Why Does Fertilizer Conveying Equipment Have the Ability to Streamline Your Production Line?

On the fertilizer production line, every basic machine, such as the fertilizer crusher equipment, compound fertilizer mixer, fertilizer granulation machine and dryer, is an individual part without connection. Hence, you need fertilizer conveying equipment to connect every machine to form a automatic production line.

The Conveyor ion Fertilizer Production Line

Primitive tools, such as trolleys, are widely used to connect every part of the fertilizer production line. Without doubt, the production is labour-intensive and time-consuming.

For large plants, however, it is quite unrealistic to use those devices that depend on a large workforce. Hence, you need a efficient system to realize the mass production in your plant.


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Conveying System in Fertilizer Production Plant

In general, every fertilizer production plant needs a piece of conveying equipment with high efficiency and easy operation, because it can connect these parts together. Consequently, fertilizer conveying equipment ensures the smooth performance and high automation of your fertilizer production line.

In recent years,

Shunxin Machinery Company has increased its investment in the cultivation of intellectuals and the advancement of high technology. Since our establishment, we have experienced a long span of researching and studying with painstaking efforts.

And now, we designed 3 types of fertilizer belt conveyors for sale, namely screw conveyor, bucket elevator and mobile belt conveyor.

Belt Conveying Machine for Fertilizer Making Plants
Bucket Elevator on Fertilizer Production Line
Screw Conveyor in Fertilizer Making Plants
  • Smooth Operation

  • Good Performance

  • Easy Maintenance

Generally speaking, these machines are highly regarded for their good performance, easy maintenance and smooth operation in overseas markets as we expected. If you are looking for a prime conveyor for your fertilizer production plant, please contact us!

3 Conveying Systems For Your Fertilizer Production Line


· Screw Conveyor ·

In fact, Screw Conveyor is a machine for conveying materials automatically. It has a wide application in different industries, including the fertilizer industry, mining industry and transportation industry, because it have outstanding features of easy operation and maintenance.

With it, you can streamline your NPK fertilizer production line to realize its automation and mechanization. Thus, you will make a huge profit from the increasing output of it.

What Materials Can Be Conveyed by Our Inclined Screw Conveyor?

Thanks to its wide application, our inclined screw conveyor is able to smoothly convey different light materials.

  • The fertilizer industry: fertilizer, animal manure and chemical materials
  • The construction industry: sand, rubble, clay and lime

  • The agricultural industry: forage, seeds and corns.

  • The food industry: grains, flour, and milk powder.

How Does Our Screw Conveying Equipment Convey the Materials?

Structurally, our screw conveyor consists of 7 parts: namely gearbox, motor, hopper, cover plate, screw trough, discharge and trolley. It is able to carry materials horizontally, vertically and obliquely for a short distance.

The Inner Design of Screw Conveying System

The Inner Design

The Feeder

The Feeder of Screw Conveyor

When you put the materials via hopper, the rotating bland will carry them up spirally. And then, they will be discharged from the outlet. All in all, the whole process performs automatically without a hitch.

Why Does So Many Buyers Choose Our Inclined Screw Conveyor?

The Conveying Device inside the Screw Conveying Machine

Longer Service Life

The blade is a core part of inclined screw conveyor. Usually, it is usually prone to be worn out by friction. Accordingly, that brings an adverse influence on the efficiency of the conveyor. Now, we use new alloys and steel, anti-corrosive and wearproof, to make the blade. Thus, the service life of our screw conveyor is prolonged.

The Inside of Screw Conveying Machine

No Dust Pollution

In fact, the whole process of conveying raw materials occurs in the rotary drum, greatly preventing the odor and dust from permeating in your fertilizer making factory. Therefore, you will have a clean and pleasant work environment.

Small Size

With a compact structure, our screw conveying equipment only covers a small area. Besides, its inclination is adjustable. Therefore, it is able to meet all your special needs and run in large-scale or small-scale fertilizer factories perfectly.

What’ More

  • Stable Operation

  • High Efficiency

  • Good Adaptability

With the tendency of production automation, our screw conveyor appeals to an increasing number of buyers for its stable operation, long service life and good adaptability. If you want to cut the cost of employment and, at the same time, improve the efficiency of your production line, our screw conveyor is your best choice!

Fertilizer Screw Conveyor in Stock

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· Bucket Elevator ·

Bucket Elevator, just like the screw conveyor, is a machine used to convey materials consecutively. Commonly, it is applied in many factories to convey a wide range of materials, particularly fertilizer in pellet or powder.

In comparison with screw conveyor, bucket conveyor system carries the materials to move vertically, but its conveying speed is even higher. Accordingly, the efficiency of your organic fertilizer production will have a spike when you choose it as the main conveying equipment on your compound fertilizer production line.

How Does Bucket Elevator Convey Materials Stably and Quickly?

(1)First, the materials are poured into the machine automatically via the inlet. Then, they are carried by buckets moving vertically with the chain.

(2)Second, buckets move past the top wheel at the top. Next, they pour out materials from the outlet because of the gravity.

(3)Third, empty buckets move down with the chain. Again, they are filled with materials at the inlet and carry them upwards.

Bucket Conveyor in Stock

Why Should You Choose Bucket Elevator?

Bucket Elevator for Fertilizer Production Line

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· Mobile Belt Conveyor ·

Commonly, the Mobile Belt Conveyor is widely used as a convoying system connecting the whole organic fertilizer production line.

On organic fertilizer production line, it can bring raw materials moving horizontally or obliquely stably. Because of its rubber belt, anti-corrosive and heat-resistant, mobile belt conveying equipment is an ideal choice for most organic fertilizer makers.

The Detail of Belt Conveying System

The Design of Moving Device
The Roller of Belt Conveying Machine
The Tyres of Belt Conveying Machine
The Belt of Belt Conveying Machine
The Belt of Conveying System
The Frame of Bely Conveyor

What Are the Advantages of Our Mobile Belt Conveying System?

  • Good Flexibility

A sharp contrast between it and the other two conveying machines is that the former, equipped with two wheels. As a result, it is easy to move. All in all, its flexibility is greatly improved.

Customer Review
Customer Review
  • High Adjustability

In general, the length, width and inclination of our mobile belt conveying equipment are all adjustable in order to meet your special requirements.

  • Vast Utility

Actually, you are able to connect our mobile belt conveying machine with other main fertilizer manufacturing machines. Thus, you can further streamline your fertilizer production line without effort.

Customer Review
Customer Review
  • Perfect Adaptability

Our mobile belt conveyor has the ability to run smoothly indoors or outdoors. At the same time, the harsh environment has little influence on it.

Mobile Belt Conveyor for Fertilizer Making Plant

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How Much Does Our Fertilizer Conveying Machine Cost?

Generally speaking, the price varies with the types and models. If you have any interest in our fertilizer conveying equipment, please feel free to contact us. We will give you more information about the price, or the best discount as you wish.

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