UK Chicken Manure Fertilizer Plant

In January, there was an e-mail from the UK, inquiring about our chicken manure fertilizer production line with an hourly output of 5 tons. The sender was an owner of a commercial chicken farm with 200,000 chickens. He was trying to find a profitable way to treat his chicken litter.

Initially, the buyer planned to turn the litter into animal feed, but the profits it brought was lower than his expectation. One day, he read an article about the procedure of making chicken manure fertilizer. Then, an idea flitted through his mind that was to start a chicken waste fertilizer business.

The Design of UK Chicken Manure Fertilizer Plant

The Design of UK Chicken Manure Fertilizer Plant

Our Considerate Service

We designed a UK chicken manure fertilizer plant for him. Considering that the client was a beginner, we expatiated on each process of manufacturing chicken manure fertilizer. During that, he paid all his concentration to hearken. In our conservation, our client asked questions about many things, such as fertilizer making process, our machines and after service. And we patiently answered him.


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The Procedure of Making Chicken Manure Fertilizer

  • Dewatering

Frankly, it is requisite to dehydrate animal waste, particularly chicken litter, if organic fertilizer makers want to speed up the process of composting. so dewatering machine is necessary for his production line.

Chicken Manure Dwatering Machine

Q & A

Q1: The moisture content of my fresh chicken manure is over 74%. Thus, can I use your dewatering machine to treat the manure?

Of course!, Sir! Actually, our dehydrating machine can dewater fresh animal manure whose water content is above 50%.

Q2: What is the moisture after dehydration?

” It is about 30%-40%. That is an ideal water content for composting. “

Q3: What is the material of the machine? Is it anti-corrosive?

It is 304 stainless steel. That is a kind of fine steel with outstanding features, such as corrosion resistance and heat resistance.

Anti-corrosive Frame and Parts of Dewatering Machine

The Inner of Dewatering Machine

Q4: What are the components of your dewatering machine?

The Design of Fertilizer Dewatering Machine

Dewatering Machine Design

Our dewatering machine consists of an electric control cabinet, a mixer, a pump for feeding raw materials, and tubes.

  • Composting

At first, we introduced 2 composting methods, namely windrow type composting and groove type composting, to our client. However, he found the process of composting was burdensome. Therefore, he wanted a smart compost machine. The machine should automatically manage the whole process of composting for him and further accelerate the fermentation of chicken litter if possible, as he demanded. Then, we introduced our vertical fermentation vessel to him.

Vertical Fermentation Can for Fertilizer Production

Q & A

Q1: Do I need to add something else to facilitate fermentation?

 Fermentation Bacteria

Fermentation Bacteria

Yes, you do. You can add some fermentation bacteria. And the proportion between them and your raw material is 1:100.

Q2: How long can I get fermented manure?

It is over half a month, if you use our chicken manure fermentation vessel.

Q3: How does the fermentation vessel control the temperature, oxygen and humidity?


The Temperature of Compost Pile

The sensor will real-timely monitor the change of temperature and act accordingly. For example, when the temperature is too low, it will start the electric blanket (embedded in the two-layer tank wall) to maintain the best living temperature (60-70℃) for beneficial bacteria. Besides, the upper side of the fermentation tank has a heating device. It will heat the oxygen that is pressured into the tank to make sure the fermentation tank has a suitable temperature.

The Roots blower will press heated oxygen into the tank by high pressure when the oxygen sensor monitors low oxygen concentration.



It is controlled by a sensor as well. After fermentation, the water content of your chicken manure will be reduced largely, from 60% to 30%. The purchase of a water separator is unnecessary if you use our fermentation vessel to treat your fresh chicken manure.

  • Crushing

Before the process of making fertilizer pellets, the raw materials should be small powder. Thus, fermented chicken manure should be crushed thoroughly. The buyer was quite interested in our vertical crushing machine and asked some questions about it.

Vertical Crusher for Fertilizer Production Line

Q & A

Q1: What is its capacity? Is it suitable for my plant?

SXFLF-800 Vertical Crushing Machine

Its daily output varies from 3 tons to 15 tons, according to different models. In your plant, the SXFLF-800 is a good choice.

Q2: What is the size of my composted chicken manure after crushing?

The size is less than 3 mm.

Q3: Do I need to feed raw materials manually?

Forklift in Stock

The whole production line can be highly automatic if you want. However, you need a worker who drives a forklift to send raw materials into the feeding machine.

Q4: You know, chicken manure is prone to corroding steel. So, what is the material of the blades? Is it durable?

The material is spring steels. And its service life is much longer than common steel.

  • Screening

Rotary Drum Screening Machine for Fertilizer Making Factories

Our client initially was a little confused, asking why he needed to screen his compost. We explained that screening was an important step determining the purity of his fertilizer pellets. If not being screening, his compost piles may have something useless, such as undigested grains, little rocks and chicken feathers.

Q & A

Q1: Will it generate dust in operation?

The Casing of Rotary Screening Machine in Fertilizer Production

The Casing

No, it won’t. We can provide you with a casing to cover the rotary screener. Hence, dust won’t permeate in your plant.

Q2: Then, how about its noise?

There is no harsh noise when our rotary screener runs in good condition. If there is, please stop the machine and lubricate it. We will send a maintenance book to your e-mail after you pay the deposit.

  • Granulating

The buyer once visited several local granular fertilizer plants and compared the fertilizer products made by different granulators. The fertilizer pellets produced by the pan granulator won his favor. Thus, he urged us to tell him more about our disc granulator.

Disc Granulator for Making Fertilizer

Q & A

Q1: Can I adjust the size of fertilizer pellets if I use your pan granulator?

Of course! There are 2 ways to regulate the size of your fertilizer granules.


You can adjust the water spray system to change the size of fertilizer granules. Much water, bigger size and vice versa.

The Water Sprayers of Pan Granulator
The Adjustment of Disc Granulator's Angle


You can regulate the angle of the pan. If you want fertilizer pellets in a bigger size, just adjust the pan to a gentle angle.

Q2: What is its granulation rate?

Q3: What’s the pellet strength?

In general, it is over 93%.

It is about 20-25 N.

Q4: What is the water content of final fertilizer pellets made by it?

Usually, it exceeds 20%. So, you need a dryer to reduce it to an ideal amount before bagging.

Q4: How long will it take to turn raw materials into fertilizer pellets?

Commonly, it is about 5-8 minutes.

  • Drying and cooling

The customer had a demanding standard for the dust emission of his fertilizer production line. Hence, the process of drying and cooling, as a step generating a large amount of dust, attached great importance to him. Then, the client asked us to specify our dedusting systems.

There are 3 types of dedusting machines, namely water curtain dust collector, cyclone dust collector and bag filter dust collector. We advised him to use our water curtain dust collector. It has good ability to reduce the dust emission to an ideal amount, lower than that requested by British environmental regulations.

  • Re-granulating unqualified fertilizer pellets

Fertilizer Granules Grinder for sale

We offered him a rotary screener and chain crusher to treat unqualified fertilizer pellets.

Q & A

Q1: Why do I need 2 crushers? Can I use the vertical crushing machine to grind unqualified fertilizer pellets?

You see, there are 2 crushers, one for crushing compost, and the other for grinding fertilizer pellets. And each process occurs simultaneously. Therefore, you must wait for the vertical crusher to grind all your compost, or stop it immediately, to let it dispose of your unqualified fertilizer pellet. It is a wise choice to use 2 crushing machines to treat your raw materials and unqualified fertilizer pellets separately.

Questions About Our Services

Q1: How long is the service life of your equipment?

Q2: How long will it take to receive this shipment in the UK?

Generally, it is about 20 years (except wearing parts). If you pay the deposit this week, we will give you a one-year warranty for free.

At least over a month. When the ship sets sail, we will offer you the tracking number, so you can know the location of your machines.

Q3: Are you a trading company or manufacturer?

We are a manufacturer with a history of 30 years. In China, we have a large-scale factory in which we produce every fertilizer making machine wholeheartedly.

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