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Composting Poultry Manure

3 solutions for composting poultry manure with efficient compost turning machines

There is something more valuable than eggs and meat on your commercial poultry farm! Yes, it is your poultry litter, a material with abundant micro-nutrients that are the basic needs of plants. Wait, don’t be in a rush to click off the page. It is not a mundane article talking about the components of poultry litter and how it benefits your plants. In fact, this page is much more practical. It mainly tells you something you should know about composting poultry manure, from the method of poultry waste composting to the tips for preparation of compost using poultry litter. Now, let’s start with the first topic – What is poultry compost production?

Something about Composting Techniques for Poultry Waste

Composting is one of the most effective and simple methods of farm manure management. Not only because it sanitizes animal manure, but because it makes waste more valuable. Then, what is poultry litter composting? Why do so many farm owners consider it the best approach to take when it comes to animal manure disposal?

Composting poultry waste is a process involving microbial activities, self-heating, and waste degradation. In the procedure of making organic compost, compost bacteria break down organic matter in poultry litter quickly when there is enough water and oxygen. Feeding on waste, they will produce energy and carbon consistently. Some of energy is used for their production, while the rest is given off as heat, driving up the temperature of the compost. Soon, harmful bacterial die because of intolerable heat.

Poultry manure composting process

Then, some of the decomposed matter is turned into nutrients that improve the growth of microorganisms. As microorganisms die, they can be recycled again. When the process of aerobic composting of poultry manure ends, microorganisms, with resistant organic remains, become humus with abundant nutrients that are necessary for plants and crops.

The preparation of organic compost

Basically, you can use your poultry manure as fertilizer after the process of hot composting. On the one hand, organic matter in your compost becomes humus, which is much more absorbable for plants. On the other hand, heat destroys all harmful matter in your animal manure. Since compost is just like a magic wand to turn your poultry manure into useful organic fertilizer, there comes the second question: How to compost poultry manure?


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3 Effective Methods of Aerobic Composting of Poultry Manure

Which One Is the Best For You?

Theoretically, oxygen is the pivot of the process of poultry manure composting because of its ability to sustain the reproduction and activities of compost bacteria. Without it, you will have a static compost pile that ferments for at least half a month. Therefore, composting of poultry manure is actually a process of aerobic fermentation.

There are 3 methods that fall into the category of aerobic composting, namely, windrow composting poultry litter, pit composting for poultry litter and in-vessel composting for poultry waste. Despite their differing procedures for composting, these methods aim to create a benign environment for aerobic bacteria to break down organic matter quickly, which will accelerate the process of composting. But, how to make a choice between them? Which one is just right for you?

How to Make Natural Poultry Litter Compost at Home?

How do farmers make poultry litter compost fertilizer in their farmyards? In order to cut costs, they take the approach of windrow composting. That is an economical way to make organic fertilizer from poultry manure, because it allows farmers to compost at home, without the need to set up a composting plant or grooves. It just requires an empty backyard for the composting, which fairly costs nothing for most farm owners. Farmers need to pile up dried poultry litter into a long strip so that the windrow composting machine can aerate it easily.

As a composter machine supplier for poultry manure, we offer 2 hot types of windrow composting machines. You can select the one you like according to the number of your animal.

Windrow composting on farmyard

· The SXXDF-2000 ·

The Choice for Poultry Farms with at least 20,000 Birds

If you are looking for a proper poultry manure composter machine for your small farms, the SXXDF-2000 is a perfect choice! It is movable and compact. You can drive it to aerate your compost pile handily. While small in size, the poultry manure composter machine performs efficiently when processing tons of poultry manure with great horsepower.

Moving Type Composting Machine for sale

· Small Poultry Manure Compost Units for Sale ·

Model: SXXDF-2000

Capacity(m3/h): 300-500

Power(kw): 30

Turning width(m): 2

· The SXLDF-3000 ·

The Choice for Large-scale Animal Farm

On a commercial poultry farm, there are more than 100,000 birds that produce about 10 tons of fresh manure a day. In order to improve the efficiency of composting, a large-capacity poultry litter compost machine is needed. The SXLDF-3000, a commercial poultry litter compost machine, is widely used in large-scale animal farms. This big machine has longer and larger turning teeth that allow it to aerate more compost than other windrow compost turners. Its capacity reaches 1,500 m3 per hour, which is three times higher than the SXXDF-2000.

· Commercial Poultry Litter Compost Machine for Sale ·

Model: SXLDF-3000

Capacity(m3/h): 1300-1500

Power(kw): 156

Turning width(m): 30

Windrow Type Composting Machine for Sale

How Does Poultry Waste Manure Work on Rotating Composters?

Most buyers wonder how our poultry dung compost machine works to aerate their compost piles.

First, have a look at the design of their turning teeth. They are rigid steel sticks on the main shaft. When the windrow compost turner moves past your compost pile, the main shaft rotates clockwise with them. These small turning teeth stick in your compost, crush and toss it backward, forming a new poultry compost. Your compost is fully exposed to the air, infused with oxygen. With sufficient fresh oxygen, compost bacteria are encouraged to reproduce and decompose organic matter.

Tips for How to Compost Poultry Manure and Make High-quality Organic Compost

Compost it on the concrete


As we mentioned, there is a vast group of harmful materials in your poultry compost, which are likely to infiltrate the soil and underwater and contaminate the environment on your farm. Hence, composting poultry litter is a proper approach to managing manure on your farm and protecting the health of your animals and your workers.

The hot composting process

Put a fence up around your composting area

Your little birds are active and adventurous. They go everywhere courageously and try to eat everything they can find. Therefore, you should compost poultry litter far away from your poultry houses and make a fence to protect your compost pile. Otherwise, your birds will forage on your compost, which not only harms them but disturbs the process of poultry waste composting.

Cover compost piles with a layer of plastic

Yes, the plastic layer is not conducive to aeration. However, it actually helps to speed up the composting process when you adopt the method of windrow composting. You know, the weather is a big factor influencing the process of windrow composting of poultry waste. Whereas, a plastic layer will make your compost pile immune to it largely.

  • Preventing rain from washing away the nutrients in your compost pile.
  • Preserving heat when the temperature on the outside is low, accelerating the process of breaking down the non-cellulose carbohydrate and protein components in your poultry compost.
  • Keeping the water for composting poultry waste.Exposed to the sun, there will be a loss of moisture in your poultry waste compost. A plastic layer will minimize evaporation and make sure there is enough water for compost bacteria to break down organic matter.
  • Lessening the odor. It is inevitable that there is some pungent smell during the composting process using poultry manure. The plastic layer will lessen it and create a pleasant environment for you to compost.

How Does the Industrial Poultry Manure Composting Work?

Some people, sensing the business opportunity from composting using poultry waste, tend to invest in a poultry waste compost plant. They need a way of commercial composting to make high-quality organic manure fast. In fact, commercial composting has much to do with good management. Without proper management, it is unlikely to have quality organic fertilizer that meets the demand of the markets. Then, how to make poultry litter compost for sale? How does industrial poultry manure composting work to produce high-quality products fast? Try the pit composting method!

Unlike windrow composting, this approach requires you to stack your poultry litter in a groove. The width and depth of the groove depend on the composting machines. It would be better if the groove is built indoors because the influence of the external environment on your compost can be minimized. But, it makes it difficult to aerate compost in the groove, doesn’t it? Don’ t worry! We have a special poultry composting machine for pit composting, which can aerate your compost automatically!

· The SXCF-4000 ·

A Good Way To Free Your Hand And Say Goodbye To Labor Work

Although a groove is helpful to speed up composting, such as preserving heat, it makes it harder for you to thoroughly turn the poultry compost. Therefore, we designed a groove type compost turner. With the help of a moving device on the walls, it wends forwards stably when its turning teeth turn the manure in the groove. Every inch of the compost will be fully aerated. Most importantly, you don’t need to operate it manually during the composting. After you press the button on the control box, it will aerate the compost automatically. The high automation of this composter improves the productivity of a commercial composting plant that has over 200 tons of poultry manure to process.

· Automatic Poultry Composting Machine for Sale ·

Model: SXCF-4000

Power(kw): 15*2

Turning Width(m): 4

Turning Depth(m): 0.8

Groove type composting machine for organic fertilizer

What is the Design of the Poultry Composting Plant?

Now you know the method of how to make compost at the factory, let’s talk about the design of the poultry composting plant so that you can make good preparations for your plant project.

Dewater machine for organic fertilizer production
Vertical Crushing Machine in Fertilizer Production Plant
Groove composting for making organic fertilizer
Powder fertilizer production in organic feritlizer plant

Which Method Should You Use in Your Composting Plant, Windrow Composting or Pit Composting for Poultry Litter?

Usually, windrow compost is a good way to deal with a small amount of poultry manure. That’s the reason why two-thirds of the clients who brought our windrow compost turning machines are farm owners. If an easy way to dispose of your poultry manure is all you want, the windrow composting machine, affordable and compact, should be your first option.

Pit composting is more suitable for commercial composting plants because it is easy to manage even if you compost hundreds of tons of manure. The SXCF-5000, another machine used in the pit composting method, is a hot choice for large-scale composting plant owners. According to our test, it takes 20-25 days when poultry compost is mature, when the compost is aerated with compost making machine timely. Undoubtedly, fast composting will lower production costs.

How Will You Dispose of Poultry Waste for A Good Environment?

In the process of composting using the foregoing ways, there is a chance of polluting air and water if your compost is not well managed. Then, how do we use poultry litter to make compost in an environment-friendly way?

In-vessel composting for poultry waste is a good idea! As its name indicates, in-vessel compost means that the process of composting occurs in a vessel or a tank. The closed environment the organic fermentation tank provides prevents the order of your compost from permeating farms or plants. In addition, there is a deodorizing device to clean the exhaust gas. Therefore, you do not need to worry about air pollution when you make a profit from your poultry waste compost production.

· The SXFT-100 ·

Latest Technology in Compost Manufacture

In addition to the ability to prevent environmental pollution, the SXFT-100 stands out by its high technology for fast and automatic composting. Equipped with a PLC system, the in-vessel composting machine will manage compost automatically, from aeration to temperature control. You have no need to check whether your compost is in perfect aerobic condition or not several times a day. That is the responsibility of the sensors in the organic fertilizer tank. They will monitor the temperature, moisture and oxygen content of your poultry compost all the time, and take action when they change abnormally. You can just do your routine work and wait for the automatic composter to make quality compost for you.

Vertical Fermentation Tank for Organic Fertilizer Production

· Automatic Composter for Poultry Litter ·

Model: The SXFT-100

Heating Power(kw): 4

Stirring Power(kw): 7.5

Dimensions(m): 5*5*8.5

When Should I Stop the Composting Of Poultry Manure?

The process of composting has 4 stages, and when the last phase, namely the curing phase, ends, you know your poultry manure is well-composted. However, how do you know if your compost is in the last phase? There are 2 ways.

When the mesophilic stage is done, there are fewer organic matters for microorganisms to break down. Hence, the microbial activities of microorganisms are reduced, and no more heat is produced. Then, the temperature of poultry compost gradually drops to 104℉ or lower. But, composting is still happening. The mesophiles will appear again to decompose the cellulose and lignin, 2 coarse materials in your compost. So, leave some time for them to keep working. After a few days, the panel of the organic fermentation tank shows that the temperature of your poultry compost remains still. Then, it is a sign that the process of composting is finished. The in-vessel composting machine will discharge the compost for you automatically.

The screen of the fermentation tank's contron panel
Fermentation vessel compost

The C/N ratio is an indicator of the maturity of your poultry litter compost. Commonly, the C/N ratio of mature poultry litter is about 25~30 before composting. As the microorganisms get energy from consuming lots of carbon and break down organic matter quickly, the C/N ratio of your compost decreases to less than 20. Let’s be more scientific. Here is a formula to check the maturity of your compost.

T=(C/N)2/(C/N)1=the ratio of compost/the ratio of raw materials

When the T is in the range between 0.50-0.60, your poultry manure is fully mature.

How Long Does Poultry Dung Need to Compost in the Composter?

How long does chicken manure take to compost? If you compost your poultry manure using windrow composting or pit composting, it takes about 20-25 days when your compost is done. However, the in-vessel composting system allows you to get well-compost poultry waste within 2 weeks!

Thanks to its high technology and automation, the automatic organic waste composting machine can process your poultry manure quickly. It takes 1 or 2 days when the thermophilic stage comes. Soon, the heat drives the temperature up to 140℉, destroying most thermo-sensitive pathogens, insect eggs and weed seeds. But, long-time high temperatures should be avoided for rapid composting. Therefore, the mixing blades and aeration system will be activated when the temperature is over 150℉. With ideal temperatures, about 131℉- 149℉, the fertilizer fermentation pot will create a benign environment for eumycetes and actinomycetes, two important bacteria to break down organic matter that resists degradation, such as lignin and cellulose.

The design of organic fermentation tank

During this stage, the decomposition of the organic compost occurs actively. Then, your poultry waste becomes humus, also called organic compost. The compost preparation from poultry litter lasts 2 weeks. That is much faster than making compost with a composting machine from other suppliers.

How Many Covered Areas AreRequired for Poultry Manure Compost?

The area largely depends on the method of poultry composting.

Take in-vessel composting for poultry waste as an example. It requires less room for composting due to the design of the organic fermentation tank. Usually, an organic fertilizer making factory, which is about 800 meters square, is enough to place three 90 m3 automatic poultry litter composting machines and a 1-2 t/h organic fertilizer powder production line.

If you have a project to set up a commercial compost plant for poultry manure, the groove type poultry composting machine is a perfect choice. A groove contains more manure, after all. Last year, we offered an American client a 30,000 t/y composting plant. According to his poultry waste processing plant layout, there are two composting grooves that are 4 meters wide and 60 meters long, covering an area of 720 m3. You need to prepare more grooves for the compost poultry process before you set up a large composting plant.

In the process of windrow composting poultry litter, the fermentation area is mainly up to how much litter you have and which compost turner you choose. You need to stack your poultry manure into a strip and its size is contingent on the parameters of the compost turner you select. For instance, the width and depth of your compost pile should be less than 1 meter and 1.5 meters, respectively, when you use the SXLDF-3000, an industrial compost turner. Well, there is no limitation on the length of your compost pile.

What is the Poultry Compost Machine Price?

Now, here comes the point that farm owners care about the most – How much does a poultry compost machine cost?

Farmyard poultry owners prefer the small capacity poultry manure composting machines because of their affordable price and ability to make good compost at home, while commercial farm owners tend to pay more for the industrial composting equipment.

Moving Type Compost Turner in Stock
The Groove Type Composting Machine for Organic Fertilizer Production

As for the groove type composting machine, actually, it is slightly more expensive than the industrial composting equipment because you need to spend a little on the establishment of grooves and plants.

Thanks to its high automation and cutting-edge technology, a fully automatic composting machine is costly for most farm owners. Usually, it is a perfect choice for commercial poultry waste compost plants that are in quest of fast composting. Honestly, it is a good deal to invest in an automatic composter machine that manages your poultry compost automatically and accelerates the composting, despite its price.

Vertical Fermentation Tank for Industrial Fertilizer Making Plant
The Prices of Compost Making Machines
The SXXDF-2000 The SXLDF-3000 The SXCF-4000 The SXFT-100
6,500-8,000 10,000-12,000 8,000-12,000 19,800-180,000


Considering that there are plenty of models and types of commercial compost machines, the price, including the freight cost and insurance, is uncertain without your basic information, like your requirements for the machine, raw materials, and country. Therefore, it is more efficient to get a price list of our commercial composting equipment by sending us an inquiry. Just fill out the following contact form and share the details about the idea of composting poultry litter. Our expert will select the poultry composting equipment that is just right for you and send the quotation to your email as soon as possible.

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