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As a compost turner manufacturer, we design disparate types of compost turning machines for every buyer. When you want a customized turning machine to realize commercial composting, no matter small or large, we can make you fully satisfied.


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· Self Propelled Compost Turner for Sale·

Now, we have 2 kinds of self propelled compost turners for you!

Moving Type Compost Turner

Windrow Compost Turner


  • A driver’s cab

In fact, it is an essential part of both self-propelled compost turners. With one driver, it is flexible enough to move outdoors and indoors and accommodate different working environments.

  • Good mobility

In design, our two self propelled type compost turners are highly movable, so they perform flexibly in turning compost piles.

  • A Good Choice for Small Farm Owners

In small-scale farm where you need to compost stock manure or chicken litter, you should buy our self propelled compost turners for because of small size.

Self Propelled Compost Turners for Your Fertilizer Plant

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· Groove Type Compost Turner for Sale ·

In general, Groove Type Compost Turner requires a groove for composting your animal manure or other material to work smoothly. Structurally, it adopts an auto system, which enables it to move forwards and backwards as well as turn compost automatically.

Franking, it has a wide application in composting a diversity of materials, such as animal manure, straw sawdust and other organic matters. All in all, our groove type compost turner is able to meet all your special needs.

Groove Type Compost Turner at a Discount!

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· Industrial Compost Turners for Sale ·

Wheel Type Compost Turning Equipment
Chain Plate Type Compost Turner for Commercial Composting

In commercial or industrial compost making plants or organic fertilizer manufacturing factories, there are tons of raw materials, including chicken litter, cattle dung, and other animal manure, waiting to be composted daily.

In order to meet such a demand for large capacity, our wheel type compost turner and chain plate type compost turner are highly recommended.

The Working Pictures of Industrial Composting Machines


In scale, they belong to the category of large-scale compost turner whose turning depth and span are incomparable.

As same as groove type composter, a groove is a prerequisite for their smooth operation. However, it should be larger and deeper than that required by groove type composting equipment, so as to allow you to compost more materials at a time.

Coupled with other accessory machines, such as dewatering equipment, drum screener and horizontal mixer, they are able to help achieve the automation of composting and form a complete industrial compost production line.

If you are willing to compost commercially, our industrial compost turners have the ability to meed your demand for large scale composting in a cost-effective way.

Industrial Compost Turners for Sale

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· Vertical Fermenting Tank ·

Do you you want to buy a fermentation machine which can compost fast? If you do, our fermenting tank definitely is your top choice!

We, as a Chinese fermentation tank supplier, provide it with variable volume in accordance with your special needs.

Why Do You Need Our Fermentation Tank

In comparison with the composting tuners mentioned above, vertical fermenting tank actually has an apparent distinction: the process of composting occurs in a tightly sealed container, which can restrain the permeation of stick smell from your compost.

The Sealed Design of Fermentation Tank
Fermentation Tank Discharging Composted Materials

When you use our in-vessel composting machine to treat your compost, the speed of its decomposition will be highly increased. Structurally, it is controlled by a smart computer which makes the temperature and oxygen content of your compost adjustable. After a few weeks, you can get your well composted materials and then, make them into qualified fertilizer.


Fermentation Machine for Fertilizer Production

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Why Do Many Fertilizer Makers Buy Compost Turner?

The Importance of Composting for Fertilizer Production

Groove Type Composting

In general, the process of composting is significant when you produce good fertilizer products. During the process of composting, harmful materials are killed as the temperature rises. Meanwhile, some good organisms rapidly reproduce in it at the same time, increasing the fecundity of manure.

Hence, to produce qualified manure fertilizer, the process of composting is widely generalized even in remote regions.

At one time, people fertilized the soil and plants with fresh animal manure, such as chicken waste, cow dung and pig manure, without any processing. However, fresh manure, carrying a plenty of pernicious materials, such as parasites and germs, has an adverse effect on the plants and soil. Undoubtedly, it will pollute the water, soil and even air, severely putting a threat to our health.

 Two Ways of Composting

In general, there are 2 methods of composting, namely aerobic composting and anaerobic composting.

If you have an idea of composting on a large scale and establishing your own commercial organic fertilizer manufacturing plant, the former is preferable because of its good ability to kill harmful germs and cultivate the good in your compost in a shorter time.

According to our research, the fertilizer made by the compost in an aerobic condition can sustain the growth of plants and crops for a longer time and, meanwhile, greatly improve the soil.

 How to Compost in an Aerobic Condition?

In fact, there are strict standards for temperature and oxygen content to create an aerobic environment for your compost. Thus, you need to turn your compost frequently to reduce its temperature to under 65℃ and improve its air content.

  • Temperature<65℃

  • Oxygen Content: 5%-15%

When you adopt the traditional way to turn, for example, using a rake, it is fairly time-consuming and laboursome. Apparently, that is quite unrealistic for commercially composting. Therefore, a highly efficient compost turning machine is a good helper to create an aerobic condition for your compost.

With a mechanical design, our compost turning machines are able to automatically turn your compost quickly and easily. Therefore, the rise in the temperature of your compost will be hurtled under 65℃.

The Working Pictures of Composting Machines

In doing so, a good environment is created for the cultivation of salutary organisms. Meanwhile, the decomposition of your compost is quickened sharply. All in all, a quick and efficient process of composting is possible for you when you use an effective composter.

What Materials Could Be Composted by Our Compost Turners?

In general, our compost turners are able to deal with a wide range of organic materials. For example, you can use them to treat poultry manure, chicken litter, cow dung, horse manure and pig manure.

After composting, piles of animal waste in your farm will be made into a kind of valuable material which brings you substantial profits.

Please, contact us first and tell us which materials you want to use to make compost. Accordingly, we will be able to recommend a suitable compost turner for you!

The Price of Our Compost Turner Machine

Frankly speaking, the costs of crawler type compost turner and fermentation tank are relatively higher than others, while that of moving type compost turner is the lowest.

If you have an interest in any of our turners, please do not scruple to contact us! We will give you a favorable quotation as soon as possible.

As a Supplier of Compost Turners, We Have 3 Advantages

In Quality

To be honest, we promise that all the parts and components we use are premium and every process of manufacturing is under strict regulation. According to the feedback from our buyers, our compost turners are able to run for a long time with less malfunction or breakdown.

In Price

In fact, there are no middlemen between you and us. Therefore, we will sincerely give you the lowest price of our high-quality compost turning machines. In addition, we will sporadically hold some promotions during the holidays. Now, you are invited to contact us for more information.

In Service

In order to know more about our machine, we will provide you with:

  • The parameters of our compost turners.

  • The working videos of our compost machines.

  • The drawings of the design of our composting equipment.

  • A professional squad to solve all your problems about our products.

  • The compost tutorial book to tell you how to compost quicker and better.

We genuinely wait for you to consult with us!

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