Why Do You Need an Automatic Fertilizer Bagging Equipment?

Fertilizer Production Plant for Mass Production

Because of the huge demand for fertilizer, the fertilizer industry is exceedingly promising as always. An increasing number of people rush into the fertilizer market and try to make a huge buck from it.

All you need is a streamlined production line of organic fertilizer to ensure mass manufacturing. On that line, our automatic fertilizer bagging machine is indispensable. Because it is able to package your fertilizer uniformly and make your fertilizer products look more commercial. Thus, your fertilizer will be sold at the best price!

Our fertilizer bagging machine, with a sophisticated sensor and a smart controlling system, enables the process of feeding, weighting, sealing, and palletizing to occur automatically. Therefore, the satisfaction of all your needs merely requires one bagging machine designed by our company.

Bagging Machine in Indian Fertilizer Production Line

Now, we offer high-quality packing machine with a large range of models, which is an ideal piece of equipment for the fertilizer production plant on a large scale or a small scale.


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Two Types of Auto Packager for Your Fertilizer Production Line

Single Bucket Packing Scale for Fertilizer Powder or Pellets

In the pursuit of meeting the needs of different customers, we designed two different auto packagers for fertilizer, namely double bucket packing scale and single bucket packing scale.



  • Both of them, though different in structure, share the same method of packing and the feature of high accuracy and fast velocity.
  • In efficiency, the former runs better than the latter. Hence, it is preferable for large-scale production lines.
  • In performance, both of them enable your automatic production line to run consecutively and smoothly.

Also, we provide packing machine without any buckets. However, you need to equip it with a storage hopper to realize the automatic process of bagging.

Automatic bagging machine for Fertilizer Powder&Pellets

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How to Package Automatically to Maximize the Efficiency of Your Production Line?

The First Step

Once you put a bag in the right position, the bagging machine will hold it firmly.

According to your requirements, the weighting system allows a certain quantity of raw materials to be poured into the bucket.

The Second Step

The Third Step

When the process of pouring stops, the bucket discharges the materials into the bag quickly while the another bucket, if the machine has one, is starting to receive a certain amount of materials.

Then the sealing system works and tights the bag firmly.

The Forth Step

The Fifth Step

Carried by the conveyor, the bag is sent to be stocked with the help of an automatic palletizer.

3 Highlights of Our Fertilizer Bagging Equipment Attracts So Many Buyers

Auto Sewing Device of Fertilizer Bagging Machine

The Auto Sewing Device

High Efficiency

In structure, every part of our fertilizer bagging machine, particularly the feeding system, weighting system, bagging system and sealing device, is controlled by a computer, which is able to streamline your production line and realize its full automation.

The Weighing Belt of Fertilizer Bagger

The Weighing Belt

Wide Utilization

Our packager is able to pack various kinds of fertilizer, including organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, and bio fertilizer, no matter in powder or pellet.

Furthermore, our bagging system has a large weighting range that varies from 5kg to 50kg, which, so to speak, is suitable for the production line on a large scale or a small scale.

Foolproof Operation

Controlled by a smart system with high technology, our packaging equipment can make the process of weighting, bagging, sealing and stocking run automatically. And in accordance with your needs, our technical engineer can change the default sitting for you, such as the speed.

Thus, all you need to do is open it and maintain it regularly. Of course, if you need to change the default setting, our professional squad will give you support.

Our Automatic Fertilizer Bagging Equipment

Shunxin Machinery Company has been highly acknowledged in the international market for its cost-effective bagging equipment. It, makes product customization available to meet your special needs.

Hence, you can contact us to get the quotation and other information about our fertilizer bagging equipment if you have any inclination towards buying it. We promise to offer you a good bagging machine with fast speed and high accuracy.

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