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Organic Fertilizer Granulator for Sale

3 tips teach you how to buy an ideal organic fertilizer granulator for your plant

With the demand for dramatic growth in ecological agriculture, the market for organic fertilizer products heads for the brightness. Have you ever thought about turning your animal waste into profitable organic fertilizer pellets and making money from it? Actually, it is time to take action! But, how to make saleable granular fertilizer? All you need is a high-quality organic fertilizer granulator.

Organic Fertilizer Pellets

What Can an Organic Fertilizer Granulator do?

Organic fertilizer production line design

Organic fertilizer granulator is an indispensable part of a granular fertilizer production line. It is widely used to granulate fertilizer powder into hard pellets. Therefore, your fertilizer products can be stored for a long time without caking. All in all, it is worth spending a lot to buy a high-quality organic fertilizer granulating machine if you want to set up a commercial fertilizer making plant.

However, which one should you purchase? At present, there are a bunch of types of organic fertilizer granulators on the market, overwhelming consumers, particularly those who are novices in fertilizer production. So, how to choose an ideal organic granule machine for your plant? Today, let us tell you what you should do.


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How to Buy an Ideal Ball Shape Organic Fertilizer Granules Making Machine?


Choosing Granulates

on the Basis of the Scale of Your Fertilizer Factory

Here, our 4 organic granular fertilizer making machines fall into 3 categories: small scale, middle scale, and large scale, according to their hourly capacity. You can choose one in accordance with the scale of your fertilizer plant.


· Flat Die Granulator Machine ·

for 1 Ton/Year Production Line

Flat Die Granulating Equipment for Fertilizer Making Plants

For the owners of small fertilizer plants, it is a wise choice to buy an organic fertilizer granulating machine with a small capacity, or the waste on resources and powder will increase. Our flat die granulating machine is an ideal choice for small plant oweners.

Suitable for Small Production Line

Our flat die granulating machine ( the SXPM-400) has the ability to make 1 ton of organic pellets per hour at least. If you want one with a bigger capacity, you can choose the SXPM-600 whose hourly output is twice as large as the SXPM-400’s.

organic fertilizer pellet machine for sale
Portable organic fertilizer granulator in stock

Small and Portable

Moreover, our flat die granulating machine is suitable for small-scale animal farm as well because of its impressive features—small size, high mobility, and portability. It only takes up a small area.

Easy Production

Most importantly, the organic fertilizer pellets it made do not require the process of drying and cooling. Thus, your production line can be short and compact, sparing the need to set up a plant for your production.

The fertiliizer granules made by flat die granulator


· Disc Granulator & New Type Granulator ·

for Middle-Scale Fertilizer Plants

To stably make profits from organic fertilizer production, you need to make sure that the daily output of your factory should be large, or your products may be in short supply. Therefore, you can choose our disc granulator or new type organic granulator for your organic fertilizer plant.

In general, the maximum capacity of our disc granulating machine is about 4-6 tons/hour, while that of new type granulator reaches 8 tons/hour. They are qualified to purvey a large number of organic fertilizer pellets every day, which secures the supply chain.


If you can not make the final choice between them, you can compare their sizes and find one suitable for your plant. Generally, our disc pan has a vertical design, so it takes up less room than our new type granulating machine does.


· Rotary Drum Granulating Machine ·

for Large-Scale Organic fertilizer Making Plants

Some astute businessmen are more likely to invest in a commercial organic fertilizer factory. Thus, our rotary drum granulating machine can meet their need for mass production.

Commercial Rotary Drum Granulating Machine for Fertilizer Production Line
20,000 ton/year rotary drum granulation line design

Among our 4 hot types of organic granulation machines, our rotary drum granulator has the largest output, reaching 30 tons/hour. As a supplier of fertilizer manufacturing solutions, we provide a 20,000 ton/year rotary drum granulation line. And the whole organic fertilizer production line is equipped with highly automatic equipment that makes your production much easier.


Buying Granulating Machines

According to the Granulation Methods You Like

In general, there are 2 granulation methods, namely wet granulation, and dry granulation. They have distinctive features and advantages.

Organic fertilizer production line design

Dry granulation

Do you want a short and compact production line? Then, you should adopt the dry granulation method to produce fertilizer pellets, because the pellets made by dry granulators do not need further processing. Accordingly, you only need a few necessary machines to form a production line. Then, which organic fertilizer pellet machine should you buy?

Dry granulation Machine

Our flat die pellet machine granulates animal manure on the principle of dry granulation. Once the fertilizer powder ( its moisture content should be in the range of 5% to 10% ) is poured into the feeder, our flat die granulator will press them into small hard pellets with its rollers. And the pellets contain an ideal amount of water, so you can bag them after the process of screening.

Last year, we sold an 8 ton/year flat die granulation line to a client from the UK, and the buyer gave high praise for its smooth and stable performance. If you need a customized flat die granulation line, just contact us.

Flat die granulation line for fertilizer production

Wet Granulation

To be honest, a large group of owners of commercial fertilizer production plants prefers wet granulation. Our new type granulation machine, rotary drum granulator, and disc granulator are categorized as wet granulation machines.

Their Dfferent Ways

of Making Organic Fertilizer Granules

In production, your fertilizer powder will be damped by the water sprayers and then, granulated. Of course, there is a difference when wet granulators produce organic fertilizer granules. For example, our disc granulating machine turns fertilizer powder into pellets by centrifugal force as its pan rotates, while our new type granulating machine does it by rotating its drum and churning teeth.

The Working Video of Disc Granulator

The Working Video of Churning Granulator

The organic fertilizer pellets made by the 3 types of wet granulators contain more water, nearly over 20%. Thus, they should be dried before the process of bagging. As a supplier of fertilizer making machines, we provide high-efficient rotary drum drying machines that can reduce the moisture content of your fertilizer pellets to 10%, or even less. In addition, you can connect a dedusting system with our dries to decrease the possibility that dust or powder vitiate the air in your plant.

Auxiliary Equipment

Help You Make High-quality Fertilizer Pellets

Dedusting design of organic fertilizer production line
Dedusting design of fertilizer making plant


Asking for Machine Customization

Do you have special requirements for the production of organic fertilizer granules? For instance, one of our clients once contacted us, expressing his idea of producing 5 mm organic fertilizer pellets in a strip shape. To meet his special needs, we customized the rollers of our flat die granulators for him.

The fertilizer granules made by flat die granulating machine
Small disc granulator machine for sale

At the end of 2021, we specially customized a mini pan granulator ( about 0.5 m in diameter) for a small chicken farm owner. The disc granulating machine has a rather small output, about 30 kg/hour. Of course, we can design one with a larger hourly output if you want. Just contact us and tell us your needs

Why Dose Many Fertilizer Manufacturers Purchase Organic Fertilizer Granulators from Us?

In recent years, we have cooperated with organic fertilizer manufacturers from different countries, including the UK, Canada, India, and Nigeria. At the same time, the sales of our organic fertilizer granulating machine have remained high for 4 years in a row. Do you know why we could gain such an impressive achievement?

We can never be satisfied with what we have.

Innovation and invention are 2 driving forces pushing us to march further. Not only do we want to offer good organic fertilizer granulating machines to our clients, we also invent a better one for them. Therefore, our specialists made relentless efforts to refine and improve our old machines. Up till now, we have held a number of patents for several products, including new type churning granulator.

We only provide high-quality machines

In our large manufacturing plant, our skillful workers use high-tech equipment and cutting-edge technology to produce every part of our organic fertilizer pellet making machines. What’s more, the most vulnerable parts of our organic fertilizer pellet machines, such as the rollers, disc pans, and stirring teeth, are made of high-quality steel, anti-corrosive and durable. Thus, the service life of our machines is longer than other granulators on the market.

We work for the sake of our clients

What we do actually is to achieve every client’s idea of organic fertilizer production. Therefore, we offer various services, such as designing production lines, customizing equipment, and providing fertilizer production solutions. Moreover, we set up a 24/7 technical squad to answer every client’s questions about our machines. We firmly believe, your organic fertilizer production will go well with our help!

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