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Roller Press Granulator for Sale

A good helper for compound fertilizer production in dry granulation plant

Do you know which granulating machine is widely used in compound fertilizer production? Disk granulating machine, or rotary drum granulator? No, it is our roller press granulator

Roller press granulator for sale

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Our double roller press granulator is designed for making compound fertilizer granules, but that is not the main reason why it attracts a vast group of compound fertilizer makers. In fact, it is its outstanding feature of making fertilizer production easier that stimulates customers to place orders. Then, how easy and simple will your compound fertilizer production be when you use our roller press pelletizer? Will that economically benefit you? You will find the answers in the following content.


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Why Can Our Roller Press Granulator Make it Easier For Compound Fertilizer Granules Production?

Its Ability to Process Various Types of Compound Fertilizer

In compound fertilizer plants, manufacturers tend to produce different types of fertilizer products to diversify and scale up their production. Do they need to purchase a granulator for each type of compound fertilizer they want to produce?

No, they don’t if they have our double roller extrusion granulator. There is a wide range of chemical materials that can be made into compound fertilizer granules by our roller press granulator, including potassium sulfate, urea, and ammonium nitrate. If you want to produce a specific type of compound fertilizer granules, such as NPK 15-15-15, you can adjust the proportion of each compound fertilizer powder and mix all raw materials completely before the process of granulation. A roller press granulator has the ability to produce more than 30 types of compound fertilizer products, allowing you to use the lower costs of investment and labor to diversify your production.

Raw materials for roller press granulators

Its Working Principle-Dry Granulation-Making the Flow Chart of Production Short

Double roller extrusion granulator for sale
Flat die granulator for sale

Our double roller press granulator is one of the dry granulating machines, which makes fertilizer granules without the agent of water. During production, it uses rollers to press dry compound fertilizer into small pellets by tremendous extrusion force. Considering their low water content, about 5%-10%, these granules can be packed without the process of drying and cooling.

2 Types of Dry Granulatio Machines

Therefore, the flowchart of compound fertilizer production is short and simple when you use the SX fertilizer roller extrusion granulator instead of other granulating machines, such as rotary drum granulating machines. That is no mere booster of less production time. That is, in effect, your competitive edge of fast production with fewer production costs and manual work.

Double roller extrusion granulation line design

Its Long Service Life Ensuring Smooth Compound Fertilizer Production

The manufacturing of roller press granulator in our factory

Our fertilizer roller extrusion granulator is made of high-quality materials. Its frame, for example, is made of rigid steel with the feature of resisting heat and impact, protecting other vital components from being damaged. In addition, the material of its rollers is durable steel, so you don’t need to be afraid that the rollers may wear quickly. On average, our roller press granulator has a long service life, over two decades, on the basis of the right steps in its maintenance.

All in all, the SX roller press pelletizer can consecutively and smoothly make good compound fertilizer granules for a long time without a hitch. Without frequent pauses for overhauling the machine, the efficiency of your compound fertilizer production plant will be high.

Roller press granulator in commercial fertilizer plant

What is the Inside of the SX Roller Extrusion Pelletizer?

The design of roller press granulator

The SX roller extrusion pelletizer has a casing that does not allow one to have a close look at the process of granulation, making people wonder what the inside of it is. Now let us introduce the design of the SX roller press granulator.

The Rotor and the Transmission Chain

Our roller extrusion pelletizer is driven by power. Thanks to our improvement, now it consumes less electricity than before, decreasing the production costs of fertilizer manufacturers. When you start the machine, the transmission chain consisting of a sprocket and a chain moves smoothly, effectively ensuring the process of transmission.

The rotor of roller press granulator
The rollers of extrusion granulator

The Roller Sheets and the Shafts

The roller sheets on the 2 rotating rollers have numerous ball sockets in the same shape and size, and they play a vital role in the process of granulating. When you put fertilizer powder via the feeder, rotating rollers will squeeze it by huge extrusion force, and then the ball sockets on the rollers will press the powder into small granules.

Generally speaking, the socket balls on roller sheets are the main determining factors for the size and shape of fertilizer pellets. Accordingly, you can produce different compound fertilizer granules by using different rollers. If you have any special requirements for the size and shape of your fertilizer, just tell us! We can customize roller sheets that meet all your needs.

The different shapes of fertilizer pellets made by roller press granulator
The inside of a roller press granulator

The Screener and Auxiliary Components

Although our double roller pressing granulator has a high granulation rate, above 80%, there is a small amount of fertilizer powder discharged with fertilizer pellets after the process of granulation. Those parts aim at separating it from good fertilizer granules and collecting it for re-granulation, avoiding a severe waste of your raw materials.

Tips Make Roller Press Granulator Production Smoother

Make sure that there are no raw materials in the machine before you connect the roller press pelletizer to powder.

Lubricate gears every time before you start the roller press ball granulator.

Given huge friction, the rollers of our roller extrusion pelletizer are one of the vulnerable components. Hence, check the rollers regularly, and change them if needed. We now offer the spare parts of roller extrusion pelletizer at the best price if you order our products this month.

Your raw materials should be in the form of powder. If they cake, you need to use a fertilizer crushing machine to grind them into powder, or they may have an adverse effect on the granulation rate.

Double Roller Extrusion Granulation Line for Sale

Double roller extrusion granulation line in fertilizer plant

A roller press granulator has the ability to meet the daily production output of a small-scale compound fertilizer making plant. However, it is more economical for you to purchase a whole double roller extrusion production line if you prefer the idea of establishing a commercial fertilizer production factory.

Recently, we have sold a customized double roll extrusion granulation line to Nigeria. We chose ideal fertilizer making machines, including a vertical crusher, a single shaft mixer, and a rotary drum screener, for the client’s compound fertilizer production line whose daily output reaches 20 tons. From our customer’s feedback, all the machines on our roller extrusion granulation line, particularly the roller press pelletizer, work smoothly and stably, producing tons of high-quality compound fertilizer granules. Up till now, he has become one of the hot compound fertilizer manufacturers in local areas and planned to purchase other production lines from us to expand his production.

Double roller extrusion granulation line exoprted to Nigeria

How to Spend Less on Having a Double Roller Extrusion Granulation Line?

Buy One from a Supplier VS. Build One by Yourself

To be honest, it costs you less to buy a whole double roller extrusion granulation line from one supplier.

Roller pellet granulation line in fertilizer plant

It does save you a lot when you shop around and buy the most cost-effective fertilizer machines. However, the increasing freight fees are astonishing if you have to buy them from more than 2 suppliers.

The difficulty of installation surges if you purchase each of your fertilizer machines from different companies. After all, manufacturers are mainly familiar with their own products. They can install their machines easily, but have no idea about adjusting machines from other companies. You don’t want to spend a huge sum asking each company to appoint an expert assisting in machine installation and watch them scratch their heads to come up with an ideal solution that makes these machines work coordinately, do you?

Hence, it is advisable to buy a whole fertilizer production from a prestigious supplier. But, which manufacturer of fertilizer making equipmenty can you trust?

We are an International Supplier of Roller Press Granulator

As a prestigious supplier of fertilizer machinery, we not only sell machines but provide the service of the production line design. We can draw an ideal double roller granulation line that meets all your special needs.

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