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About Our Machines

Top 10 Questions about Our Equipment Asked by Clients

There are 3 reasons:

First, we only manufacture fertilizer making machines with high-quality steel and alloy, such as 304 stainless steel and manganese steel, so that their service life is much longer than that of the machines from other brands.

Second, you can not compare products by their price. As we know, some companies are selling some product with the same name as our machine, but its output are smaller than ours. That’s why their machines have an absurdly low price. All in all, you should be circumspect when you purchase any products, or you may regret your choice.

Third, not only do we provide high-quality fertilizer making equipment, but other services that can not be offered by other small companies, such as machine customization and plant solution. Moreover, we have a professional square set for giving you technical support. If you have any problems with our machine or fertilizer production, we will solve it as soon as possible.

So you see, the products we sell actually are much more cost-effective, right?

Commonly, our fertilizer dewatering machine is designed to decrease the water content of animal manure to an ideal amount. It is able to process fresh animal manure whose moisture content is over 50%.

Of course! The frame and components of our compost turning machines are made of high-quality stainless steel, such as 304 stainless steel and manganese steel. Hence, you don’t need to worry that compostors are eroded by animal manure.

No, it won’t. There is a casing covering our screening machine, so the dust will not permeate in your factory.

Yes, it is. The whole production line runs automatically when every machine is in good condition. But, you need a worker to feed raw materials by forklift.

It is a common Chinese brand which is quite renowned inland. However, we can change it for you at a little extra cost if you prefer Siemens or other foreign brands.

The average service life of our machines is much longer, over 20 years, if you use and maintain them under our guidance. In addition, we can give you a one-year warranty for free.

Commonly speaking, it should be about 5 %. If the moisture is higher than that, the granulation rate will drop.

No, it won’t. Actually, our drum granulator is equipped with special tools. When your rotary granulator rotates, these tools will hit the drum by gravity, to knock off the raw materials on the lining.off.

In fact, there are 4 types, namely 0.8 m, 1.0 m, 1.2 m, 1.5 m. According to your requirements, we can customize it for you

Before you choose machines, you should be clear about the following information.

1, What’s your raw materials?

2.Do you want to produce fertilizer powder or fertilizer pellets?

3.How much is the daily output of the production line that you want?

4.How much is your capital?

5.If you want to make organic fertilizer, what is the daily capacity of animal manure on your farm?

6.What are your special requirements for fertilizer making machines or production lines?

Then, you can send your answers to our sales rep and he will recommend ideal equipment to meet your needs. Now, you can contact us by e-mail or call 0086-180-3757-2883 to our senior manager for instant reply!

Of course! Our fertilizer production line is formed by highly automatic machines which are easy to operate and maintain even for a novice. Besides, there is a technical team set up for solving every client’s questions in fertilizer production and machine operation and maintenance. If you have any problems, our team will find an ideal solution as soon as possible! Therefore, your fertilizer production will be much easier with the help of our auto production line and technical support!

Yes! We can draw a free design of your fertilizer plant. All you need to do is tell me the information that we require, including your plant area, capacity and any special needs.

Yes, you can if local health authorities or local DHL management indicates that logistics services are allowed. And we promote ‘Safety First’ approach. Hence, we will disinfect our fertilizer making machines before the process of loading and shipment.

If your country is afflicted by Covid-19 severely and local logistics services are suspended, you can order our machines after the infection is curbed and everything gets back on track. And we will try our best to remain the best prices for you.

Besides, freight fees have increasingly hiked recently because of the epidemic. However, international logistics companies have forged a long cooperative relationship with us and they will give us some discounts. You may think the freight fees are too expensive to accept, but that is the best price we can offer.

If you need, we can appoint certificated engineers and workers to assist you in machine installment and adjustment. Also, they will teach you and your workers how to properly operate and maintain machines.

Yes, you can! We hold promotions on holidays, such as New Year, Black Friday and National Day. If you miss our promotions, don’t worry. We can give you the best discount if you purchase our products for the first time.

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About the Production

Top 4 Questions Makes Your Production Easier

Actually, it is all up to you. But, we highly recommend composting indoors. Therefore, the influence on the process of composting by weather is moderate.

At the first, you need to turn them three or four times a day because of the sharp increment in temperature. When the rise nearly reaches a plateau, it is enough to do it once every two or three days.

In general, there are 3 factors causing the caking problem, namely water content, temperature and pressure.

If the moisture content of your fertilizer pellet is high, pellets are likely to stick together and produce chemical reactions. So, that is why there is a dryer on the wet granulation production line.

High temperature will cause the same effect as high water content, so a dryer is usually matched with a cooler.

As for the pressure, it is greater, the contact area of fertilizer pellets is larger, leading to chemical reactions.

Commomly speaking, it only takes a few minutes. Moreover, we can prolong or shorten that process by adjusting the inclination of the machine.

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