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Organic Fertilizer Polishing Machine, or fertilizer granule polisher, is one of the essential accessory machines. It is utilized to polish your organic fertilizer granules in a uniform size and make them more beautiful and attractive.

Connected with fertilizer granulators, our polishing equipment is able to uniform the size of each fertilizer pellet and beautify their appearance automatically. Hence, the quality of your fertilizer products tends to be boosted strikingly in the market, let alone the sale.

In fact, animal waste is commonly made into organic fertilizer by most granulating machines. However, the pellets usually differ in size and appearance after granulation. What’s worse, they are too easy too crumble into powder in the course of transit. That certainly will cause a spate of complaints from customers. Thus, the sale of it is hard to have any increase.

In order to solve this problem for every organic fertilizer manufacturer, Shunxin Machinery Company designs a new type of polishing machine for organic fertilizer.

The Comparison Between Fertilizer Pellets and Polished Fertilizer Granules

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How Does Our Polishing Machine Polish Your Organic Fertilizer Pellets?

Fertilizer Polisher, consisting of two polishing cylinders, receives fertilizer pellets from the top. When you turn it on, its groove starts to rotate at a high speed. By the centrifugal force of its rotation, the pellets are polished in a perfectly round shape. And they will be sent to the next polishing cylinder to be polished further, if you need.

Why to Choose Our Organic Fertilizer Ball Polishing Machine?

Polishing Machine in Indonesian Fertilizer Production Line

Reducing Your Production Costs:

Actually, the energy consumption of our polishing machine is rather low. In addition, the capacity of it is higher than other polishers in the markets, reaching 5-8 tons per hour. Thus, you are able to gain more profits by lower investment on the organic production line.

High Ball Rate:

Thanks to the special structure and design of our fertilizer polishing equipment, the rate of forming balls is rather high, over 98%. Moreover, you can connect it with two or more fertilizer granulators in the same time. Thus, one fertilizer polisher can meet your needs in large-scale granular fertilizer production..

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Small Size:

Our fertilizer polisher is small and movable. Therefore, you are able to connect it with different granulators to optimize the structure of your organic fertilizer production line.

Our Organic Fertilizer Polishing Machine Is Your Top Choice

Our polishing machine has various outstanding features, such as high efficiency and low malfunction rate. In summary, it is an ideal accessory machine on your organic fertilizer pellets production line.

In general, it performs well in polishing your organic fertilizer into the same size and smoothing their surface. With its help, your beautiful and high-quality fertilizer will make you stand out in the fierce market.

Polishing Machinr for Making Attractive Fertilizer Granules

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