Solid Liquid Separation Equipment to Dewater Your Raw Materials

In general, there is a method to separate solids from liquids in the agricultural field, namely separation by mechanical system. Indeed, it is a fast and easy way to dehydrate raws materias. However, which mechanical system you should use?

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· Solid Liquid Separation Equipment ·

Solid Liquid Separation Equipment is widely known as solid-liquid extruder in market. It is a necessary machine in organic fertilizer production. If you want to pre-process your fresh animal manure well, it is indispensable!

What Can Our Solid Liquid Separation Machine Do?

As every fertilizer manufacturer knows, the amount of moisture in materials plays a vital role in the process of composting efficiently. During the process of preparing raw materials for the fertilizer production, it is of great importance for a compost maker like you!

For instance, when the amount is less than 25%, the reproduction of salutary germs comes into a stagnant. Accordingly, the difficulty of composting increase shapely.

When the amount is higher than necessary, lower temperature puts a hurdle on fermentation speed. Besides, high water content enlarges the volume of raw materials, bringing a spade of trouble in composting.

  • Decreasing the volume of your raw materials
  • Speeding up the process of composting

  • Declining water content of your compost

Dewatering Machine in Fertilizer Production Plant

Dewatering Machine in Fertilizer Plant
Solid-liquid Separator Dewatering Animal Manure
Dewatering Equipment in Operation
Dewatering Equipment in Operation

3 Steps in Separating Solid From Liquid by Our Dewatering Machine

The First Step

First, you need to connect the machine with powder. And then, the electric motor will start operating smoothly with little noise. Thus, you will have a pleasant working environment.

The Rotor of Solid-Liquid Separatpr

The Second Step

The Feeding Inlet of Dewatering Machine

Through the feed tube, you need to put raw materials into the separator first. Then, our machine will forcibly extrude and push these materials by the operating screw conveyor.

The Third Step

Solid Outlet

Swine Manure Dewatering System Discharging the Solid

Our dewatering machine will give your raw materials a tremendous extrusion force, sequeezing the water out of it quickly. Then, a screen inside the machine will filter the water and the soild. At the end, they will be discharged by different outlets.

The Liquid Outlet of Solid Liquid Separator

Water Outlet

Why Can Our Dewatering Machine Be Popular in Overseas Markets?

In the international markets, we are a professional manufacturer of fertilizer making equipment. In pursuit of providing desirable equipment for every customer, we refined and upgraded the traditional dewatering system. Now, there are mainly two latest types of solid liquid separator provided to you.

In spite of disparate technical parameters, they possess the same exceptional features.

High Automation

Structurally our solid liquid separator is controlled by an automatic system which has high accuracy. So, it is rather simple and easy to operate to you.

Besides, it needs only one worker to operate it during the process of dewatering raw materials. Therefore, you can save a lot of workload.

Commonly, your raw materials contain less moisture(about 45-60%) afte dehydrating. Thus, they are qualified to be composted or made into good fertilizer.

Vast Application

The equipment for dewatering designed by our company has the ability to process a wide range of raw materials. In general, it is widely utilized in dewatering animal manure to produce qualified fertilizer. Of course, our separator is able to process other materials as well.

For example, it can dehydrate the dregs produced from distilleries or pharmaceutical plants. So, it’s fair to say that our dewatering system is rather versatile.

Small size

In the market, the capacity of most solid-liquid separators is rather small. In other words, these machine are more suitable for those homemade compost makers. Hence, our company designed various models of liquid separator with diverse capacity to meet the needs of every custoners.

Among them, the biggest capacity reaches 30-40 square meters per hour, while the smallest one, 10-15 square meters per hour. In addition, their power is quite low, only about 4-5.5 Kw. We are sure that they will perform smoothly in large-scale or small-scale fertilizer manufacturing factory.


Model Powder(kw) Capacity(m3/h) Dimensions(mm)
SXTS-180 4 10-15 1850*650*1150
SXTS-230 5.5 15-20 1850*800*1150

Good Quality

Anti-corrosion Materials

In fact, we use a special stainless steel to make the body and key accessories of our separator. That steel is a kind of refractory and anti-corrosive material. Hence, our separator won’t be worn out easily.

Anti-blockage Design

There is a a sieve inside our solid-liquid extruder. It is used to prevent extruder from being occluded by raw materials with high water content. Therefore, our separator can work consecutively.

The Outlet of Dewatering Machine

Long Service Life

In comparison with other dewatering systems in the market, our screw press dewatering machine has a longer life span and low malfunction rate. As a result, you have no need to spend a large amount of cost and time on its maintenance.


Our Screw Press Separator Is Your Top Choice

In the whole world, we are noted as one of a trustworthy dewatering machine suppliers. Up to now, our company has forged a long partnership with multiple customers in diverse countries and regions, including India, Malaysia and South Africa.

The Shipment of Separator


Customer Review from Overseas

Our screw separator are highly acknowledged by overseas customers. Its has many outstanding features, such as stable performance, less malfunction rate and foolproof operation. If you have interest in our fertilizer separator, please contact us to know more about it!

Solid Liquid Separation Equipment for Fertilizer Production

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