Goat Manure as Fertilizer

A Good Way to Manage Goat Manure

With the trend of intensive farming, large-scale sheep farms have erupted one after another in recent years, leaving a risk of severe containment caused by an increasing amount of goat manure. Consequently, a proper management of goat waste is a preoccupation for owners of commercial goat farms. If owners take a smart approach to disposing of goat waste, such as using goat manure as fertilizer, they may be able to obtain abundant economic benefits.

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A Perfect Choice to Make Money

You must have a serials of questions. Why goat waste can be turned into fertilize? How can I manufacture good goat fertilizer products? It is profitable?

Of course! The production of goat manure fertilizer is a remunerative choice.

Fertilized with goat waste, both the soil and plants benefit a lot. In addition to a high content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, 3 fundamental nutrients for plants and crops, goat manure has a large quantity of organic matters and humic substances. That makes goat manure fertilizer a hot product on the fertilizer market.

However, it usually takes months to turn goat waste into quality fertilizer. For new suppliers of goat manure fertilizer, such a lengthy production is tantamount to a huge sum production costs. Then, how to make goat manure fertilizer quickly and efficiently?

Composting, a Crucial Step in Making High-quality Goat Manure Fertilizer

Why You Should Compost?

As we all know, fresh goat waste has a large quantity of bad materials, uch as parasites, insect eggs and harmful germs. That will cause growth retardation to your plants and crops. What’s more, fresh goat manure will consistently release heat that will burn the roots of plants if you fertilize it in the fields.

Without proper treatment, goat waste is by no means a boon to your farm because of the ruinous consequences it causes. Then, that’s why composting is the first and fundamental process in making goat manure fertilizer,. It aims at killing these materials and, meanwhile, keeping as many nutrients as possible.

How to Speed Up Composting?

The step of composting is rather time-consuming. In rural areas, some farmers often compost their goat waste by laying it on the ground and waiting for it to decompose naturally. Unsurprisingly, the whole process will finish in 2 months at least, or longer in winter. Is there a way to speed up composting?

Yes, there is! You need to create an aerobic environment for your compost piles. According to statistics, the speed of decomposing in an aerobic environment is much faster that that in an anaerobic environment. But how to create such an ideal environment for you compost? All you need is a highly efficient compost turner.

Groove Composting in Fertilizer Making Plant

Goat Dung Compost Turners Help You Compost Faster

On your farm, you need to stack your goat manure into a long strip first. Then, you have to turn it regularly so as to increase the density of air in it. Thus, an aerobic environment is created. Here, we provide various composting turners for different buyers

Small Composting Turner

For small goat farm owners, we recommend our moving type compost turner. Because of its feature of easy operation, famers can drive them to turn their compost easily.

Higly Auto Composting Turner

If you do not want to compost by yourself, you can choose our groove type compost turning machine. With high technology, it is able to automatically turn your goat manure for a consecutive time. Hence, the huge workload is greatly reduced for you.

What You Shoul Do Next?

Supporting that you use our goat manure composting turner to turn your compost piles under our guidance, you will get composted goat manure within a month.

However, that is not enough. You need to process it further to make it a profitable fertilizer product. Then, what do you need?

Goat Manure Fertilizer Production

Why You Need to Manufacture Goat Manure Fertilizer by Yourself?

To be a professional supplier of goat manure fertilizer, it is needed for you to have a stable source of qualified goat fertilizer. In comparison with wholesaling fertilizer from other factories, the way that you engage in goat waste fertilizer production by yourself will be more economically beneficial to you. Thus, you need a whole goat manure fertilizer production line to ensure the consecutive supply of goods.

For High Profits

Which Production Line Should You Choose?

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As a professional manufacturer of fertilizer production lines, we have divers designs of production lines that assist you to produce goat waste fertilizer easily. If you want to improve the efficiency of our fertilizer production, a line equipped with highly automatic machines is what you need. Here, we advise you to choose our double extrusion granulator line.

The Design of Disc Granulator Line

The Design of Disc Granulator Line
Rotary Screening Machine for Goat Manure Fertilizer Plant

· Rotary Screening Machine ·

To produce pure sheep manure fertilizer, firstly you need a screener to sift other materials, such as stones, leaves and rocks.

· Vertical Crusher ·

Crushed sheep manure is easier to make into fertilizer pellets. Hence, our vertical grinder is a necessary machine for you.

Goat Manure Fertilizer Crushing Machine
Disc Granulator for Making Goat Manure Fertilizer

· Pan Granulator ·

In most animal manure fertilizer making plants, pan granulator plays an important role in manufacturing. Commonly, disc granulator produces fertilizer pellets by rotary force when raw materials are sent in to it. Then, fertilizer granules will by carried to the drying machine by auto conveying system.

· Rotary Screening Machine ·

Yes, you do need 2 screeners on your production line, one for screening compost, the other for sifting unqualified fertilizer pellets. Accordingly, the quality of your goat manure fertilizer is guaranteed.

Rotary Drum Screener
Chain Crusher for Goat Waste Fertilizer Pellet

· Chain Crusher ·

How to deal with those unqualified fertilizer pellets? Throw them away? What a waste! Keep them? They can not be sold as standard products.

Just leave them to our chain crusher! It can mill them into powder so that you can re-granulate them.

· Packaging Machine ·

It is an impediment to the speed of your production line if you bag fertilizer products manually. Therefore, an auto packing machine is indispensable to ensure consecutive output of fertilizer. Our double buckets bagging machine can automatically weigh, pack and seal. So, you do not need to hire a bunch of workers to pack products by hand.

Packaging Machine for Goat Manure Fertilizer Production

Our Production Line Makes Your Fertilizer Production Faster

Besides, every machine is connected by auto conveying equipment, which means that the whole production line runs automatically. Undoubtedly, the efficiency of the line increases, isn’t it?

The Fertilizer Production Line in Operation

According to the feedback from our customers, our goat manure fertilizer production runs smoothly for a long time, without any malfunction or breakdown.

The Pictures of Fertilizer Production Lines

If you are vexed by the question of how to efficiently produce goat waste fertilizer, our production line may please you. Now, we are holding an annual promotion, and you can enjoy a good discount. Welcome you to contact us!

Disc Granulator Line for Goat Manure Fertilizer

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As a professional supplier of goat manure fertilizer making equipment, we have full experience and knowledge of goat dung fertilizer production. Hence, any relative problems or issues can be solved by us. We will patiently teach you to make goat waste into profitable fertilizer step by step.

High-Quality Machines

Our machines have a large share in overseas markets because of their unparalleled quality and service life. Besides, we will give you one year warrant for free. Within the warrant, your licit rights and interests as a consumer are guaranteed.

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Given that all the machines are made in our factory, there is no intermediary or agent between you and us. Therefore, you can purchase a set of fertilizer production machines at a rather low price. Besides, we hold promotions in the holidays. During that time, you may buy our machines at the lowest price!

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