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Fermenter for Biofertilizer Production

Why and How to use an bio fertilizer fermenter to accelerate the process of composting?

What Is You Way to Make Biofertilizer?

Do you still make biofertilizer in the traditional way that stacks animal manure up and waits for over months until the process of composting finishes? Honestly, you need to change the method if you want to economically benefit from biofertilizer production. Then, which composting machine should you choose to speed up composting? Why not try our new fermenter for biofertilizer production?

Our organic fertilizer fermenter is designed for composting organic materials, including cow dung, chicken litter, and pig slurry. In comparison with other composting turning machines on the markets, our fermentation pot is highlighted by its outstanding features of high automation, easy operation, high efficiency, and small size. A majority of biofertilizer makers, especially those who are beginners, give their preference to our organic fertilizer fermentation vessel because of its foregoing advantages. But, why? How can our bio vessel benefit those novices?

Fermenter for biofertilizer

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4 Reasons Tell You Why Beginners Should Use Our Fermenter for Biofertilizer Production

Since the augment of the demand for biofertilizer products, investors and businessmen have seen it as a bait that lures them to venture into fertilizer production. However, it takes some skills in the production of good fertilizer products, particularly biofertilizer, because of the difficulty of composting. During the process of composting, you need to do lots of things to keep your compost piles in aerobic condition.

You should check the temperature and water content of your compost from time to time and decide when you should turn your compost piles.

Thanks to the lack of knowledge or experience, novices commonly find that it is hard to create aerobic condition for their compost and the stench from their compost piles pollutes the air. Hence, beginners in biofertilizer production need a smart composting machine that is able to simplify the process of composting for them. If you are one of them, our organic fertilizer fermentation pot is definitely your best choice.

Bio fertilizer composting system for sale

Ask for the reason? The following features of our fermentation pot are the best reasons why beginners should use our fermenter for biofertilizer production.

High Automation

Unlike normal composting turners in the markets, our fermentation tank literately realizes the process of automatic composting. With its help, beginners will not be afraid of failure to compost.

When you pour your animal manure into the feeder, an auto lifting device will drive the feeder to move upwards and send raw materials into the fermentation pot.

Controlled by a smart system, our biofertilizer fermenter will monitor the fluctuation of the temperature, moisture, and oxygen of your compost and take actions accordingly. For example, the heating bar will generate more heat to increase the efficiency of degrading microorganisms when the temperature of your compost falls below 55℃.

Composted animal manure will be discharged from the outlet automatically. During the process of composting, only one worker is needed to feed the animal manure, and our vertical fermentation pot will do the rest of the work.

Foolproof Operation

Given its high automation, our biofertilizer fermentation pot is easy to operate. When you adopt groove type composting or windrow type composting, you need to operate the composting turners to turn your compost piles. However, you can press the buttons on the control box to ask our organic fertilizer fermentation vessel to share a majority of labor work in the process of composting, such as discharging materials.

We will send you an instruction manual and teach your workers how to use our fermentation pot via video calls. It is possible for one worker to control more than one bio vessel as long as he grasps the basic skills of using the control box.

The control panel of biofertilizer composting vessel
Fermentation tank discharging composted animal manure

Fast Composting

Generally, the process of composing takes at least a month when you use a traditional way to compost your animal manure. Such a long production time is tantamount to a waste of money and labor. However, our fertilizer fermentation pot can shorten the process of composting to haft a month, increasing the efficiency of bio fertilizer production for you. Therefore, the quicker production cycle allows a faster economic return for you and puts you at the advantage in the biofertilizer markets.

The Less Room for Composting

No matter which compost turning machine you choose, windrow composting machine or moving type composting machine, you need to rent a large factory and prepare an expansive room for your compost piles. However, it is wise for beginners to set up a small biofertilizer plant first because once they fail, the economic damage they suffer will be minimized. Given the shape of it, a vertical cylinder, our fertilizer fermentation pot takes up less room for composting.

the SXFT-100 is an industrial fermentation tank. It takes up a small room, about 25㎡, which makes it hot among family animal farm owners who are engaging in fertilizer production for the first time. It allows them to produce biofertilizer in their backyards, saving a huge sum that should have been used for renting a factory.

Small fermenter for biofertilizer

How to Use Fermenter for Biofertilizer Production?

The process of dehydrating animal manure

  1. Process Fresh Animal Manure

You need to collect animal manure on your farm. Usually, fresh animal manure contains a large amount of water, particularly pig slurry, cow dung, and horse manure., about 50%-60%. The high water content is an impediment to the increase of oxygen, causing the anaerobic process of composing. Therefore, it is necessary for you to reduce it to an ideal amount. There are 2 choices you can choose.

You can dry your animal manure in the sun. It is an economical way, but we do not advise you to do so, because it mainly depends on the weather and consequently lacks efficiency.

You can use our industrial solid-liquid separator to dewater your fresh animal manure before the process of composting.

2. Feed Animal Manure

Controlled by an electric lifting device, the feeder will automatically carry your animal manure into the fermentation tank. Before that, you can mix your animal waste with some organic materials, such as straw, hay, and peat, to alter the C/N ratio of them and speed up composting. But, do not forget the most vital step!

Please remember to do this, or your final products are just organic fertilizer, not salable biofertilizer. There is a wide range of bacteria and fungi that you can use to produce high-quality bio fertilizer, and you can buy one in the local market. It is advisable to put rhizobium in your animal manure if you want to make biofertilizer for beans.

Fermentation bacteria for biofertilizer
The design of organic fermentation tank

3. Let the Tank Do Its Work

The stirring shaft that is driven by a hydraulic pump starts to mix your raw material constantly, while a high-pressure air blower makes air flow into the bio fertilizer fermentation tank. In doing so, your animal manure is aerated, which is likely to create aerobic condition.

Too much air will lead to a decrease in the temperature of your compost, resulting in a failure to eliminate all the bad materials in your animal waste. Don’t worry. At the upper of the stirring shaft, there is a rob for heating the air brought by the air blower. Hence, the temperature of your compost will be kept steadily, over 65℃, during the first stage, killing all pathogens and degrading microorganisms quickly.

After the process of composting ends, usually about haft a month, the bio vessel will discharge your bio fertilizer powder. Then, you can bag it and sell it on the market, or turn it into granular biofertilizer.

What Kind of Raw Materials Can be Composted in Fermenter for Biofertilizer Production?

In general, manure on animal farms is a kind of nutritious material for biofertilizer production. From chicken litter to goat waste, a wide range of animal manure is available to be composted. You can mix different types of animal waste together to produce good bio fertilizer with abundant nutrients. Also, straw, sawdust, and hay can be added to your compost to quicken microorganism degradation. However, there is one thing you should do before you put animal manure into our organic fermentation tank. Remember to dewater your animal waste first if it has a high water content.

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