Manure Composting System

Hot manure composting system for farmyard / industrial / fast animal manure composting process

What do you need to make compost manure for commercial use? Proper materials, a suitable location, an ideal method and… an efficient manure composting system! Don’t think it is a waste to invest in a commercial compost manure machine. To be honest, the compost manure manufacturing machine not only makes the preparation of compost manure simple and easy, but lowers the production costs. In short, if you have a project to set up a large compost manure making plant and start your compost manure business, a commercial composting machine should be written on the top of your purchase list.

commercial compost making machine aerating compost pile

But, there are diverse options when it comes to the types and models of manure composting machines. Which one should you buy to start the procedure of making composted manure? Let us, a leading manufacturer of fertilizer making machines, provide you with 3 solutions for composting manure quickly in accordance with different compost making methods, and introduce the hottest manure composting systems for you today! Keep reading, and you will find an ideal one for the industrial manure composting process.


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Which Type of Manure Compost Machine Should You Choose for Large-scale Manure Composting at Your Farm?

The biggest thing commercial animal farm owners care about is how to dispose of their animal waste at low costs. They put much more emphasis on basic information, like functions, power and, of course, prices, when they buy manure compost machines. For them, practicability, rather than some high technology, should be given priority. That is the main reason why most farmers choose the windrow composting machine to prepare compost manure by using the heap method.

· Windrow Manure Compost Machine for Sale ·

The Solution for Large-scale Farms

Windrow compost turner is the best machine used for the preparation of heap compost manure. With rigid turning teeth, the windrow manure compost has the ability to aerate your manure composting heap efficiently and turn your animal manure into profitable organic fertilizer products.

Which Models Should You Choose for Your Animal Farm?

Small Family Farms

· Small Compost Turner ·

Model: SXXDF-2000

Capacity(m3/h): 300-500

Power(kw): 30

Turning width(m): 2

Moving Type Composting Machine for sale

Large-scale Animal Farms

Windrow Composting Machine in Stock
· Industrial Composting Equipment ·

Model: SXLDF-2800

Power(kw): 123

Turning Width(m): 2.8

Turning Depth(m): 1.1-1.4

Commercial Farms

· Commercial Compost Machine ·

Model: SXLDF-3000

Power(kw): 156

Turning Width(m): 3

Turning Depth(m): 1.3-1.5

Windrow Type Composting Machine for Sale

How to Make Compost Manure on a Large Scale at a Farm with a Windrow Compost Machine?

Commercial windrow composting machine for sale

Find a dedicated place for manure composting on your farm. It would be better that you make compost on concrete ground, or the soil and underwater are likely to be polluted during the preparation of compost manure.

Don’t pile up manure without any processing. There are lots of things you need to do with your raw materials before composting, such as drying, crushing and mixing.

Stack up your dry manure into long strips. You can cover it with a plastic layer if the weather is cold or dry.

When the temperature of your manure compost pile is above 158℉, it is time for you to drive the windrow manure composting machine to aerate the manure compost. Fully ramped up, the compost machine works to manage hundreds of tons of manure compost for hours in a row.

Checking your animal manure compost pile should be one of your routine work. But, what should you do? First, check the temperature. Second, measure the water content. Third, record the change of the manure compost pile.

Tips To Make Manure Compost Faster

How to make compost manure quickly? In fact, the speed of the compost manure making process is dependent on many factors. But, here are some tips to help you make the preparation of good compost manure fast.

1. Add Some Old Compost

Compost has billions of useful bacteria that feed on organic matter. You can add some old compost to your animal manure compost and use the industrial compost machines in the process of mixing manure and compost. With plenty of compost bacteria, the process of microorganism degradation will be fast.

windrow compost pile for making organic fertilizer
Fermentation Bacteria

2. Use Compost Activators

If you don’t have any compost, this is one of the easiest ways to make the manure composting process fast. Use compost activators. These chemicals speed up by increasing the content of nitrogen in your manure compost.

3. Crush Manure

If the compost manure is large, there is not enough surface area for compost bacteria to do their work. Hence, most buyers will buy an organic waste compost crusher to grind their animal manure into small particles.

The Semi-Water Grinding Machine in Our Plant

4. Mix Compost Manure with the Windrow Compost Machine

More oxygen will encourage microorganisms to reproduce and break down organic matter. Hence, you can use the windrow composting machine to aerate compost to provide more fresh air for your compost bacteria. But, don’t do it frequently. It is proper to turn your manure compost every two days.

5. Make Your Manure Compost Larger

Small manure compost heaps are prone to being cooled down, even if it is in the heating phase. Hence, you need to increase the volume of your compost heaps if you pile up animal manure outdoors. Remember, there are limits to the width and height of compost heaps. You can contact us for the technical parameters of the windrow composting machines to decide how large a manure compost heap you should make.

Windrow type composting

Industrial Waste Compost Solution

Product quality is the key to an industrial manure compost factory. To make high-quality manure compost, good management of the manure composting process is imperative. But, how to manage the manure compost and manufacture quality products that meet the consumers’ demands? High technology and automation are your first resort.

· Organic Manure Composters for Sale ·

The Smart Fermentation Tank to Manage Manure Compost Automatically

High technology makes everything easy and simple, particularly the procedure for making compost manure. Manual work is by no means a necessity during the preparation of manure composting. An automatic composting system will manage manure compost during the four stages of composting. Managed well, animal waste will be turned into good organic compost combined with sufficient nutrients and fiber that are good for the structure of topsoil and the growth of plants.

· Industrial Manure Composter ·

Model: SXFT-30

Stirring Power(kw): 7.5

Heating Powder(kw): 4

Dimensions(m): 4*4*7

4 New Fermentation Tank Composting Animal Manure

Benefits of Choosing Organic Manure In-vessel Composting System for Producing Compost Manure

Fermentation Tank for Organic Fertilizer Manufacturing

The period of making compost manure ends within 2 weeks, which is much faster than adopting any other technology of making compost manure.

After feeding animal manure into it, the organic fermentation tank will manage the manure compost under the control of a smart system.

The user interface shows the basic information about the compost, such as temperature, moisture and oxygen content. You can know which stage or condition your manure compost is in

Thanks to its closed design, the manure composting system will not cause any air pollution. Its deodorant device will clean the exhaust given off during the process of making compost manure.

The layer of the manure composting system is made of fine steel that helps with insulation during harsh weather. Even in countries, like Finland and Denmark, cold weather is not an adverse factor slowing down the process of microbial activities.

What is the Equipment Necessary for Compost Manure Preparation at Factory?

While manure composting machines play a key role in the process of making a good compost manure, there are lots of fertilizer making machines you need to improve the quality of your organic compost.

· Drying Machine for Composting Manure ·

Water is one of the triple factors influencing the formation of hot composting, along with temperature and oxygen. But, what is the use of water in making good compost manure? In fact, water is a basic necessity for compost bacteria to work.

Without it, microbial activities appear to flatline. But, a higher level of moisture content, above 60%, will lead to anaerobic composting because pore spaces in the manure compost are filled with water and oxygen can not pass through them. Therefore, you need a manure drying machine to remove excess water from your animal waste. Dried manure is just like a round wet rag, with the 55% of moisture. You can feel the moisture in it when you squeeze it, but there are no water drips.

Industrial Dewatering Machine for Sale

· Manure Drying Machine for Sale ·

Model: SXTSX-800

Capacity(m3/h): 15-20

Power(kw): 4

Dimensions(m): 2.2*1.5*0.7

· Compost Manure Crusher ·

Of course, some businessmen wholesale aged animal manure. This kind of manure usually has been stacked for several years, getting lumpy. Many bulk pieces can be found in it.

As we mentioned, the size of raw materials has an impact on the speed of fermenting manure. You need a special crusher to grind the lumps of manure. Why should it be special? The main reason is that aged manure has lots of water. If you crush it with a common fertilizer crusher, sticky manure is likely to block the discharge of the grinder. Therefore, you can try our compost manure crusher, which is designed for wet organic waste.

Semi-Water Grinder in Stock

· Manure Crusher for Sale ·

Model: SXSF-90

Capacity(m3/h): 3-5

Power(kw): 37

Dimensions(m): 1.8*1.85*1.7

· Compost Screening Machine ·

The purity of manure compost is an indicator of product quality. Hence, you need to improve the purity of your well-composted manure. A compost screening machine is a good choice. When the fertilizer conveying belt sends manure compost into the compost screening equipment, impurities are sieved out. Then, your animal litter compost can be seen as a high-quality organic fertilizer powder for sale.

Rotary drum screening for animal manure fertilizer prouction

· Fertilizer Screener for Sale ·

Model: SXWJ-9015

Capacity(m3/h): 3-5

Power(kw): 11

Strirring Speed (r/min): 39

· Compost Bagging Machine ·

Packaging is important if you want to sell manure compost products at the best price. We offer an automatic composting bagging machine to facilitate the process of powder fertilizer production. It is equipped with a sealing device that aims to seal the fertilizer bags automatically.

Double Bagging machine for fertilizer

· Fertilizer Bagging Machine for Sale ·

Model: SXWKBZ-50

Capacity(bag): 4

Packing Weight(kg): 20-50

Dimension(m): 0.72*0.63*1.98

· A Full Organic Manure Fertilizer Production Line ·

The owners of small manure composting plants can buy the foregoing organic fertilizer machines on the basis of their needs. If a commercial compost manure making plant with a diversified business is what you want, it is more proper for you to buy a full organic manure fertilizer making line.

When workers put the composted manure into the feeding machine, a fertilizer conveying system will send the compost into each organic fertilizer machine. The preparation of compost manure is automatic. After you make profits from the organic manure composting, you can buy an organic fertilizer granulating machine to start animal manure pellet manufacturing and expand production. Send an inquiry now to get the price of the granulator machine for compost manure.

What is the Simple Way of Making Compost Manure with less Investment?

Is there a simple method of making compost manure that costs less? Try the pit method of compost manure, or trench composting! Is there a way that is much simpler than that? Just throw the manure into a trench and wait till the decomposition of animal waste ends. But, the trench method of composting is a kind of static composting, taking months to ferment.

Groove Type Compost Turner in Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Therefore, there is a variation of this trench composting method. You don’t need to dig a pit or compost trench. In fact, you need to build a groove with three walls indoors. Its size depends on the amount of your organic waste. Usually, the dimension of the groove is 100m*4m*1.5m. Without a wall, you can drive the forklift to send your processed organic waste into the groove easily. But, how to mix the manure compost? You need the help of our commercial machines to compost manure.

· Commercial Compost Equipment For Sale ·

Make the Preparation of Manure Composting Simple and Easy

Commercial compost equipment, known as the trench composting machine, is used for aerating the manure compost to speed up the fermentation process. It consists of a groove shelf, a moving track, turning teeth, and a transfer device. With the help of the moving device on the walls, the trench composting machine uses turning teeth to mix the compost, lifting the lower layers of compost to the top. According, manure compost is infused with oxygen for microorganisms to break down organic matter quicker.

The Working Picture of Grooving Type Compostor

· Trench Composting Machine for Sale ·

Model: SXCF-5000

Main Motor(kw): 18.5*2

Turning Width(m): 5

Turning Depth(m): 0.8

What is the Price of the Trench Composting Machine?

In terms of automation, our manure composting system and trench composting machine stand out among the group of compost making machines. The manure composting system is the latest technology of making compost manure that is highlighted by its function of automatic compost management. Therefore, its price is over 19,000 dollars. Usually, it is the perfect choice for those investors who are emphatic about product quality and production speed. While the trench composting machine, also noted for its automation during the process of turning fresh manure into compost, costs about 9,000 dollars. It is much more acceptable to most buyers, especially farm owners. If you are looking for an affordable automatic composting machine to manage manure on your farm, the trench composting machine is the best option.

As a leading compost manure machine supplier in China, we provide many models of trench composting machines. You can contact us to get the manure composting machine price.

How Much Compost Starter is Needed for Fermenting 1 ton of Manure?

To make the procedure of manure compost easier, compost starters are needed to start the composting process quickly. But, how much starts should you put into your compost?

Let us share a formulation that a buyer, the owner of a commercial organic fertilizer plant, told us. There are 3 ingredients, namely dry animal waste, compost starters and rice bran (or corn flour). Usually, a ton of manure needs 1 kg of compost starters. But, do not scatter starters on the compost directly. You need to mix compost starters and rice bran at a ratio of 1 to 5 and dilute the mixture with water. Then, spray the liquid on your organic waste compost. Soon, the natural decomposition process begins.

Groove Type Compostor on Fertilizer Plant

When to Know if Manure Compost is Ready?

Groove Type Composting in Fertilizer Making Plant

Commonly, there are four main stages of making compost manure, namely, the mesophilic phase, the thermophilic phase, the cooling phase and the curing phase. When your compost passes through all the stages, typically it is turned into an organic fertilizer. But, how do you know when the stages of making compost manure end? There are several indicators that will give you a hint.

Mature manure compost should look like dark-brown soil, with a crumbly texture. If your compost has lots of big pieces of organic matter or huge chunks of manure, you need to wait a bit for them to break down.

Finished manure compost has no pungent odor. It smells like dirt, rather than rotten food.

During the procedure to make compost manure, the water in your compost reduces greatly, and the volume of waste drops. Thereupon, the size of the manure compost will decrease by 50% when the fermentation process ends.

The temperature of your animal waste compost will drop to room temperature after the thermophilic phase. If your compost is giving off massive heat, you need to wait patiently for your little compost bacteria to finish their work.

The List of Materials for Making Good Compost Manure with Our Compost Turner Machine?

You need to be cautious with your materials for making compost manure because not all manure can produce good organic compost. Take pet waste as an example. There is a great possibility that dog manure and cat poop have harmful worm eggs that can survive in our bodies and cause some diseases. Managed poorly, pet waste compost is a huge threat to the environment and our health. Then, what are the proper materials for making compost manure?

WIndrow composting in organic fertilizer plant
Fermentation tank for composting animal manure
Moving Type Compost Turner in Stock

Should I Ferment Manure for 4 Days or 14 Days?

During commercial compost manure production, time is money. That is why there is a large group of buyers who care about the time that the composting of manure process takes. What should you do to make compost manure quickly? How many days does it take for manure to compost? How long does it take to make compost manure… These are questions asked by every client who is in the market for efficient compost manure equipment. What is more, a client even asked us if the procedure of making compost manure would end after 4 days with the help of our manure composting machines.

animal manure composting process

To be honest, it takes at least a few months to compost manure, particularly animal waste. If your manure compost is in aerobic conditions, the fermentation of the manure process will become faster. But, there is no magic compost technology that can finish compost manure production within a few days. Even if there was, it was designed for composting food residues and kitchen waste, at home only. If you use it to make animal manure compost, the product you will get in the end is just immature compost that is detrimental to crops and soil, such as burning the roots, giving off harmful gases and depleting the oxygen in the soil. Therefore, how long does it take to make well-composted compost manure?

How Many Days Does It Take for Manure to Mature Compost?

As we mentioned, it takes a few months to make manure compost just for your garden. In an organic plant that has hundreds of tons of manure, compost manure machines are used to accelerate the fermentation process of manure. Of course, the time of composting manure depends on the types and models of compost manure making machines. Take our commercial compost and manure production equipment as an example. If you process manure properly and aerate your compost pile with the commercial manure compost machine in the right way, aerobic conditions will instigate microbial activities. As a result, microorganisms break down organic matter fast, accelerating manure fermentation. Then, the procedure of composting manure will be finished within 20-25 days.

For clients who have a commercial composting plant, the manure composter is a top choice. It is a smart composting machine with high automation. Basically, manure composters are able to manage your manure compost properly. It will do anything to maintain aerobic conditions for your compost, such as aeration, heating and blending. Managed carefully, manure compost provides a good environment for compost bacteria to reproduce and break down organic matter.

Soon, here comes the thermophilic stage, or heating phase, in which a large part of the compost decomposition occurs during the whole breakdown cycle. Usually, it takes 2 weeks to turn manure into mature compost. Yes, your animal waste will become humic acids and humus that can be used as an organic fertilizer after 2 weeks.

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