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Animal Manure Pellet Machine for Sale

How to buy an efficient granulator for you animal manure fertilizer making plant?

In the production of animal manure fertilizer pellets, a granulating machine is a crucial part that influences the efficiency of making quality products. In other words, a good fertilizer granulating machine can make your animal fertilizer production line more efficient. However, a majority of manufacturers are beset by the question of how to buy an ideal animal manure pellet machine for their plants. Well, there is a large variety of organic fertilizer granulating machines that differ in many ways, such as functions, models ,and advantages. No wonder these people don’t know how to choose one. Therefore, we would like to introduce our animal manure pellet machine if you are in the same situation.

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The Animal Manure Pellet Machine from SX Machinery

As a customer-oriented supplier of fertilizer granulating equipment, we designed the latest animal manure granulator that caters to people’s needs for producing fertilizer from different animal manure, such as chicken litter, cow dung, and horse manure. Thanks to our cutting-edge technology and creative endeavor, the granulator now combines the advantages of other products of the same models. For example, it has a larger hourly output and a higher ball rate than the flat die granulating machines from other companies.


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Why Do the Sales of SX Animal Manure Pellet Machine Remain High?

As we mentioned, our animal manure pellet machine has the functions and advantages of other flat die granulators, so it is able to meet the clients’ demand for efficiently producing good animal manure fertilizer pellets. However, it is the following features that make our buyers purchase it without hesitation.

Long Service Life

In production, we use high technology to manufacture every part of the animal manure fertilizer pellet machine. Most importantly, the steel and alloys we use stand out for their high quality and excellent features, including anti-corrosion and heat resistance. Therefore, the service life of our animal manure pellet machine is prolonged. All in all, there is no need for you to be afraid of high maintenance fees when you use our fertilizer pelleting machine..

The production of flat die granulating machine
The design of animal manure pellet machine


Efficient Production

In design, we refined animal manure pellet machines on the basis of its prototype. Now, the pellet machine has an impressive ability to produce more fertilizer granules in good shape. In other words, its granulation rate increases to 90 %+. Hence, our animal manure granulating machine deserves your attention if you want a higher production efficiency of your fertilizer plant.

Simple Process Flow

Actually, it is rather simple and easy for you to make fertilizer when you use our animal manure granulating machine because the fertilizer pellets it produces don’t need further processes. In other words, you can sell your animal fertilizer granules without the process of drying, cooling, or screening. Thus, the production cost is much lower due to a few necessary fertilizer making machines on your production line. And that’s why a large group of buyers choose our animal manure pellet machine to set up their first fertilizer plant.

Flat Die Granulating Machine on Fertilizer Production Line
Different flat dies of animal manure pellet machine

Customization Available

As a customer-oriented manufacturer of fertilizer equipment, we can change the size of ball sockets on the roller sheet in accordance with the needs of our clients. All in all, our animal fertilizer pellet machine can satisfy you if you want to manufacture fertilizer granules in a specific size. Just tell us your requirements, and our animal manure fertilizer granulating machine will make it possible for you to produce quality products for the mass market.

What Kinds of Raw Materials Can it Process?

In fact, all manure on your animal farms could be made into good organic fertilizer products by our animal manure pellet machine. However, your fresh animal manure can not be put into the granulator without any treatment. So, how do you process animal manure properly before you granulate it?


The high water content of your animal manure is actually a negative factor for composting and granulating. Without the step of dehydrating, you need to endure a lengthy process of composting, because moisture hampers the increment of temperature. What’s more, the resultant low temperature is devoid of the ability to kill bacteria and insect eggs completely in your compost.

Dewatered organic fertilizer for composting
Dewater machine for organic fertilizer production

In granulation, our animal manure pellet machine has a high standard for the moisture content of your raw materials. For example, your animal manure is likely to stick in the sockets when it is too wet or hard to be pressed into pellets when it is too dry. In conclusion, the granulation rate of our machine is affected by the water content of your raw materials. Thus, you need to use our solid-liquid separator to dewater your animal manure, particularly pig slurry, cow dung, and horse manure. By doing so, our animal manure granulating machine can make good fertilizer products for consecutive hours.


It is common sense that fresh animal manure contains various pernicious materials, such as bacteria, insect eggs, and parasites. Therefore, you need to eliminate them all so as to make safe and quality organic fertilizer pellets that meet the national standard. Then, what should you do? Do you need any machines to help you?

Of course, you need a high-quality machine if you want to speed up composting and kill all these harmful materials. As an international supplier of compost turners, we provide you with a diversity of composting machines. All you need to do is stock your dewatered fresh animal manure first, and use our composting machines to turn your compost piles from time to time. Only in this way can you create an aerobic environment for your compost. Accordingly, the fermentation of your animal manure will be faster

More Steps You Need to Know

In large organic fertilizer plants, composted raw materials require more steps before granulation.

To sift useless materials, such as leaves, grains, and rocks.

To grind crusted animal manure so as to reduce the difficulty of granulation.

To mix with other animal manure and, accordingly, increase the fecundity and quality of fertilizer pellets.

To blend all the raw materials together.

In each process above, you require different machines to help you in the production. Here, we offer a whole animal manure fertilizer production line equipped with highly automatic machines. You can contact us now to buy an animal manure pellet machine and a whole production line to start your fertilizer production!

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