Horse Manure as Fertilizer

For Every Owner,

animal manure management is tricky as always.

In recent years, more demanding husbandry regulations have been introduced in several countries, saying that all farm owners must properly treat their animal waste in an eco-friendly way. Facing massive piles of fresh animal manure with an unpleasant odor every day, accordingly one needs to spend a large sum to dispose of them. But, have you ever wondered if there is any possibility that the manure could bring you profits rather than troubles?

Of course, there is a chance to make your horse manure into a profitable treasure!

Just make it into organic fertilizer!

Here are the reasons:

Good Sales

In fact, horse manure is packed with a diversity of nutrients, such as the N, P, K, fibers, and other organic matters. And these are essential materials needed for plants and crops. As a result, it is hot as a fertilizer product on the market.

Cheap Raw Materials

In general, an adult horse, about 1000 lb, produces a huge quantity of manure and urine a day, nearly 60 lb. A year, this number will soar, reaching 9-10 tons. Gradually, a gargantuan pile of horse waste with a pungent smell brings vexation and scads of issues to you, such as environmental pollution. However, if you make them into fertilizer, it is a free raw material for you.

Large Profits

According to our clients who buy our horse dung fertilizer making machines, the manure produced by each horse can be made into fertilizer worth thousands of dollars a year. In other words, you can gain a lot from horse manure fertlizer production.

In conclusion, the method of disposing of your horse manure by making it into organic fertilizer economically benefit you.


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How to Turn Fresh Horse Manure into Fertilizer?

The First Step is Composting

Actually, the salt in fresh horse manure is rather high, which may lead to soil salinization and burn the roots of your plants and crops. Likewise, fresh horse manure contains an excess of injurious germs and parasites, negatively influencing the growth of plants.

Hence, you need to compost it first to make qualified organic fertilizer. Via composting, high temperature, about 149 ℉(65℃), will eliminate these harmful matters and, meanwhile, stimulate the reproduction of good microorganisms.

To speed up composting, the way of aerobic composting should be adopted by you in that it is faster than conventional composting methods. If you are troubled by your smelly horse manure compost, an aerobic environment should be created for your manure. Commonly, an efficient fertilizer compost turner plays a significant role when you create such an environment.

The Composting in Fertilizer Making Plant

High-Quality Machines Help You to Accelerate Composting

· Commercial Horse Manure Compost Turners ·

In large-scale compost plants, wheel type compost turner and chain plate type compost turner are 2 universal horse manure composting machines. Considering their large capacity, they are able to turn a tremendous amount of horse manure at a time, so as to meet your demand for commercial fertilizer production.

In general, our large scale horse manure composting machines are popular in overseas markets, notably in the UK market. If you are interested in them, please contact us now. We will give you the best discount!

The Wheel Type Compost Turner

The Chain Plate Type Compost Turner

Dewatering Machine for Making Horse Manure Fertilizer

· Horse Manure Dewatering Machine ·

In addition, you may need a horse manure dewatering machine to reduce the water content in your fresh horse manure. Practically speaking, the moisture content of horse manure should remain 55%-65% before the process of composting, or the speed of composting will be slowed down.

Now, our manure drying machine is at a discount. Please contact us when you need one!

Composted horse manure, though qualified to be utilized as fertilizer, needs to be further processed if you want to sell it at the best price. So, how can you process your horse manure to turn it into lucrative fertilizer?

A commercial horse manure fertilizer production line is what you need!

Horse Manure Fertilizer Production Lines

There are two designs of horse manure fertilizer production lines we offer. And the one you choose mainly depends on your preference for granular fertilizer or powder fertilizer.

The Outlay of Powder Fertilizer Production Line

Are a novice in fertilizer production? If you are, powder fertilizer manufacturing is more suitable you in that it have a much easier making production and requires less investment.

The Design of Fertilizer Pellet Production Line

Consider the sales of horse manure fertilizer pellets, it is a good choice to buy a commercial fertilizer production line for granular fertilizer if you intend to accrue your fortune

High Automation

With a set of auto horse manure fertilizer making machines, such as compost crusher machines, compost mixing machine, compost granulators and compost screening machines, the process of manufacturing fertilizer occurs consecutively for a long time. Instead of hiring lots of workers, you only need a few people in your factory, to regulate and maintain these machines regularly. All in all, just let these machines do all the strenuous manual labor.

According to your needs, we will provide you with a free design of a fertilizer production line, help you choose the necessary equipment and teach you how to make horse manure fertilizer from scratch.

The Fertilizer Production Lines

What Need You To Do To Buy an Ideal Horse Manure Fertilizer Production Line?

If you have any willingness to make horse manure into organic fertilizer, you can contact us.

But, there are several things you need to do.

First, find the right space to compost and manufacture. According to the area of space, we are able to design the structure of a fertilizer production line for you. For example, the choice of building a powder fertilizer production line with low investment is more proper for small-scale horse farms.

Second, be sure about the daily and annual amount of your fresh horse manure. Thus, we can provide you with cost-effective horse manure making equipment for you.

Third, tell us all your requirements, such as the shape and the size of your fertilizer. Hence, we can help you to establish an ideal fertilizer production line which turns your horse waste into lucrative fertilizer products!

We Will Provide You with High-Quality Fertilizer Making Equipment

In the international markets, we are known for our prime horse manure fertilizer manufacturing equipment and conscientious services. And our clients come from many countries, notably from the UK, India and Malaysia.

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If you have an idea to make money from your horse manure or a project of commercial horse manure fertilizer production, welcome to contact us! We will do everything to help you set up an ideal production line and teach you how to turn your horse manure into lucrative fertilizer!

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