NPK Fertilizer Production Plant Design


· NPK Fertilizer Crusher ·

In fact, the process of crushing raw materials is a crucial role in manufacturing NPK fertilizer. Therefore, we design 3 types of crushers for your NPK fertilizer production plant, namely vertical crusher, cage crusher and chain crusher. Because of their high efficiency, all of them are ideal machines in grinding your raw materials into powder.

In commercial NPK fertilizer plants, you can choose vertical grinder machine or chain crusher for NPK fertilizer whose maximum capacity reaches 15 tons per hour

In mini NPK plants, our cage crusher has a good performance. Besides, it is highly commended for its lots of excellent features, including energy-consuming and efficient.


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What Should You Do to Unqualified Fertilizer Pellets?

Use our chain crushing machine!

Our chain crushing machine can reprocess the fertilizer pellets which are not up to the standard. Hence, the large wastage of raw material will no longer be a concern for you.

How to Crushing Special Raw Materials?

Urea Crusher for Fertilizer Production Line

In addition, we particularly design a kind of crusher for special raw materials, such as urea. Therefore, you can use it to grind urea pellets into powder and then, make urea-based NPK fertilizers.


· Batching Machine ·

When you manufacture NPK fertilizer, there is a demanding standard for the precision of the proportion of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. Commonly, it is impossible for you to manually remain the continuity of batching with high accuracy when you have a large NPK fertilizer production plant. Therefore, you need an auto batching system.

Batching System in NPK Fertilizer Plants

Our Batching Equipment Is a Good Helper For You

Equipped with high-sensitive belt scale, it can automatically weigh a certain quantity of each raw material according to the recipe and realize the consecutive batching for a long time. Thus, you can produce standard products in your NPK fertilizer production plant

Auto Batching Machine in Organic Fertilizer Production Line
The Detail of Batching Machine
The Belt of Batching System


· NPK Fertilizer Mixing Machine ·

In addition to the precision of batching, the efficiency of mixing is a critical factor dominating the quality of our NPK fertilizer. Now, we are holding a monthly promotion when you can enjoy the best discount!

On large-scale NPK fertilizer production lines, we highly recommend our best bulk NPK blending machine: horizontal mixer, because it has a large capacity, almost 15 tons per hour. Or you can choose pan mixer which stands out for its even and smooth operation for a long time.




· NPK Fertilizer Pellet Making Machine ·

Generally speaking, there are 2 prevalent methods to making fertilizer pellets in a majority of npk fertilizer production plants.

Which one you should choose?

Wet granulation, adopted by most owners of commercial NPK plants, is highly recommended if you prefer mass production of saleable NPK fertilizer pellets.

Commonly speaking, dry granulation is widely embraced by a large group of owners of small-scale NPF fertilizer plants, because it takes less investment in equipment.

Why You Should Choose Wet Granulation?

Thanks to their low moisture content, your NPK fertilizer granules can be bagged and sold on the market straight.

Before the process of granulating, you should make sure that the water content of your raw materials should be less, about 10%. When your raw materials are wet, they are unlikely to be pressed into pellets easily.

Simple & Easy Production
Quick Economic Returen
Short Fertilizer Production Line
Good fertilizer products

· Flat Die Granulator & Double Roller Extrusion Granulator ·

In fact, our flat die granulator and double roller extrusion granulator are perfectly suitable for mini NPK fertilizer plants by dint of their small size and easy operation. All in all, the procedures of making NPK fertilizer will be easier if you choose them.

In addition, the size and shape of your NPK fertilizer pellets are adjustable in line with your special requirements.

What Is the NPK Dry Granulation Process?

So, what is the difference between it and the dry granulation process?

In the process of dry granulation, your dry raw materials are pressed into small NPK fertilizer pellets under the pressure of rotating rollers; in the steam granulation process, first your raw materials will be dampened by stream or water and then squeezed into NPK fertilizer granules by the rotary force of drum.

Then, why should you choose steam granulation to produce NPK fertilizer pellets?

What Are the Defining Features of Dry Granulation?

No Air Pollution

There is no dust or powder created in the process of NPK fertilizer granulation. Thus, you don’t need to worry about secondary pollution.


No Caking Problem

After the process of drying and cooling, your NPK fertilizer granules will have no possibility of caking or breaking in storage and transportation.



Good Products

The appearance of your NPK fertilizer pellets is more attractive. As a result, the sales of your NPK fertilizer products will be boosted greatly.

· Drum Granulator & Disc Granulator ·

In recent years, more and more manufacturers from overseas have brought commercial granulators from us and then set up their NPK steam granulation plants. They mostly choose our rotary drum granulator or disc granulator because of their large capacity.

Here, we provide you with a rotary drum granulator production line and a disc granulator production line to assist you in building a commercial NPK steam granulation plant.

Disc Granulator in Operation

Rotary Drum Granulator in Operation


· NPK Fertilizer Dryer and Cooler ·

To avoid caking, the water content of your wet NPK fertilizer pellets should be reduced to an ideal amount before bagging. Thus, a dryer and a cooler are indispensable on the granular fertilizer production line when you choose wet granulation.

Besides, our rotary drum dryer, matched with a rotary drum cooler, can deal with a huge quantity of NPK fertilizer granules per hour, about 18 tons.

Rotary Drum Drying Machine

Rotary Drum Cooling Machine


To win the favor of customers, you need to make sure that every NPK fertilizer pellet in the bag you sell is standard and quality.

Imagine there are 2 bags of NPK fertilizer pellets at the same price: one is full of beautiful pellets in the same size and shape, and the other is littered with misshapen or broken pellets, which bags would you select?

· Rotary Screening Machine of NPK Fertilizer ·

So, you need a high-efficient screening machine to sift out unqualified NPK fertilizer pellets to guarantee the quality of your products.

Actually, you can select our rotary screening machine whose capacity varies from 1 ton per hour to 20 tons per hour. Don’t worry about loud noises. With a special structure, our rotary screener runs smoothly without harsh noise in your NPK fertilizer production plant.


There is a polishing machine in the majority of commercial NPK fertilizer pellets plants. Do you know why?

The answer is quite simple.

To beauty the appearance of their NPK fertilizer pellets and boost sales!

· NPK Fertilizer Polishing Machine


It is widely known that the attractive appearance of NPK fertilizer granules is one of the important factors dominating the sales of your products. Thus, you can use our polishing machine to beatify your fertilizer pellets. By the rotary force, your pellets will become uniform in size and shape.


When exposed to the air for a while, NPK fertilizer granules are prone to absorbing water, leading to a decrease in their quality and potency. So, how to address that tricky problem?

· Coating Machine ·

In general, it coats your fertilizer pellets with a layer of special materials which isolates pellets from the air to greatly perverse the potency of your NPK fertilizer.

Most importantly, it is a requisite for your NPK production line if you want to produce slow-released NPK fertilizer pellets.


· The Auto Package Machine of NPK Fertilizer


In order to remain the large output of your NPK production line, it is necessary for you to choose an auto packing machine to further increase the speed of bagging.

How Dose our Bagging Machine Work?

Our automatic bagging scale, with an electronic scale, can weigh a quantity of NPK fertilizer precisely in a bucket. After that, it will pour your fertilizer into a bag and seal it automatically. Throughout the process of bagging, only a few workers are needed to make sure the smooth performance of our NPK fertilizer packaging machine.

 NPK Fertilizer Production Plant Boost Your Fertilizer Business

A Large Market

A Perfect Time

Thanks to its good sales, NPK fertilizer is one of leaders dominating the fertilizer market. With the rapid development of agriculture in most countries recently, the demand for NPK fertilizer have skyrocketed, bringing an allure to many businessmen who once had an idea of making money in the fertilizer industry. For most investors, an NPK fertilizer factory is seen as a cash cow for its ability to produce a large amount of fertilizer which can be sold at a good price.

Thus, it is a perfect time to start your NPK fertilizer business now! Before you act, a NPK fertilizer production plant equipped with high-quality equipment is what you need first. As a professional NPK machinery manufacturer, we will provide you with a whole set of NPK production line and guide you to erect a commercial NPK fertilizer plant with low investment. Thus, you can make economic benefits from your NPK business set up with a small amount of capital.

Why Can You Buy a NPK Fertilizer Plant with Less Investment?

Commomly, the price varies greatly according to different NPK fertilizer machines. Hence, we cannot give you a final quotation of our NPK fertilizer plant here. Frankly, a plant making NPK powder fertilizer costs less than that of making NPK granules, because it requires fewer machines. However, we can promise that our price is relatively low in the market.

The Best Price

We are one of the prestigious suppliers of NPK plant machines in the world who has a large-scale factory to produce high-quality NPK fertilizer making machines. Hence, our NPK industry equipment is sold at an afforable price.

No Extra Charge

We, unlike other agents or intermediaries who live on commission, don’t charge extra, expect the fees for freight and shipment.

The Best Discount

In the holidays, we will hold promotions and you can enjoy the best discount! Please contact us if you want to make NPK fertilizer and turn it into a business. We will provide you with ideal NPK fertilizer machines for your commercial plant!

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