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Purchase Tips for NPK Granulators

Teach you how to buy an ideal NPK granulator for your plant

What is the requisite for NPK granular fertilizer production?

Of course, it should be a high-efficient NPK granulator. After all, it is the NPK pellet machinery that turns your raw materials into good fertilizer granules. In other words, it is an indispensable machine for your NPK granulation production line. Since it is of great importance to NPK fertilizer production, you need to spend some time thinking about which NPK fertilizer granulating machine you should buy.

With the advance of technology, there are various types and models of NPK pellet machines on the market. But, how can you choose an ideal one that is suitable for your NPK granulation plant? Today, let us give you some tips!


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Be Prudent about the Price of the Machines to Produce NPK Granules

Commonly, a product indicates its value by the price. In other words, the more expensive a NPK granulator is, the more economical profits it can bring you.

If some supplier sells their NPK granulators at an alluring price which is absurdly lower than other machines of the same model, your caution should be exercised. As we know, some companies sell NPK pellet machines of the same type as ours. However, their products are mostly made of normal, or even worse, mediocre alloys and steel. If you buy them for your factory, you will probably spend a great sum of money on maintaining and repairing them due to their high malfunction rate.

High Price Comes with Good Quality

Some clients once complained about the price of our NPK granulators. To be honest, our NPK pellet making machines are made of special stainless steel that has excellent features, such as anti-corrosion and high-temperature resistance. Thus, they can consecutively produce good fertilizer pellets without breakdowns.

All in all, please do not stint on the money when you purchase an NPK granulator for your factory.

Choose the Right Model of NPK Granulating Equipment

The price matters, but that does not mean that you should buy the most expensive one. For example, our commercial rotary drum granulating machine, whose price is much higher than other NPK granules making machines, is totally a waste of money and recourse if you buy it for your small-scale factory. Thus, you should choose NPK pellet machines on the basis of the scale of your plant, the productivity of your production line, and the types of granulation methods.

As a NPK granular fertilizer machinery manufacturer, we provide 3 hot types of NPK granulators with different features and advantages.

Commercial fertilizer making plant


· Disk Pelletizer ·

A perfect choice for the owners of small-scale or middle-scale NPK granulation plants

Disc granulating machine for NPK fertilizer

Disk pelletizer is widely used in NPK fertilizer granules production. Its hourly capacity ranges from 0.02 t/h to 6 t/h. If you are looking for a NPK granulator for your small plant whose annual output is about 10,000 tons, our disc granulator should be your top choice.

For the owners of NPK granules plant on a middle scale, they can equip their NPK granulation line with more than 2 disk granulator machines. For instance, you can buy 4 pan granulators of the SXYZ-3600 to form a 20,000 tons/year disc granulation line for your NPK plant.

Disc granulation line design


· Rotary Drum Granulating Machine ·

A good helper for large-scale NPK granules production

rotary drum granulating machine for NPK fertilizer

In commercial NPK fertilizer plants, a granulating machine with a large capacity is a means of boosting production efficiency. Our rotary granulator has a large hourly capacity, nearly 30 tons/hour at most. Within 5-8 minutes, it can produce tons of good NPK granules.

Our rotary granulating machine, the same as disc pelletizer, works on the principle of wet granulation. Hence, you need our rotary drying machine and rotary cooling machine to process the NPK fertilizer pellets it makes before the process of bagging.

Rotary drum drying machine in fertilizer making plant
Conveying system for NPK fertilizer production

It may sound a little complex to make NPK granules with our rotary drum granulating machine. Actually, you can purchase a whole NPK granular fertilizer production line that every machine is connected with conveying systems. Therefore, the production of NPK granular fertilizer is consecutive and automatic.


· Double Roller Extrusion Granulator ·

The hottest one for NPK granular fertilizer production

In comparison with the 2 granulators above, our double roller granulating machine is top-selling. And the reasons lie in the following.

Double roller extrusion granulating machine for NPK fertilizer
Double roller extrusion granulator in NPK fertilizer plant


Our double roller granulator is designed for manufacturing NPK fertilizer granules, and thus, it performs better in production.


Our roller press granulator works on the principle of dry granulation. That is to say, your NPK fertilizer granules require no further processing. Therefore, the time of your production becomes shorter, which sharpens your competitive edge.

Double roller extrusion granulation line for NPK fertilizer
Fertilizer pellets made by double roller extrusion granulator


our NPK press pellet machine has the ability to produce fertilizer pellets in different shapes. In other words, it makes not only normal NPK pellets, such as 2 mm oblate granules, but also fertilizer pellets in a walnut shape or a stick shape. All in all, our fertilizer extrusion pelletizer is your top choice if you have some special requirements for the size and shape of your NPK fertilizer granules.

If you have no idea which one is ideal for your NPK fertilizer plant, just contact us, and we will recommend a perfect NPK fertilizer granulation machine that meets all your requirements!

Find a Reliable Manufacturer of NPK Granular Fertilizer Machinery

The cost of purchasing necessary machines for your NPK making plant is a great sum of money, so you need to find a trustworthy manufacturer. But, what kind of supplier can you put your trust in?

You can find a lot of information about his company on Google.

His transaction rate is high and the average review of his products and service is at least 4 stars.

He won’t fudge on the answer to your question about his products.

He has a plant for manufacturing NPK granulating machines, and it would be better if you could have a visit to it.

We Can Offer High-Quality NPK Granulator to Improve the Efficiency of Your Factory

As a certified supplier of NPK granular fertilizer machinery, we deserve your trust! With a history of over a decade, we have helped thousands of people to start their NPK fertilizer production. Up till now, our NPK granulators have been exported to various countries, such as India, the UK, and Canada. In the international markets, we win impressive praise from our customers because of the high quality of our products and services.


We have a large-scale factory where skillful workers use high-technology machines to produce every part of the equipment for NPK granulation. Besides, we are rigorous about quality control. Thus, our workers will constantly check the fertilizer granulators in our warehouse to make sure that they are in good condition.


We make our maximum effort to meet every buyer’s needs. Therefore, we provide a series of services, including production line design, plant solutions, and machine installation and adjustment.


The price of our NPK granulating machine is not the lowest, but it is the best that we can offer. Most importantly, you can enjoy discounts on holidays, such as Black Friday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.


We welcome your factory tour, because we can show you more about our NPK granulating machine during your visit. Now, contact us!

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