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Poultry Manure Pellet Machines for Sale

4 Hot Types of Pelletizer for Poultry Manure, Make Your Fertilizer Production Easier

How to Make Use of Poultry Manure on the Farm?

When it comes to that question, a large group of people hold the opinion that drying poultry manure first and composting it in order to turn it into useful fertilizer. However, you can not gain any economic benefits from it, because that kind of fertilizer can not supply plants with sufficient nutrients. Therefore, further processing is required if one expects that his poultry manure pellets can be sold at a good price. Then, how to process it? It is a rewarding way to make fertilizer powder into fertilizer granules with our high-quality poultry manure pellet machine.

What is a Poultry Manure Pellet Machine?

Commonly, a poultry manure pellet machine is an integral part of the fertilizer granulation line. And we, as a manufacturer of fertilizer making equipment, offer 4 hot types of poultry litter pellet machines, namely poultry flat die granulator, disc granulator, rotary drum granulator and new type stirring granulator. Though differ from the working principles, models and designs, our poultry waste pellet machines perform smoothly and stably in granulating organic fertilizer. Now, let us briefly introduce the working principles and stunning features of our poultry manure pellet machines one by one.


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4 Hot Poultry Manure Pellet Machines for Making Good Fertilizer Pellets


· Poultry Manure Flat Die Granulating Machine ·

Start your poultry production with less capital

Do you hesitate to engage in poultry manure fertilizer production because of a lack of sufficient capital for setting up a commercial plant? To be honest, our flat die granulator is one of dry granulation machines, and the pellets it makes do not need to be dried and cooled. In other words, the flow chart of poultry manure fertilizer production will be simple if you use it in the fertilizer production. Hence, you have no need to spend money setting up a plant. On the contrary, you can produce fertilizer granules on your farm.

How Can Our Flat Die Granulating Machine Make Good Poultry Manure Pellets?

On the principle of dry granulation, our poultry manure flat die granulating machine produces fertilizer pellets by extrusion force. In other words, the rollers, with many small sockets on them, press your raw materials into pellets when you send poultry manure into the feeder. The whole production is quick and easy, even for beginners.

Why Should You Buy Our Flat Die Granulator?

As we mentioned, our poultry waste flat die granulator works on the principle of dry granulation and it has a high standard for the water content of your raw materials, which should be less than 30%. According, the fertilizer pellets it makes have less water. That is to say, your poultry fertilizer pellets can be sold without further processing, such as drying and cooling.

Easy Production
Low Production Costs

Can I benefit from it, you may ask. Of course, you can! If you use our flat die granulator, you do not need to spend a large amount of money buying dryers, coolers and dedusting systems. At the same time, your production line can be simplified. In other words, the investment and production costs will be much lower for you!

For the owners of poultry farms and people who are eager to start their own poultry waste fertilizer production with less investment. Our flat die granulating machine is their best choice!


· Rotary Drum Granulating Machine ·

Set up a large plant and realize mass production

For some manufactures who have sufficient capacity and resources, the establishment of a large poultry fertilizer plant is their preference, because they can make a quick and ample profit from it. In commercial fertilizer plants, efficiency is of great priority. So, how to improve efficiency? You need a granulator with a large hourly output to increase production efficiency.

Large Hourly Capacity for Mass Production

Industrial granulating machine for fertilizer production

To be honest, the rotary drum granulating machine has the largest hour output among our poultry manure pellet machines. It can produce about 30 tons of fertilizer pellets every hour. Provided that your rotary drum granulation line runs 12 hours a day, you can manufacture a bunch of fertilizer pellets weighing over 130,000 tons a year. That is a huge number and a barrel of money as well! Therefore, it is ideal to make poultry litter fertilizer granules by our rotary drum granulating machine in your large-scale factory.

How Can Our Rotary Drum Granulator Turn Poultry Manure into Organic Fertilizer Pellets in a Large Quantity?

So, why is the capacity of our rotary drum granulating machine so large? The reasons lie in its working principle and the design of its drum.

First, it will wet your raw materials by water sprayers, and the materials will be rounded into small pellets by centrifugal force as the drum rotates. While you send poultry manure into the feeder, the fertilizer pellets are discharged from the end. In other world, the whole production is consecutive.

Second, the shape of our drum granulating machine is a 10-meter cylinder whose diameter reaches 3.2 m(the parameters vary according to the models ). That is to say, it is able to contain more raw materials.

Consequently, the capacity of our rotary drum granulating machine is much larger than other granulators


· Rotary Drum Churning Granulating Machine ·

Produce more beatutiful poultry fertilizer pellets

Just like the rotary drum granulator, our patent rotary drum churning granulating machine makes fertilizer pellets in the drum. But it has a different working principle because of its design.

The Working Principle

Our rotary drum churning granulator consists of a drum, a rotary shaft with stirring teeth and drive dears. Once you feed poultry litter, the stirring teeth will drive them move spirally. Meanwhile, the teeth and the inner wall of the drum will cause extrusion force, rounding fertilizer powder into small granules.

3 Features of Our New Type Stirring Granulator

The fertilizer pellets produced by rotary drum churning granulator

High Ball Rate

Our rotary drum churning machine granulates by the mechanical force of high-speed rotation and the rotation of the drum. Therefore, it can mix raw materials and granulate them faster. Commonly, the granulation rate of our churning granulating machine exceeds 97%, much higher than that of other granulators in the markets.

Anti-corrosive Design

It is well known that poultry manure is corrosive. Therefore, our rotary drum churning granulator consist of various components made up of high-quality stainless steel. Moreover, its granulation teeth, a vitial device for turning animal manure powder into granules, are made of anti-corrosive steel. Hence, the service life of our new type stirring granulator can reach more than 20 years.

 rotary drum churning granulator made of high-quality steel
The window of rotary drum churning granulator

Easy Maintenance

Our new type poultry manure pellet machine has an enclosed drum. For the convenience of clients, we designed 3 small windows on the main body. If there is something wrong with the granulator, you can open the windrows and check the inside of it. But, please do not open it when the granulating machine is in operation!


· Disc Granulating Machine ·

Make poultry litter fertilizer pellets easier

When it comes to the similarity of the poultry manure pellet machines above, you can realize that they granulate fertilizer pellets inside their bodies. That is to say, you can hardly watch the process of pelleting. So, is there any poultry waste granulating machine that allows your real-time observation of the granulating process? Of course there is! Just have a look at our disc granulating machine.

Unsealed Design for Easy Operation

An open granulation pan of disk granulator

Our disc granulating machine pelletizes poultry fertilizer granules in an unsealed pan. During the production, you can view the whole process.

Once you think the size of fertilizer pellets is out of your expectation, you can adjust the inclination of the pan to change it. Needless to say, such an unsealed design makes it easy for manufacturers to produce the poultry fertilizer granules they want.

The adjustable inclination of disc granulator's granulation pan
The cleaning blade of disk granulator

In addition, our pan granulating machine is equipped with a cleaning blade, a good helper to scrape the poultry manure on the pan. Thus, the difficulty of cleaning drops.

How Does Our Pan Granulating Machine Make Poultry Litter Pellets?

Some may wonder how our disc granulator pelletize in an unsealed pan. Actually, our pan granulating machine makes pellets by centrifugal force, just like our rotary drum granulator. First, you open the rotor, the granulating pan starts to rotate. Then, raw materials will be dampened by water sprayers and rounded into pellets as the pan rotates.

As a Manufacturer of Poultry Manure Fertilizer Pellets, What Should You Know about the Production?

Processing Your Poultry Manure

In fact, the process of granulation is one of the major steps in the production of poultry manure fertilizer pellets. Before that, much work remains to be done for you. For instance, you need to dewater poultry manure first and compost it to eliminate the harmful bacteria and parasites in it.

The process of dewater animal manure

Of course, we offer high-quality solid-liquid separators and compost turners to facilitate your production. Actually, we can even give you a turnkey design of a fertilizer production line. From composting to bagging, there is an automatic machine managing the whole process. Thus, it is possible for you to easily manufacture quality poultry manure fertilizer granules in large quality.

Maintaining your poultry manure granulating machine constantly

In order to keep your poultry litter pellet machine in good condition, you need to follow the instructions and maintain them constantly. For example, put lubricants on gears and chains a week. By doing so, our poultry manure pellet machines is able to produce good organic fertilizer products for a longer time.

The process of dewater animal manure

If you have any questions about our granulators, please contact us. Our technical team will give an ideal solution for you.

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