machine to create aerobic conditions for your swine manure compost.

Solid-liquid Separator Dewatering Animal Manure
liquid solid separator for sale

· Manure Drying Machine ·

for Most Animal Farms

Model: SXTS-230

Capacity(m3/h): 15-20

Power(kw): 5.5

Dimensions(mm): 1850x800x1150

Pig Manure Composting Equipment to Speed Up the Process of Composting

It is well known that making pig manure compost under aerobic conditions can accelerate the process of composting. Your swine manure can become high-quality organic fertilizer after 20 days. However, it is time-consuming and laborious to create those conditions for your pig manure compost piles, particularly for those in large quantities. It is not realistic to aerate your compost pile with a small rake or shovel, isn’t it?

As a supplier of composting machines, we provide 4 types of pig manure composting machines. You can choose an ideal one according to the scale of your pig farm.

· Pig Composting Machine for Family Farm ·

Are you in quest of a proper way to manage manure on your farm? It is a good idea to use our movable pig manure composting machine to turn your swine manure into good organic fertilizer. There are 2 types of pig composting machines you can choose from, namely moving type composting turner and hydraulic composting machine. The former is for turning small swine manure compost, while the latter performs better in the process of turning long and huge pig manure compost piles.

Moving Type Compost Turner in Stock

· Moving Type Compost Machine ·

Model: SXXFD-2000

Capacity(m3/h): 400-500

Power(hp): 36

Dimensions(m): 3.3*2.4*2.4

· Hydraulic Composting Machine ·

Model: SXLDF-2600

Capacity(m3/h): 1000-1200

Power(hp): 116

Turning Depth(m): 2.6

Windrow Composting Machine in Stock

4 Things You Should Know When You Use Our Move Type Composting Machine

The Volume of Your Compost Pile

Composted Piles Processed by Windrow Type Compostor

Actually, it make an influence on the temperature of your pig manure compost. For instance, the temperature is hard to increase when your compost is too small, and that will lead to the prolongation of composting. According to our research, the ideal swine compost pile has specific height and width parameters. It will be easy for you realize fast-speed pig manure composting if your compost pile is 1.5-2 meters high and 1-2 meters wide.

The Place for Composting

Our moving type compost turning machine is equipped with 4 flexible wheels that are able to move smoothly on severe terrains, such as grassland and sand. But, we insist that you should compost your pig manure on the expansive concrete ground. There are 3 reasons.

The concrete ground is a barrier to prevent nutrients in your swine manure compost from leaching into the ground.

It is easy for you to clean and maintain the concrete ground after the process of composting.

Clean concrete ground will not lower the purity of your pig manure. For example, there is a possibility that your compost will be mixed with sand, rocks, or twigs when you turn compost piles on the unpaved ground.

Moving Type Compostor in Fertilizer Making Plant

The Utilization and Maintenance of the Composting Turner in a Proper Way

How long can our swine manure composting machine work for you? Over 20 years, if you operate it in accordance with the instruction manual. Also, you need to know the right way to maintain the compost turning machine.

  • Lubricate each component of the compost machine, like once every 2 weeks. And don’t forget to wash the machine! I bet you will not be disposed to drive a fertilizer composter covered with stinky pig manure, right?
  • Park it in your warehouse when it is sitting unused, or cover it with a layer of the tarp at least, to avoid the rain from causing a short circuit.
  • Our compost turning machine is for turning your swine compost only. Please do not use it to carry or tow any heavy stuff.

· Pig Manure Compost Systemfor Medium Pig Farms ·

Are you facing tons of fresh pig waste and don’t know how to deal with it? You need to establish a huge groove to stack your pig manure and let our groove type composting machine turn your compost automatically.

Groove Type Compostor in Fertilizer Plant
Groove type composting machine for organic fertilizer

· Groove Compost Turner ·

Model: SXCF-3000

Power(kw): 18.5

Turning Width(m): 3

Turning Depth(m): 0.8

How to Use Our Groove Type Composting Machine to Turn Your Pig Manure Compost?

Unlike the foregoing types of pig manure composters, our groove composting machine obviates the need to control the machine throughout the process of turning compost, greatly reducing your workload. With an automatic electrical control system, our groove type composting machine moves automatically on the 2 walls of the groove, while its turning teeth, which are inside the groove, turn your pig manure.

· Pig Manure Composting Equipment For Commercial Factories ·

Do you want to make pig manure composting as a business? Do you want to turn your pig waste into a bucket of dollars? You need to set up a large composting plant with the ability to compost pig manure in large quantities. It is easy to rent a large factory. However, where can you find a commercial pig manure composting machine with a large capacity?

As a manufacturer of organic fertilizer composting machines, we provide 2 hot types of big pig manure composters that have a large turning depth and turning span. They can turn tons of pig manure automatically, increasing the productivity of your commercial pig manure composting plant. In addition to turning your animal manure compost, our commercial pig manure composting equipment can mix your pig manure and other raw materials well to accelerate the process of composting.

· Commercial Composting Machine ·

Model: SXLPFD-2000

Power(kw): 22+1.5×4+4

Turning Span(m): 30

Overall size (m): 22×5.8×4.5

Large composting turner for sale

How to Use Our Commercial Pig Manure Composting Machine to Speed Up the Process of Commercial Composting?

Yes, it still works for you to use pig manure as the only raw material for compost. Nevertheless, you need to add something else to your compost in the process of large-scale composting, to quicken the speed of microorganism decomposition. So, what are the ingredients of pig manure compost? What are their ratios?

Before you start to compost, you need to add the materials, like straw, sawdust, and crushed mushroom, into your dewatered swine manure at the ratio of 8:2. Then, you need to prepare a small amount of fermenting agent. Usually, the ratio of it and pig manure is 1:1000. But don’t be in a rush to put the fermenting agent in your compost. You need to mix it with rice bran at the ratio of 1:5 and then dilute it. Then, you can use the mixture as a kind of thinner and add it to your compost pile.

When all the work is done, you can use our commercial pig manure composting machine to turn and mix your pig waste and other raw materials. About 20 days later, your pig manure will be well-composted, and then you can use it to produce good organic fertilizer.

· Pig Manure Compost Systemfor Fast Composting ·

It is still too long for some fertilizer makers to wait over 20 days when their pig manure is composted. Hence, we are frequently asked what the fastest way to compost pig manure is. Composting your pig manure in an in-vessel composting machine. That is the most high-speed way to compost pig manure.

The Part of Composting in Fertilizer Plant

Our in-vessel compost machine is much smarter than the other fertilizer composting machines we mentioned. It can automatically monitor the factors in your compost, such as water content, oxygen, and temperature, and take measures accordingly. All in all, our swine manure fermentation tank aims at creating optimal conditions for your swine manure compost, allowing you to get composted pig manure within 2 weeks. Then, what exactly does our in-vessel composting machine do to speed up composting?

· In-vessel Compost Machine ·

Model: SXFJ-30

Turning Power(kw): 18.5

Heating Powder(kw): 4

Overall size (m): 4*4*7

Vertical Fermentation Tank for Industrial Fertilizer Making Plant

What Does the Pig Manure In-vessel Composting System Do to Your Compost During the 3 Phases of Composting?

During the process of composting, your pig manure will proceed through three phases, namely the mesophilic phase, the thermophilic phase, and the cooling phase. During these phases, our in-vessel composting system will create aerobic conditions for your swine manure compost.

As mesophilic microorganisms consume organic materials to reproduce, the heat they generate will increase the temperature of your swine compost, from 20℃ to 40 ℃. However, microorganisms will deplete a lot of oxygen in this phase as well. If your swine manure compost is stagnant, it will soon lack oxygen, creating anaerobic conditions.

During this phase, our in-vessel composting system will automatically aerate and turn your compost pile when the oxygen sensor detects the low oxygen content of your compost pile. Hence, sufficient oxygen will stimulate the decomposition of microorganisms, boosting the increment of temperature and quickening this phase.

With the intense activity of microorganisms, the temperature of your compost rises dramatically, increasing to 60℃. Such a temperature will provide an optimal environment for complex organic materials to decompose. As temperature rises, pathogens, insect eggs, and parasites are destroyed. However, once the temperature is over 70℃, a multitude of microorganisms will die quickly, reducing the quality of your pig waste compost.

Our smart pig manure composting system has a temperature sensor to monitor the fluctuation of the temperature. When high temperatures pose a threat to the living of microorganisms, the pig composter will activate the blending device and aeration system to aerate your pig manure. Of course, if the temperature is low, the heating device will provide heat for thermophilic microorganisms to reproduce. Ideal temperatures will accelerate the process of composting.

In the high-temperature phase, most organic materials decompose, and then the activities of microorganisms will slow down. Accordingly, the temperature of your pig manure compost will drop to 40℃ or lower. Our in-vessel composting machine will automatically discharge well-composted swine manure. Then, how many days does pig manure need to compost when you use our fermentation tank? It takes about 15 days! Then, you can use your well-composted pig manure to manufacture good organic fertilizer products worth hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Can You Make Profits from Composting Pig Manure?

Of course, you can economically benefit from your swine manure compost in 3 ways.

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