What Do You Need to Establish a Granular Organic Fertilizer Production Line?

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Commonly, the granular fertilizer production line is as same as powder fertilizer production line. Usually, it is equipped with a vertical crusher, rotary screener, batching system, mixer, auto bagging machine and conveying equipment. However, it needs a special machine to turn raw material into pellets, which is widely called fertilizer granule machine.

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The Pictures of Granular Fertilizer Production Lines

Frankly Speaking, we are a large Chinese supplier of pellet fertilizer making equipment in the world. Today, we have assiduously designed 4 fertilizer granule machines with diverse features for you after a long period of research. They are new type rotary drum granulator, double roller press granulator, disc pelletizing system and flat die fertilizer granulator.

New Type Rotary Drum Granulator

New Type Rotary Drum Granulator

Disc Granulating Equipment

Disc Pelletizing System
Double Roller Press Granulator

Double Roller Press Granulator

Flat Die Fertilizer Granulator

Flat Die Fertilizer Granulator

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There is a group of intellectuals and professional engineers in our Chinese factory. During the production, they scrupulously control every process in order to manufacture high-quality fertilizer granule machines.

If you are intent to buy a good organic fertilizer pellet machine at the best price, we should be your top choice.

The Production of Machines in Our Plant

Methods to Make Granular Fertilizer

In general, there are 2 different ways in the process of making granular fertilizer. One is Dry Granulation and the other is Wet Granulation. Frankly, both methods require different granulation machines and standards of raw materials.

– Dry Granulation –

Double Roller Extrusion Granulator
Flat Die Granulating Machine

In principle of dry granulation, your raw materials are able to be pressed into pellets straight by dry granulation equipment. And then, pellets are conveyed to the auto bagging machine.

Hence, your pellet fertilizer production line is quite simple and short, requiring fewer essential machines.

Are you the owner of a small fertilizer factory? Do you want to produce granular fertilizer with low investment?

Just take flat die pellet machine and double roller pressing granulator into consideration first!

– Wet Granulation –

Rotary Drum Churning Machine Making Fertilizer Pellets

During the process of wet granulation, disc pelletizer and rotary churning pelletizer are indispensable.

In the process of making animal manure fertilizer, the raw materials are sent to one of these machines to be damped by water and then granulated.

Disc Granulator

The Details of These 2 Granulating Machines

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If you have any willingness to adopt this method, your granular fertilizer production line should be furnished with other accessory equipment, such as the dryer, cooler, dust collector and coating system. Thus, your organic fertilizer will be unbeatable in the market for its good quality and beautiful shape.

In fact, maybe you need to invest a large sum in building such a fertilizer production line, but the profit it brings to you is increasingly tremendous.

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How to Make Animal Manure Into Fertilizer Pellets by Our Fertilizer Granule Machine?

In order to treat different raw materials more efficiently, you need to choose an ideal pelleting machine for your animal manure fertilizer production line.

The Chicken Manure Granular Pellets Process

In general, chicken manure is sufficient in 3 fundamental elements of organic fertilizer: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium. And these elements are excellent nutrients for soil and plants. Besides, a small chicken farm produce a huge amount of manure per day, so chicken manure is a kind of cheap raw material to make organic fertilizer.

  • Nitrogen:    1.63%

  • Potassium: 0.85%

  • Phosphorus: 1.54%

After the process of composting and dewatering, chicken manure is sent to the crusher and then the batching system. If needed, it can be added to other nutrient substances.

Generally, most people tend to use flat die granulator to granulate mixed chicken manure in the principle of dry granulation. Because of its small and movable features, flat die pelletizer is easy to operate and maintain for the owner of a chicken farm who has little experience in fertilizer production.

Provided you have a chicken plant, or a chicken manure pelletizing project, chicken manure flat die granulator is your best choice. Moreover, we provide small chicken manure pelletizer for sale. If you need one, welcome you to contact us to know more about it.

Granulating Machine for Chicken Waste Fertilizer

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What Fertilizer Granule Machine Should You Use to Turn Cow Dung Into Pellets?

Cow dung is a superb renewable resource with an abundance of organic materials. Most importantly, it is able to improve the fecundity of soil and the living environment for microorganisms in the soil. If you make cow dung into organic fertilizer on your farm, you will further form a new industrial chain and make a huge profit from it by low investment.

  • Nitrogen: 0.45%

  • Potassium: 0.25%

  • Phosphorus: 0.15%

Because of their needs for huge production, the owners of industrial cattle farms tend to buy a cow manure fertilizer pellet machine with a large capacity to realize mass production. So, if you have the same demand, we highly recommend our rotary drum granulator for cattle manure to you.

50,000 Tons/Year Rotary Drum Granulatior Line

Our cow dung fertilizer granule machine adopts the method of wet granulation or steam granulation, and makes damp cattle dung into pellets by the rotation of the drum. Moreover, it has a high capacity, nearly reaching 15-30 tons per hour. If you want to buy a granulator to meet your needs of mass production, rotary pelletizing machine is your best choice!

Also, a high-efficient dewatering machine is needed in your cow manure fertilizer pellet factory because of the high water content in cow dung.

Granulating Machine for Cow Manure Fertilizer

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To Make Granular Cat Litter, Which Fertilizer Granule Machine Should You Choose?

As the group of people who feed cats gradually grows, the demand for cat litter is reaching a historical high now. Hence, the market for cat litter is fairly potential. If you are about to establish a production line for cat litter, disc pelletizing machine is preferable. Now, we offer high-quality disc granulators at the best price for you.

With a disc pan granulator, the process of making cat litter could be easier and faster. Besides, the granulating rate of our pan granulator is over 93%, bringing a hike in the efficiency and output of your cat litter production. What’s more, the cat litter made by pan type granulator is uneasy to be broken into pieces in utilization. Certainly, that greatly simplifies the troublesome process of cleaning for customers.

Today, our disc pelletizer for cat litter is highly regarded in overseas markets, notably in Malaysia and India. We sincerely invite you to consult with us if you have any interest in our cat litter granulator.


Granulating Machine for Cat Litter

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How Can You Make a Huge Profit From Animal Manure?

Organic Fertilizer Production Line for Making Goat Manure Fertilizer Pellets

In recent years, the fertilizer industry has been increasingly promising in several countries and regions. With such a bright future and lucrative market, it appeals to a large group of people to establish their own fertilizer production line and make money from it.

Are you a farm owner with an abundance of animal manure that needs to be treated every day? Are you a merchant who wants to seize the opportunity to make a buck and gain fame in the fertilizer industry?

A Whole Chicken Manure Fertilizer Production Line in Myanmar

If you are, the establishment of an auto pellet fertilizer production line with our fertilizer granule machines is highly recommended for you.

However, why should you make granualar fertilizer?

In general, there are 3 kinds of organic fertilizer in the markets, namely granular fertilizer, powder fertilizer and liquid fertilizer.

Swine Manure Fertilizer Pellets
Animal Manure Fertilizer Pellets
Chicken Manure Fertilizer Pellets

Considering the market, granular is one of the best selling fertilizers due to its cheapness. In addition, it can sustain the growth of plant roots with a lot of nutrition for a long time. If you intent to make organic fertilizer by yourself and want to make profits from it as much as possible, the production of granular fertilizer is a great choice for you!

How to Buy an Ideal Fertilizer Granule Machine for Your Plant?

As a reliable fertilizer pellet machine manufacturer, we are in adherence with the pursuit of customer first. In other words, we will do everything as much as we can to help you choose a good fertilizer granule machine which meets your requirements.

However, we expect you to tell us the following information first.

The size and shape of the granular organic fertilizer.

The raw materials you want to make into granular fertilizer.

Other materials, such as your pellet fertilizer factory plant.

The largest amount of your budget or capital

According to these, we will recommend the best type of fertilizer granule machine to meet your needs.

If you have any problems with our equipment, please feel free to contact us!

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