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At the end of April

There was a farm owner who sought our advice on making organic fertilizer from goat manure. He raised 2,000 goats and wanted to convert their waste into granular fertilizer. But, he didn’t know what he should do. Hence, the client sent an email to us, requesting the basic knowledge and required equipment for making high-quality organic fertilizer from goat manure.

The Crucial Step in the Goat Manure as a Fertilizer Production Process

Composting is a natural process of making goat poop as organic fertilizer. It has something to do with the quality of your organic fertilizer. Immature compost contains some substances that are toxic to plants, such as pathogens. What’s more, it will absorb all the nitrogen and oxygen from the soil, causing your plant to be devoid of these nutrients. Therefore, composting is a key step in making high-quality organic fertilizer from goat manure.

Why Should You Compost Goat Manure?

Given its importance, you should know how to compost goat poop in the right way. Hot composting is a perfect method you can choose because it is the most efficient way to decompose goat waste so far.

windrow composting for making organic fertilizer

During hot composting, compost bacteria will produce energy when they consume water and oxygen to break down organic matter. The energy will create a perfect environment for them to grow and produce. As the microbial activities intensify, the energy, in the form of heat, increases the temperature of the goat manure compost. Soon, pathogens will die because of intolerable heat. Then, the last stage of hot composting begins. Your goat poop compost pile cools down to the normal temperature, and most organic waste is decomposed.

How to Make a Hot Compost with Goat Manure?

Dewater machine for organic fertilizer production
Windrow composting in organic fertilizer making plant
Moving Type Composting Machine for sale
Moving Type Composting Machine for sale

· Small Manure Compost Machine for Sale ·

Model: SXXDF-2000

Capacity(m3/h): 300-500

Power(kw): 30

Turning width(m): 2

Windrow type composting

How to Choose an Ideal Fertilizer Production Line to Make Your Own Fertilizer from Goat Manure?

The customer planned to make granular fertilizer with goat manure. However, he was new to goat manure fertilizer production and had no idea how much goat manure fertilizer he should prepare in a day. Facing a group of organic fertilizer production lines, the client was stuck in his choice of an ideal one. Therefore, we gave 2 tips to help him.

The Amount of Goat Manure

Disc Pan Granulation Line for Animal Manure Fertilizer

Before you buy any fertilizer production line, you should be clear about how many raw materials you can have daily or annually. The buyer has a small farm with 2,000 goats. Usually, 100 goats can produce 0.4 tons of fresh manure in a day. Therefore, the client can get at least 8 tons of manure every day. Then, 10 tons of goat manure can make 2-3 tons of organic compost. Now that we figured out the daily amount of his goat manure, we suggested the buyer select a 3 t/h disk granulation line to make goat manure fertilizer granules.

Your Price Range

Of course, your budget is another factor influencing your choice. When you select an organic fertilizer granulating machine, its ability and price have a positive correlation. In other words, it is more costly to buy a fertilizer granulator with a large capacity. The price of our 3 t/h organic fertilizer production line was far beyond the client’s price range. Thereupon, we redesigned the production line with smaller models of organic fertilizer processing machines. It was about half the price of the original one. The client could prolong his working time to improve the productive capacity of his factory.

Pan Granulation Machine in Stock
Moving Type Composting Machine for sale

· Disk Pelletizer for Sale ·

Model: SXYZ-2800

Capacity(t/h): 2-3

Power(kw): 11

Diameter of Disc(m): 2.8

Why Should the Buyer Need 2 Fertilizer Screening Machines for Making Organic Fertilizer with Goat Dung?

When we were discussing the final drawing of the goat manure fertilizer production line, the client asked if he could use a rotary drum fertilizer screening machine to process compost and organic fertilizer granules. Unfortunately, that is hardly a viable approach.

In the organic fertilizer process plant, there are two rotary screening machines that aim to sieve compost and substandard fertilizer granules, respectively. Although with the same name, there is something different between them. If you look closer, you will find that one screener has more outlets than the other does. Yes, that is the screening equipment for organic granules. Once the goat manure fertilizer is discharged from the cooling machine, the pellet screener will sift out substandard fertilizer.

Fertilizer Rotary Screening Machine Waiting for Shipment

Now, let’s talk about the compost screener machine, a necessary machine for making organic fertilizer powder and fertilizer granules. It has 2 outlets used for discharging quality organic compost and impurities respectively. After screening compost, the purity of your raw materials increases, allowing you to make high-quality organic fertilizer powder and lowering the difficulty of fertilizer granulation procedure.

Given their different designs and functions, neither of them is replaceable. Therefore, the idea of cutting costs in a way of using one rotary screening machine to process compost and granules is not practical.

Moving Type Composting Machine for sale

· Compost Screening Machine for Sale ·

Model: SXGS-1240

Capacity(t/h): 3-5

Power(kw): 4

Drum Speed(r/min): 18

Does the Client Need a Fertilizer Cooler in Preparation of Goat Manure Fertilizer?

A whole organic fertilizer production line is not cheap for most small investors. To make sure the client could start his goat manure fertilizer production successfully, we did our best to optimize the design of the fertilizer production process and lower its price. The removal of the rotary drum cooling machine is a good example of our effort.

Commonly, organic fertilizer pellets produced with a disc granulating machine need to be dried and cooled, or the water in them is likely to cause caking problems. Therefore, the drum dryer machine is sold with a drum cooler. However, we advised the client to cool his goat manure naturally, instead of pitching our cooling machines. Yes, natural cooling is a good approach to take if you have a small number of fertilizer granules to deal with. In the customer’s factory, there are 2 tons of organic fertilizer produced hourly. The client can put his granules on the ground and wait for them to cool down naturally. But, you need to use a rotary drum cooling machine if the capacity of your fertilizer production line exceeds 5 tons per hour.

Moving Type Composting Machine for sale

· Fertilizer Cooler for Sale ·

Model: SXLQ-1010

Capacity(t/h): 2-4

Power(kw): 7.5

Speed(r/min): 6

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