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Fertilizer Extruder Pelletizer for Sale

2 hot types of fertilizer extruder pelletizer for organic/compound fertilizer making plants

The fertilizer extruder pelletizer falls into the category of fertilizer granulating machines working on the principle of dry granulation. As its name indicates, the extruder granulator uses huge extrusion force to press your fertilizer powder into fertilizer granules.

As a supplier of fertilizer making machines from China, we provide 2 hot types of fertilizer extruder pelletizers. You can choose an ideal one on the basis of the type of your fertilizer granules.


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2 hot Types of Fertilizer Extruder Pelletizers

Organic fertilizer extrusion granulator for sale

· Organic Fertilizer Extrusion Granulator ·

Our organic fertilizer extrusion granulator presses composted animal manure into small fertilizer granules by the extrusion force of rollers and molds. The fertilizer granules are cylindrical in shape, and their diameter (about 2-8 mm) is changeable by using different rollers.

4 Reasons to Use Our Organic Fertilizer Extrusion Granulator

Compact Design

In comparison with other organic fertilizer granulating machines, our flat die granulator takes up less area. If you are devoid of enough room in your plan, it is a wise choice to use our die extrusion granulator, coupled with other necessary machines, to form a mini and compact fertilizer production line. In doing so, not only can you save a large sum without the need of expanding your factory but also start fertilizer production with less investment.

Small flat die granulator for organic fertilizer
Flat die granulator for making organic fertilizer

Simple Production

Composted animal manure does not require the process of drying and crushing before the granulation, simplifying the whole production. But, remember to screen your compost in case there is something hard in it that could wear the rollers and molds of our organic fertilizer extrusion granulator.

Our flat die granulator produces organic fertilizer granules whose water content is low. Hence, there is no need for you to use a fertilizer drying machine to dry these granules.

Small Investment

Among various fertilizer granulation machines from our company, our organic fertilizer extrusion granulator is sold at a relatively low price. Most importantly, you don’t need to buy a rotary drum drying machine and a rotary drum cooling machine, given that our die extrusion granulator works on the principle of dry granulation. All in all, it is possible for you to spend less money on producing good organic fertilizer pellets.

Cost-effective fertilizer extruder pellet machine for sale
Double roller extrusion granulator for compound fertilizer

· Double Roller Extrusion Granulator ·

Do you want to find an efficient extrusion granulator to make compound fertilizer granules? Why not try our double roller extrusion granulator? Our roller extrusion granulator is designed for the production of compound fertilizer granules. It can press dry compound fertilizer powder into granules without the agent of adhesive.

A Top Type of Fertilizer Extruder Pelletizer Last Year

Last year, our fertilizer roller extrusion granulator ranked among the first in the group of the best compound fertilizer making machines. Many fertilizer manufacturers get high praise for its outstanding features of high granulation rate, fast granulation speed, and smooth production.

At the same time, our roller extrusion granulator boosts the sales of other fertilizer making machines, such as auto conveying systems, rotary screening machines, and bagging machines. That is mainly because our double roller extrusion machine, with other essential machines, can form a small production line that realizes continuous and mechanized production. It is fair to say that our double roller extrusion granulator is an ideal machine for your compound fertilizer production plant.

Double roller extrusion granulation line in fertilizer plant

Why You Should Use Our Fertilizer Extruder Pelletizer to Make Fertilizer Granules?

Double roller extrusion machine in commercial fertilizer plant

High Quality

Given its working principle—dry granulation, our pellet extruder machine produces hard fertilizer granules that have low water content. Therefore, the granules will not have problems, like caking and a decline in quality, during a long time of storage or transportation. Most importantly, the expiration date of the fertilizer granules is longer than that of traditional fertilizer products on the market, which is a factor that wins over customers.

More Nutrients

There are physical changes during the granulation. As a result, the fertilizer pellets made by our extruder pellet machine contain the most nutrients and trace elements of fertilizer powder. Fertilized in fields, these fertilizer granules are able to nourish plants and crops with abundant nutrients, improving productivity.

Fertilizer granules made by double roller extrusion machine
Fertilizer granules made by double roller extrusion granulator

Slow Release

Our extrusion granulator makes fertilizer pellets that have huge strength, compared to other fertilizer granulating machines. The strength allows fertilizer granules to release nutrients slowly, even in the water for a long time, and generate less powder during fertilizing.

A Whole Fertilizer Production Line with Our Fertilizer Extruder Pelletizer

An extruder pelletizer is enough for you if you just want to turn animal manure on your farm into fertilizer and fertilize it on your fields. However, it is not for those who have an attempt to make money from fertilizer production. You know, there are many steps in fertilizer production. Let’s take chicken manure fertilizer production as an example.

Chicken Manure Fertilizer Making Process

You need to compost collected chicken litter and screen it to improve its purity.

The process of crushing is needed if your chicken manure is caked.

Mix all materials completely after you use a batching machine to add some other fertilizer powder

Our chicken manure extruder will turn your fertilizer powder into fertilizer granules.

The step of screening will ensure that unqualified pellets are sifted

Good ones will need the final process, bagging.

Chicken manure fertilizer granules

Actually, that is just a brief introduction to chicken manure fertilizer production. According to the needs and capitals of clients, the final flowchart of the production and the machines it requires differ a lot. Sounds it is a labyrinth of choosing the ideal granular fertilizer making machines for your plant, right? Why not just buy a whole production line from us?

A Whole Chicken Manure Fertilizer Production Line in Myanmar

As a fertilizer machinery supplier, we offer several designs of fertilizer extrusion granulation lines that are equipped with automatic equipment. If you have some special requirements, free design of fertilizer production line and machine customization are available.

Things You Should Know When You Use Our Fertilizer Extruder Pelletizer


Batching machine for NPK fertilizer plant


You can only feed pure fertilizer powder into our fertilizer extruder pelletizer because any hard material will make rollers and molds wear quickly. Hence, we suggest you use a rotary drum screener to sift your composted animal manure in case it has little stones, or a fertilizer crushing machine to grind caked raw material into fine powder in the production of compound fertilizer granules.

Batching machine for NPK fertilizer plant


Our fertilizer extruder granulators have a tough standard for the water in the raw materials. Generally speaking, the ideal water content of your fertilizer powder should be within the range between 5% and 10%, or the granulation rate will plunge. Hence, remember to dewater your animal waste before the process of composting.


(1) It is highly recommended that the process of feeding raw materials should be controlled by an auto conveying machine. If you insist on manual feeding, workers should wear protective equipment, such as facial masks and gloves, and feed fertilizer powder steadily. Please do not touch the inner of the fertilizer extrusion granulator’s feeder unless the machine is off.

(2) Operate the fertilizer pellet extruder in accordance with the steps written in the manual. Immediately contact us if there are any problems when you operate our fertilizer extruder pelletizer.

Double roller granulation line in fertilizer plant


Please dismantle the machine and lubricate the bearings so that our extruder pellet machine can work longer for you.

The vulnerable parts, including rollers, molds, and V-belt, should be changed if needed. We can provide you with spare parts at the best price.

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