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Highly Professional Team

Every role in our company presents a new opportunity to realize client’s fertilizer production project. Every month, we will hold a forum to share working experience and skills, to gave each employee a new insight about his mission and role.

Work Together,

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Now, get to know our excellent team workers!


Caroline Cao,

Customer Service Manager

Caroline masters the knowledge of fertilizer manufacturing and the utilization of our machines. Therefore, she is able to immediately provide technical support when clients face problems or questions in fertilizer production or machine maintenance.

Casey Gao,

Senior Engineer

Casey has designed over 200 production lines, including large-scale organic fertilizer production line and BB fertilizer production line, and sold them to many countries. According to the feedback, these production lines perform stably and smoothly.

Jenny Cao,

Senior Sales Rep

Jenny is one of senior sales managers in our company. She has a long working experience of 8 years and is thoroughly familiar with each fertilizer making machine. Thus, Sophie is capable of recommending ideal products to meet client’s special needs.