Which Fertilizer Production Line Do You Want to Establish?

Firstly, you need to answer the following 3 questions if you want to build an ideal fertilizer production line.

Question 1

What Kind of Fertilizer Products Do You Want to Make?

In general, there ar verious fertilizer products. For instance, organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer and BB fertilizer. In general, the design of production line change according to the type of fertilizer.

Here, we provide 5 production lines. They draw the most attention from our buyers and potential clients.


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Organic Fertilizer Production Line

For those who own an animal farm, it is a perfect choice to establish an organic fertilizer production line. Frankly speaking, that is able to turn their animal waste into profitable fertilizer products. After the establishment of a production line, every pile of animal manure will bring them a barrels of dollars. Besides, we designed 6 organic fertilizer production lines to meet the demand for making organic fertilizer by different manure on animal farms

Wide Application

6 Organic Fertilizer Production Lines for Different Raw Materials

Animal Manure Fertilizer Productiion Line
Horse Manure Fertilizer Production Line
Chicken Manure Fertilizer Production Line
Sheep Manure Fertilizer Production Line
Pig Manure Fertilizer Production Line
Cow Dung Fertilizer Production Line

Bio Fertilizer Production Line

High Automation

Since sustainable development is a trend all over the world, there is no doubt that the market for biofertilizer is heading to a future of brightness. Such a bright future, in turn, brings substantial wealth to biofertilizer makers.

More importantly, o production line is equipped with high automatic biofertilizer making machines, including composter, crusher and mixer. If you want to make money by producing biofertilizer, our production line won’t let you down. In addition, our commercial biofertilizer production line is at the best discount.

The Machine on Biofertilizer Production Line

NPK Fertilizer Production Line

Do you want to set up a large-scale NPK production plant? If the answer is “YES”, our commercial NPK production line is the first thing you need.

We equip the whole set of a production line with auto NPK fertilizer making machines. As a result, it costs less time and labour to manufacture NPK fertilizer. Besides, 3 or 4 workers are enough to assist it to manufacture tons of NPK fertilizer. Thus, you do not need to spend a lot on hiring workers.

Low Production Cost

Compound Fertilizer Production Line

Quality Fertilizer Products

In fact, the sales of our compound fertilizer production line have hiked up four years in a row. To meet the different needs of buyers, we particularly designed more than 5 compound fertilizer production lines with diverse capacities. Among them, our 10-15 Tons/Hour Compound Fertilizer Production Line stands out by its the highest sales. In addition to the main NPK fertilizer manufacturing machines, it is equipped with a high-efficient coating machine. Hence, you can use it to produce slow release NPK fertilizer pellets, gaining more profits.

The Compound Fertilizer Products of the Production Line

Compound Fertilizer Pellets
Ammonium Dihydrogen Phosphate Fertilizer Pellets
Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate Fertilizer Products
Urea Fertilizer Pellets
Urea Fertilizer Granules Processed by Coating Machine

Mixed Fertilizer Production Line

“How to make mixed fertilizer?” That is a question asked by an increasing number of people on our website. Thanks to the expansion of the demand for biofertilizer, our buyers’ interests in our mixed fertilizer production line have increased largely. Up to now, our mixed fertilizer production lines have been shipped to various countries, such as Russia, Iraq and Colombia.

Wide Recognition in the Overseas Markets
Large Capacity

If you are curious about the production of mixed fertilizer and intend to make money from it, our large-scale mixed fertilizer production line is your best choice. In fact, you can use a little amount of investment to establish a whole production line in your factory. Then, the production line will consecutively produce a large amount of mixed fertilizer pellets worth hundreds of dollars.

Question 2

Do You Prefer Fertilizer Powder Or Fertilizer Pellets?

On the market, powder fertilizer and granular fertilizer are the most saleable fertilizer products. In production, they vary distinctly. So, Which one you like?

Composted Animal Manure as Fertilizer Powder

Powder Fertilizer Production Line

Practically, it is much easier to make powder fertilizer, even for novices. With high automation, our full powder fertilizer production line only need a few worker to manufacture a large quantity of fertilizer products. Besides, it requires fewer fertilizer production machines. Accordingly, the extra spending on expanding the site is needless.

If you are devoid of an adequate budget for commercial fertilizer production, Don’t worry. Actually, you can invest in a small-scale powder fertilizer production line. To be honest, it will economically benefit you a lot.


  • The Lower Requirements for Capital

  • Easy Making Processes

Granular Fertilizer Production Line

Are you the one who is determined to be successful in the fertilizer business?

If you are, what you need the first is a full granular fertilizer production line which forms a commercial fertilizer plant. Without doubt, it will be a steady source of income for you.

In the views of some people, making fertilizer pellets seems a rather complex and formidable task. However, the economic returns it brings you can offset all your perspiration and toil.


  • Mass Production

  • Substantial Economic Returns

  • Less Possibility of Dust Pollution

Compound Fertilizer Granules

The Machines to Make Fertilizer Pellets

In general, our granular fertilizer production line is equipped with auto fertilizer making machines. As a result, it can greatly reduce the difficulty of making fertilizer pellets. Even a beginner doesn’t need to be afraid his granular fertilizer making business may end in failure if he chooses us.

Question 3

What the Daily or Annual Output of Production Line Would You Like?

Please, make a wise decision. That determines the scale and final quotation of your production line.

It is prudent to use a small amount of capital to buy a small production line to start your fertilizer business. Usually, the annual output of our medium-scale production line is within 5,000 and 20,000 tons.

2 Tons/Hour Fertilizer Production Line

If you want to gain a great amount of wealth in fertilizer production, a production line with a large annual output will ensure a steady source of incomes for you. You can choose rotary drum granulator production line.

10 Tons/Hour Fertilizer Production Line

Here, you have diverse options.

Among them, the rotary drum granulator production line has a rather larger annual output, nearly 200,000 tons. In your commercial fertilizer production factory, it costs less money and labour to manufacture tons of fertilizer pellets every day. If you have difficulty in choosing the right production line, you can contact us now. Then, we will recommend an ideal one for you!

  • Flat Die Granulator Production Line

  • Extrusion Granulator Production Lines

  • Pan Granulator Production Lines

  • Rotary Drum Granulator Production Line

The Designs of Production Lines with Different Capacity

Why Should You Build a Production Line to Make Fertilizer?

Since the productivity of food was expected to have a great boost, there has been a bulge in the number of fertilizer production lines worldwide. And these production lines form various fertilizer plants that produce tens of thousands of quality fertilizer products every day. For those who want to gain substantial wealth from fertilizer manufacturing, like you, it is indispensable for you to establish a production line first.

Our company is a professional supplier of fertilizer production lines. And our service is widely recognized in the international markets. We will assist you to establish an ideal production line according to your requirements in many aspects, such as the choice of fertilizer making machines and the design of fertilizer production.

How Quick Will You Get Profits?

According to our conservative estimate, you can get back your investment within 1-2 years. Provided that your marketing strategy is on the right track, a large sum of net income will even come into your account in the first year.

All in all, it is fair to say that our production line is a driving force on the way towards the success of your fertilizer business!

What Do You Need to Establish a Production Line for Fertilizer Production?

Fertilizer Making Equipment

As we all know, fertilizer making machines vary on different production lines. For instance, a commercial production line for organic fertilizer pellets requires various machines, such as compost turners, mixers and crushers, while a BB fertilizer only needs 3 machines, namely a batching system, a mixer and a packager.

A Plant

Generally, the establishment of a fertilizer factory is a prerequisite for fertilizer production. Therefore, you should prepare a spacious place and make it as your fertilizer production plant before the arrival of your fertilizer manufacturing equipment. Of course, the plant should be located in a level ground which is far away from residential areas.

– Skillful Workers –

Actually, our production lines are highlighted by their high automation. When all the machines are in good operation, the line will consecutively produce quality fertilizer. In addition, it only needs a few workers to maintain its smooth operation. After the installation of the production line, our engineer will train and guide your workers in person or by video call.

Does It Expensive to Build a Production Line for Your Fertilizer Plant?

In fact, the price depends on your specific choice of fertilizer making equipment. Usually, a production line of powder fertilizer costs less than that of granular fertilizer, because it requires fewer machines. Now, you can contact us if you want to establish an ideal production line. According to your special needs, we will recommend the optimum design of a production line!

The Lowest Price

Every fertilizer making machine we sell is at a rather low price in the markets, without extra charges.

Holiday Promotion

In the holidays, we will hold promotions when you are qualified to enjoy the best discount!

With our help, it is possible for you to build an ideal production line with less investment.

The Price List of Fertilizer Production Lines

How exactly does a fertilizer production cost?

Now, we offer you a price range according to 3 factors.

Your Raw Materials for Making Frtilizer

Your Preference of Fertilizer Granules or Pellets

The Hourly Capacity of Your Fertilizer Production Line

Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Power Fertilizer

Guanlar Fertilizer

Capacity Price( USD )
1-2 t/h 3-4 w
3-5 t/h 4-5 w
6-8 t/h 6-7 w
10 t/h 7-8 w
15 t/h 8-9 w
20 t/h 9-10 w
Capacity Price( USD )
1-2 t/h 3-4 w
3-5 t/h 4-5 w
6-8 t/h 6-7 w
10 t/h 7-8 w
15 t/h 8-9 w
20 t/h 9-10 w

Compound Fertilizer Production Line

Capacity Price( USD )
1-2 t/h 7-8 w
3-5 t/h 10-15 w
6-8 t/h 20-22 w
10 t/h 28-30 w
15 t/h 30-33 w
20 t/h 58-60 w

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