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3 Method of Hot Composting Chicken Poop

A page telling all the things you want to know about composting chicken poop

Can chicken poop be composted? Of course! Actually, a majority of chicken farm owners like composting chicken poop, as an efficient method to economically dispose of animal farm waste. But how to turn chicken manure into good compost? Hot composting chicken manure! Wait, what is that? It means composting chicken poop under aerobic conditions. But, what exactly should you do? Don’t worry. This page shares 3 different ways of hot composting chicken manure and the machine they require. You will have the knack for composting chicken manure quickly and easily when you finish it!

> Windrow Type Composting

Composting Chicken Manure for Commercial Use

This method requires a wide area for piling chicken manure in long rows. That makes it a hot choice for most farm owners because they can turn chicken waste into fertilizer in their backyard. Then, how to use this method to compost chicken dung? There are 2 steps. First, you need to stock your dry chicken litter into a long strip. Usually, it is 10-12 inches wide and 3-12 inches high. Second, use a windrow type composting machine to turn your chicken litter compost. However, there are various types of composting machines. Which one should you choose to speed up the process of composting?

Windrow type composting
Moving Type Compostor for Organic Fertilizer Production Line

· Movable Chicken Manure Compost Turner for Sale ·

Most chicken manure composting machines for windrow composting require a worker to drive it during the process of turning compost piles. Therefore, mobility and flexibility are 2 parameters that should be seriously reckoned with when you buy a chicken manure compost turner.

What’s New About Our Chicken Manure Compost Turner?

The wheel of chicken manure compost turner
The moving type composting machine for sale
Small windrow composting machine for sale
Windrow Compost Turning Machine for Organic Fertilizer Making

· Commercial Composters for Chicken Manure ·

Do you prefer a large machine for chicken waste compost? You should check our commercial composters for chicken manure. As one of the windrow type composting machines, it has a similar working principle to the movable composting machine. But, it has large and wide turning teeth that can turn more chicken waste.

Why Can Our Composters Turn Chicken Poop Compost on a Large Scale?

The turning teeth of windrow composting machine
The rubber caterpillar

How to Dry Chicken Poop for Composting?

The fresh chicken poop looks sticky and thick, like green and white paste, because it contains a lot of liquid. How about stacking them on your farm without any process? No! That is quite disgusting and detrimental to the environment of your farm.

You need to separate it before you compost your fresh chicken poop, or the liquid will cause a lot of trouble. For example, the high water content of chicken litter is a factor that leads to a slow rise in temperature and consequential failure to sanitize the chicken manure compost. Therefore, you need to dry your fresh chicken litter. Our chicken manure drying machine can reduce the water content of your fresh chicken litter to a proper level, about 55%-60%. Then, you can just make compost from chicken droppings safely.

How to Secure Sanitation in Chicken Manure Composting?

Fresh chicken litter contains harmful bacteria, such as E.coli and salmonella, that are lethal to the wellness of humans and animals. In the process of composting chicken poop outdoors, how to sanitize your chicken manure compost piles and secure a healthy environment on your farm?

Before the process of composting, there is a lot of work you need to do, such as collecting and then dehydrating fresh chicken manure. You need to wear protective gear when you need to get close to the fresh manure. In addition, don’t forget to wash your hands and sanitize your overalls after your work is done.

Windrow composting on farmyard

If you adopt the windrow type composting, you need to prepare an area for stacking up chicken litter compost piles. Remember, your chicken poop compost should stay away from chicken coops, farmlands and rivers.

In the process of composting chicken poop, noxious materials are likely to leach into the soil, polluting the ground and groundwater. However, composting on the concrete ground is an excellent way to avoid environmental pollution on your chicken farm.

In a hot composting system, the temperature of your chicken litter compost will rise to 130-150 ℉when the activities of microorganisms become intense. The heat will eliminate all the bad bacteria in your compost. Usually, the high water content of your chicken manure is an impediment to the rise in temperature. Hence, dry your chicken litter before composting.

Keeping everything neat and clean is important for the environment of your chicken farm. Therefore, remember to clean and sanitize the composting area and composting machines after the procedure of composting.

> Groove Type Composting

Composting Large Quantities of Chicken Manure for Sale

Groove type compost turner for chicken litter

How to make large compost from chicken manure in your composting plant efficiently? Choose the way of groove type composting! Usually, you should establish one or several grooves for stacking your chicken litter. It would be better if the grooves were indoors because your compost would be immured to the influence of the outside environment. Then, let a chicken manure composting turner to aerate your chicken waste compost pile when its temperature reaches 140-158°F.

What is the Cost of Chicken Manure Composting Plants?

When it comes to the establishment of a factory, someone considers that it is a huge project that requires a large sum of money. Yes, the rent for a large-scale factory is not cheap. A composting machine costs at least thousands of dollars. Then, is there a way to set up a chicken manure composting plant with a small amount of capital? Of course! Our groove type composting machines can make it possible!

· Groove Type Composting Facility for Chicken Manure ·

Higher Automation in Composting, Less Human Cost

Groove Type Compost Turner for Fertilizer Plants

Unlike the chicken manure compost turners we mentioned, the groove type composting machine is controlled by a smart computer. In other words, you don’t need to operate it to turn our compost. Instead, once it is actuated, the groove compost turner will move forward slowly and use its turning teeth to aerate your compost automatically.

Most importantly, you can establish more than one groove to compost more chicken manure. With a special device, your composting machine can shift to the other groove and turn your compost efficiently. Accordingly, the process of making chicken litter compost requires less manpower and consequent expenditure. In fact, 1 or 2 workers can manage a commercial plant with tons of chicken manure compost well.

· Commercial Composting Machine for Chicken Manure ·

Making More Chicken Manure Compost, Consuming Less Energy

Wheel type composting machine for chicken poop

The energy cost accounts for the largest share of the expenditure of running a compost plant. As electricity rates jump worldwide, most industries, including the fertilizer industry, have nothing to do but face increasing production costs. Then, what should you do to help with daily electricity costs? Reduce working time? Implement stringent measures to ration power? Use solar energy? These are good ideas. But, why not buy an energy-efficient compost turner for your plant?

With an energy-efficient transmission mechanism, our aerobic chicken composting machine consumes less power than traditional compost turners in the markets, about 70%. In other words, our auto chicken composting machine consumes less energy in the process of automatically turning compost in large quantities. Inevitably, it will bring your production costs down, which, in turn, brings more profits for you.

The commercial composting machine for chicken litter

How Much Compost Do You Get From 1 Ton of Chicken Manure?

The chicken litter compost

In the process of composting, the volume of chicken poop compost piles changes greatly. There are 2 reasons.

As microorganisms release heat in the process of composting, a great amount of water in your compost is evaporated.

Because of the enzymes of microorganisms, most organic matters decompose quickly, so the volume of chicken poop compost decreases

Commonly, you can get 3,000-6,000 kilos of chicken litter compost out of 1 ton of fresh chicken litter. A commercial chicken manure composting plant needs to prepare at least 60,000 tons of fresh chicken manure for one year of operation. In order to make sure you have sufficient raw materials, it would be wise for you to set up your chicken manure composting plant in the vicinity where there are many large-scale chicken farms.

Commercial chicken manure composting machine for sale

> In Vessel Composting Chicken Manure

The Easiest and Fastest Way to Compost Chicken Manure

In-vessel composting system for sale

The above aerobic chicken composting machine can accelerate the process of composting. It takes about 20-25 days to compost your chicken manure. However, some buyers had a high standard for the speed of composting. They want to get well-composted chicken manure within half a month or a week. Then, smart in-vessel composting chicken manure systems are their top choice.

· In-Vessel Composting Chicken Manure Systems for Sale ·

Make the Speed of Composting Fast Than Ever

Organic Fermentation Tank to Make Fertilizer
Smart chicken manure composting machine for sale

Our in-vessel composting system has a PLC control system that monitors the conditions of your chicken manure compost. When the high temperatures of your compost pose a threat to the activities of microorganisms, the aeration system and blending shaft will be activated, to aerate your compost. Our vessel can create perfect aerobic conditions for your chicken compost pile. How long does it take for chicken poop to turn into compost when you use it? It just takes a few weeks! Then, the composting system will automatically discharge well-composted chicken poop for you.

Tips for Using Chicken Manure Processing Equipment to Speed Up Composting

As we mentioned, you need to make sure that the water content of your chicken manure is within an ideal level.

Solid-liquid separator for chicken litter
The compost with other materials

Due to the high content of nitrogen in the chicken litter, it is necessary for you to add some materials that are rich in carbon, such as sawdust, hay and wood chips. The ideal ratio of chicken manure compost is 30 to 1.

As the temperature of your compost rises, you need to use a compost turner to aerate it. On the one hand, it can provide more oxygen for microbes to consume when they break down organic matter. On the other hand, fresh air can prevent your chicken manure compost from overheating. Our in vessel machine for composting chicken manure has the ability to automatically turn your compost on the basis of its conditions. Therefore, you don’t need to check the temperature of your compost frequently. You can just wait, about 15 days. The fermentation tank will discharge well-composted chicken poop.

The main shaft of the blades in fermentation tank

How to Use Composted Chicken Manure?

It is economical for you to use chicken manure compost as an organic fertilizer! During the process of in-vessel composting, high temperatures destroy harmful materials in your chicken manure. Now, your chicken manure compost is a kind of good organic fertilizer containing a high level of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

You can keep it for your farmland. But, selling it in the markets will bring you more profits. There are 2 organic fertilizer making machines that can help you in the process of commercializing your composted chicken litter.

Your chicken litter compost may have little rocks, grains and sand. A compost screener will sift them and improve the purity of your organic fertilizer powder.

Our auto fertilizer bagging machine can precisely weigh a certain amount of chicken manure fertilizer and pour it into the bag. Then, the sewing system will seal the bag tightly.

For those who want to set up a plant for making chicken manure fertilizer, a whole chicken waste fertilizer production line should be their top choice. As a leading supplier of the best composter for chicken manure, we provide a diversity of fertilizer production lines. These production lines have the latest chicken manure fertilizer machines with high automation. Hence, the whole production will be easy and simple for you, without taxing manual work. If you are interested in our chicken waste composting machines or chicken manure fertilizer production line, please send an inquiry now!

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