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The fertilizer flat die pellet mill is a granulating machine used in many animal farms and organic fertilizer making plants. As a kind of dry granulating machine, it uses extrusion force to press your fertilizer powder into granules. Therefore, you do not need a rotary drying machine to process your fertilizer pellets, shortening the production cost. Besides, the SX flat die pellet mill has a maximum hourly output of 2.5 tons. You can buy 2 or 3 pellet mills to form a flat die granulation line that can produce at least 100 tons of fertilizer pellets a day.

Flat die granulation line design

Meanwhile, some may wonder how it is possible for the SX flat die pellet mill to efficiently turn fertilizer powder into tight granules without water. Today, they will find the answer.


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How Does SX Flat Die Pellet Mill Work in Granular Fertilizer Production?

Before the process of feeding, it is advisable to put oily abrasive into the flat die granulator, because it is able to make the flat die granulator work smoothly.

When you start the machine, the main shaft will drive the rollers to rotate. As fertilizer powder fills the inside of the flat die machine, rotating rolls will press it into the holes in the mold and then squeeze it through the holes, forming cylinder sticks. At the same time, the scrapers under the mold will cut these sticks. Then, a batch of cylindrical fertilizer granules will be discharged from the outlet. The whole process of granulation takes a minute.

Organic fertilizer granules will be sent to the rotary drum screening machine in order to pick out the granules that do not reach the standards.

Who Will Need Our Fertilizer Flat Die Pellet Mill?

Manufacturers Who Prefer Dry Granulation in Organic Fertilizer Production

If I choose dry granulation, I can start my chicken manure fertilizer production with a small amount of money spent on machines. So, I brough flat die pellet mill for my plant.

Dan, Chicken Manure Fertilizer Maker

There are mainly 2 kinds of dry granulating machines. One is for compound fertilizer production, and the other is for organic fertilizer production. Usually, our flat die granulator is used to turn animal manure into organic fertilizer granules.

Thanks to its working principle, SX flat die fertilizer granulator allows you to have a short but complete fertilizer production line with a few necessary machines. Then, you will benefit tremendously from the advantages of low production costs and investment.

Makers Who Want to Produce Fertilizer Pellets in a Uniform Shape and Size

Unlike disc granulators and rotary drum granulators, the SX flat die pellet machine usually does not need a polishing machine to adjust the shape and size of fertilizer granules. By using different rollers and molds, you can produce batches of fertilizer granules in a certain shape (usually cylindrical) and size. If you find some granules that fail to meet your standards, such as broken pellets, you can use a rotary drum screener to sift them.

Fertilizer pellets in a uniform shape and size

Those Who are Reluctant to Use Adhesive Agents in the Process of Granulation

Flat die granulating machine making fertilizer granules

Given its low water content, dry fertilizer powder is unlikely to be made into tight granules without the agent of water or adhesive. However, our flat die machine, with cutting-edge technology, makes it possible. You can pour your fertilizer powder into our flat die granulator. Then, the machine will press it into hard pellets without the fluctuation of its water content.

Those Who Need to Produce Fertilizer Pellets with Abundant Nutrients

There are only physical changes when the SX flat die pelletizer produces organic fertilizer granules, which only changes the form of fertilizer. In other words, your fertilizer will not suffer a huge drop in the level of nutrients and trace elements after it converts from fertilizer powder to fertilizer granules.

In addition, the fertilizer pellets are usually released slowly, even in the water for a long time, because of their high strength. Thus, they can constantly nourish plants and crops for a long time.

Organic fertilizer granules made by flat die granulator

Small Fertilizer Manufacturers with Small Investments

Fertilizer flat die pellet mill in stock

As we know, it is costly to start fertilizer production. Is there a way to start it with a small amount of investment? Of course, there is! Our fertilizer flat die granulator is able to cut your spending on fertilizer production in 3 ways.

Our flat die fertilizer granulator has a more affordable price than other fertilizer granulating machines do. Accordingly, it costs you a little to buy the necessary machines for your plant.

The design of our flat die granulation line is compact and short, taking up little room. Hence, your spend on the rent of the factory will be less.

The fertilizer granules made by our flat die granulator can be bagged without the process of drying and cooling, so less production time brings quick economic returns.

What Kind of Raw Materials Can be Pressed into Quality Fertilizer Granules by Our Fertilizer Flat Die Pellet Mill?

A wide range of raw materials is available to you when you use our fertilizer flat die pellet mill to make fertilizer granules. Generally speaking, all kinds of manure on animal farms, such as chicken litter, cattle dung, and pig swine, are nutrient materials for fertilizer production. Does it mean that one can use our flat die granulator to turn animal manure into good organic fertilizer granules? Basically, yes, it is, if he does it on the premise that his animal waste is standard. But, what kind of animal manure can be defined as “standard”?

Raw materials for flat die granulating machine
The process of composting animal manure

Composted Animal Waste

No matter what type of granulating machine you use, fresh animal manure can not be granulated into safe fertilizer pellets. That is partially because it has numerous harmful materials, like insect eggs and parasites, but also because its high water content is a negative factor in the success of fertilizer granulation. Hence, you need to compost your animal waste first. During the process of composting, increasing heat will eliminate all bad materials and bring the water content to drop. You can use SX compost turning machines to turn your compost piles, to speed up the composting.

Fine Powder of High Purity

In the process of granulation, rollers and mold extrude each other and generate a huge force. If there is a piece of hard material, such as a little stone, rollers and mold are likely to suffer fundamental damage and then need to be changed. Considering that animal waste usually has other materials, such as broken twigs and undigested grains, that are prone to wear rollers and mold of the flat die granulating machine easily. Hence, you need a rotary screening machine to ensure the purity of animal manure if you want the flat die granulator to work longer for you.

Screening machine in fertilizer production plant

Professional Manfacturers of Flat Die Granulators

As a flat die pellet machine manufacturer, we designed the latest flat die pellet machine used to granulate vast kinds of organic materials, such as animal manure. Of course, there are different models of our flat die pelletizers that you can choose from, including poultry pellet machines and chicken pellet making machines. These electric flat die pellet machines can meet your need for manufacturing high-quality organic fertilizer pellets that economically benefit you. Just fill out the following contact form and contact us now if you want to order our efficient fertilizer flat die pellet mill! Of course, welcome your visit to our flat die pellet machine factory so that you can know more about our products and have a granulation trial.

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