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3 designs of NPK granulation plant for you

Large-scale granulation plant

What is an Essential Prerequisite

for Establishing an NPK Granulation Plant?

A vacant room for NPK production? The employment of workers who specialize in NPK granular fertilizer manufacturing? A perfect project for running an NPK factory? Yes, those are quite important for one who is prepared to make NPK granular fertilizer in the industry. However, there is one thing that can not be omitted in your NPK granular fertilizer manufacturing plant, or the production is impossible, and that is an ideal NPK fertilizer granulation line.

3 Designs

of the NPK Fertilizer Plant Layouts

Here, we provide you with 3 designs of the NPK fertilizer plant layouts, namely double roller granulation line, rotary drum granulation line, and disk granulation line.

For novices in NPK fertilizer manufacturing, they are probably overwhelmed by the confusion, having no idea which to buy. Then, how can you choose an ideal production line for your NPK granulation plant? First, you should be clear about which kind of NPK granulation factory you prefer, or, specifically, which method of granulation you like.


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2 Methods of Manufacturing NPK Fertilizer Granules

In the majority of NPK granulation plants, there are 2 granulation methods adopted widely, which are dry granulation and wet granulation. According to different methods, the flowchart process of NPK fertilizer production has apparent distinctions, and accordingly, the design of your NPK granulation plant varies. Then, how to make the final choice between them for the sake of the smooth production of your NPK fertilizer factory?

Dry granulation is widely adopted in small-scale NPK fertilizer granulation factories, because it requires a simple NPK fertilizer process flow diagram and low capital.

Hence, you can choose the method of dry granulation if you want to set up an NPK granulation factory with a small amount of capital.

Despite its impressive advantages, dry granulation fails in commercial NPK plant owners’ expectations of large hourly output. Therefore, large-scale plants usually adopt wet granulation.

For those who are committed to engaging in the mass production of NPK fertilizer pellets, wet granulation is a preferable choice.

Now, you may know which granulation method you prefer to adopt in your NPK granulation plant, right? Then, how to choose an ideal NPK fertilizer granulation line on the basis of your choice?

The Design of NPK Fertilizer Dry Granulation Plant

If you are fond of dry granulation, our double roller granulation line is the best choice for you. The whole granulation line consists of a double roller granulation machine, and other necessary equipment for NPK production, such as a screener, a mixer, and a bagging machine. Considering its a few requirements for machines, our double roller granulation line makes your NPK fertilizer process flow diagram simple and short. Therefore, you have no need to spend a huge sum of money on purchasing many machines and expanding your factory.

NPK dry granulation plant

What are the Advantages of the NPK Double Roller Granulation Line?

Double roller extrusion granulator for NPK fertilizer plant

Highly Professional Production

Our double roller granulating machine is designed to manufacture compound fertilizer granules. For example, it has the ability to consume less energy to produce high, medium and low concentration of compound fertilizer pellets consecutively.

Simple NPK Fertilizer Production

It is suggestive that the water content of your raw materials for making NPK fertilizer pellets should be in the range between 5% and 10% when you use our double roller granulation machine. After the blending, you can pour your powder NPK fertilizer into our double roller extrusion machine through the feeder. Then, the rollers inside the machine will press powder into small pellets by a huge extrusion force.

Double roller extrusion granulation line
Bagging machine for NPK fertilizer plant

These NPK granules can be bagged when they are screened by our rotary drum screening machine. In other words, the whole production is quick and simple without the process of drying and cooling.

Customized Shape of Granules

Some manufacturers of NPK fertilizer granules have a penchant for the specific shape of NPK pellets. Most NPK granulators are able to adjust the size of fertilizer pellets, but hardly change the size of them in real-time. Don’t worry, our double roller granulating machine can meet such a special need. We can change the shape and size of the ball sockets on the roller sheet on the basis of your requirements. Hence, you can manufacture the NPK fertilizer granules in the shape you want, such as pillow shape, semicircle shape, and flat ball shape.

Fertilizer granules makde by double roller extrusion granulator

What is the Layout of Double Roller Granulation Line?

Batching machine for NPK fertilizer plant

A Crushing Machine

to grind your raw materials into fine powder.

Double shaft mixing machine for NPK fertilizer

A Blending Machine

to mix all NPK fertilizer powder together and avoid it from caking

Double roller extrusion granulator for NPK fertilizer

A Double Granulator

to manufacture NPK fertilizer pellets

Rotary drum screener for NPK fertilizer granules

A Rotary Screener

to sift flawed NPK fertilizer granules.

Chain crushing machine for NPK fertilizer granules

A Chain Crusher

to manufacture NPK fertilizer pellets

Auto bagging machine for NPK fertilizer plant

A Bagging Machine

to pack NPK granular fertilizer products.

The above is a brief introduction of the outlay of the NPK fertilizer granulation line. As an NPK machinery manufacturer, we provide various types and models of NPK fertilizer machines, such as NPK smart blender machine, NPK 19 19 19 fertilizer crusher, and 15 15 10 NPK granular fertilizer machine. If you are interested in our products, please contact us now!

The Design of NPK Steam Granulation Plant

Our disk granulation line and rotary granulation line work on the principle of wet granulation. During the production, they will dampen your NPK fertilizer powder and round it into small pellets. Then, what is their difference?

Disc Granulation Line with a High Granulation Rate

Our disc granulation line is highlighted by its high granulation rate, which reaches 93%. How can it do that?

First-Its Working Process

You need to know the working process of our disc granulating machine. When you feed raw materials into our disk granulating machine, there are water sprayers that will wet your NPK fertilizer powder. Then, raw materials will be rolled into small NPK granules as the granulation pan rotates. Most importantly, these NPK granules are not easy to break due to the high viscosity of wet NPK fertilizer powder.

Second-Its Design

You should have a look at the design of your disc granulator. The granulation pan is unsealed, so you can see the whole production of NPK granular fertilizer production. In other words, you can immediately take measures if the process of manufacturing NPK fertilizer granules goes awry and induces the decline of product quality. For instance, you can use water sprayers to add more water to your NPK fertilizer powder when raw materials are too dry to be rounded into pellets.

Diskgranulating machine for NPK fertilizer plant

As a result, the granulation rate of our NPK disc granulating equipment is higher than granulators from other companies. You will not be upset by tons of unqualified NPK fertilizer granules made by your granulation line.

Rotary Drum Granulation Line with a Large Capacity

Rotary drum granulation line for NPK fertilizer plant

Do you need to set up an industrial NPK manufacturing plant? If your answer is yes, our rotary drum granulation line should be your top choice, because its maximum output can reach 20 tons per hour. Then, how does our rotary drum granulation line work to realize mass production? Firstly, you should know something about our rotary drum granulating machine.

Its Working Principle

From the perspective of its working principle, a rotary drum granulator makes NPK fertilizer pellets in a rotating drum. The drum is able to make NPK fertilizer powder into small balls by centrifugal force after a series of chemical reactions takes place because of wet NPK fertilizer powder.

The anti-corrosive design of rotary drum granulating machine's inner wall

Its Anti-corrosion Design

When it comes to its highlight, our rotary granulating equipment has a special rubber lining that is used to prevent wet NPK fertilizer powder from sticking to the inner wall of the drum. Accordingly, it will be much easier for you to clean and maintain the granulating machine.

What is the Main Equipment for NPK Fertilizer Production in Steam Granulation Plant?

In general, the necessary machines required in the NPK stream granulation plant and NPK fertilizer granulation factory are alike in some ways. For instance, both of them need a dynamic batching machine, the best bulk NPK blending machine and an NPK fertilizer crusher to process NPK powder fertilizer before the process of granulation.

Then, they must have some distinction, right?

The Machines for NPK Plant

The Machines for Drying and Cooling

Yes, the process flow chart for NPK fertilizer production in wet granulation plants and that in dry granulation plants differ after the process of granulating. As we mentioned, NPK fertilizer pellets manufactured by a double roller granulation line can be packed after the process of screening. However, the granules made on the principle of wet granulation require more steps in production, which are the process of drying and cooling. Therefore, a rotary drying machine and rotary cooling machine are necessary for your NPK steam granulation plant.

In addition to these main equipment, we offer various auxiliary machines to facilitate you in the production of salable NPK fertilizer granules. For example, we designed the latest type of coating machine which can isolate your fertilizer pellets from the air with a layer of special materials so that the problem of caking is solved.

The Auxiliary Machines for NPK Plant

In fact, we don’t provide fixed layouts of NPK fertilizer granulation lines. In other words, the customization of NPK fertilizer production plants is available. Therefore, you can set up an ideal NPK granulation plant and start your fertilizer production. Now, just click the button below, fill out the contact form and send it to us!

What is the Cost of Setting up an NPK Fertilizer Granulation Plant?

So, let’s talk about the cost of establishing an NPK granulation plant, a hot subject that the majority of manufacturers mainly care about. Needless to say, it is a large sum of money to establish an ideal NPK granulation plant. Then, how much capital do you need?

The Rent of a Factory

Of course, you need to rent a vacant room as your NPK granulation plant first. If you want to set up a commercial NPK granular fertilizer plant that produces tons of fertilizer products every hour, it is needed to rent a large-scale plant. According, the price increases. Generally, the rent is usually affected by the position of the plant. Hence, you should check the ads of rental plants in the suburbs or the countryside, and you may be lucky enough to find an affordable plant.

Granulation line for fertilizer plant

The Cost of the Granulation Line

To be honest, a high-quality NPK granulation line causes less cost in production. You know, some manufacturers can not resist the lure of NPK fertilizer production equipment sold as a bargain, and then, ignore the quality and efficiency of the machines. Accordingly, these low-quality machines bring nothing but a cascade of problems in the NPK granular fertilizer production.

Our NPK fertilizer granulation lines are of high quality and their service life exceeds a decade. Most importantly, each NPK granular making machine consumes less energy after being refined and improved by us. So, your production cost is low. In addition, if some NPK fertilizer machine breaks down, our technical team will help you for free. Therefore, you do not need to spend a lot on machine maintenance.

The Wage of Workers

Our NPK granulation lines are equipped with highly automatic NPK fertilizer machines, so they can displace onerous manure work and quickly manufacture tons of quality NPK fertilizer pellets. You only need 3 or 4 skillful workers in your NPK granulation factory, 1 for feeding, 1 for bagging, and the rest for maintaining the operation of the plant. All in all, you will not spend a lot on paying the salaries of workers if you buy our NPK fertilizer granulation line.

fertilizer production line installation

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