The Solution for Using Chicken Litter as Fertilizer in the Philippines

On April 3rd

There was an inquiry from the Philippines, asking for the details about the manure dryer. The sender had a poultry project to set up 2 commercial chicken farms, and each farm had 6,5000 broiler chickens. With a great group of chickens, there would be tons of sticky manure piling up there every day, emitting a repellent odor and contaminating the environment. Without a proper solution for managing fresh chicken manure on his farm, the project was suspended.

One day, as the client searched on the website for a plan to dispose of his chicken manure, our page about 3 ways to compost chicken manure gave him a perfect idea. He suddenly realized the feasibility of using chicken litter as fertilizer. But, as we mentioned in this passage, the consumer needed to dry his fresh chicken poop before the step of converting it into organic fertilizer compost piles. Therefore, he sent an email to us for more details about our manure drying machine and a solution for animal manure management.

How Much Manure Does A Chicken Produce Per Day?

Usually, 10,000 chickens produce about 1 ton of fresh manure. There are 130,000 chickens on the buyer’s farms. According to consecutive estimations, they will generate about 13 tons of litter per day. The number will multiple if the client collects chicken manure monthly. Then, how much compost do you get from 13 tons of chicken manure? Considering the amount of water and impurities in chicken poop, you can get 4.3 tons of organic fertilizer at least after the process of hot composting.

The Part of Composting in Fertilizer Plant

Why Should You Dry Manure on the Poultry Farm?

Composting is a good way to manage chicken manure on commercial animal farms. However, you can not compost your fresh chicken poop without any processing. As we know, fresh animal manure, such as chicken litter, has lots of water, about 70%-80%. If you have a close look at fresh chicken poop, you will find it watery. Honestly, water is a necessity for microorganisms to break down organic matter.

But too much of it will lead to anaerobic composting, which takes about months to turn your chicken manure into organic compost. Actually, low efficiency is not the only shortcoming of anaerobic composting. There are more. Once the chicken compost is under anaerobic conditions, the low temperature of your compost will lead to the failure to destroy harmful materials in your compost and the production of irritant reek. Hence, water content should be controlled within an ideal range, usually, between 50% to 60%.

How to Dry Poultry Manure in an Eco-friendly and Efficient Way?

We once mentioned in a passage that drying chicken manure in the sun is a feasible and economical way, but only for small chicken farms. Commonly, it needs to take a couple of days to dry a ton of fresh manure naturally. On the buyer’s chicken farm, there are tons of fresh chick poop waiting for the process of drying. What a waste of room and time to do so! Hence, we advise the utilization of an industrial animal drying machine.

After collecting fresh animal manure, the buyer can put it into the manure dewatering machine. As the screw conveyor gives an extrusion force to your chicken manure, the liquid is squeezed and discharged from a tube. If the client wants, the effluent can be used to make biogas. After the process of drying, the water content of the chicken litter will drop to 50%, or lower. Then, you can start to make chicken manure compost!

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How Long Does Chicken Manure Take to Compost After the Process of Drying?

Like what we just said, the devoid of sufficient oxygen is the corollary of high moisture content in your chicken waste compost piles. That, in turn, brings stagnation to microbial activities, decelerating the speed of microorganism decomposition. It will take months, or more, to convert chicken manure into organic fertilizer. Yet things are totally different when you compost dry chicken manure.

When you pile up dry chicken litter, its temperature rises quickly as microorganisms consume oxygen to break down organic matter. When the temperature is over 65℃, you can aerate chicken manure piles with a commercial compost turner. Fresh air will put a curb on the increasing temperature, to avoid the heat inactivating the lives of microorganisms, while provide more oxygen to sustain microbial activities. In the process of hot composting, you will get well-composted chicken manure within 20 days!

Composted Piles Processed by Windrow Type Compostor

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4.A Good Method of Using Chicken Manure Compost to Make Profits

In addition to recommending an ideal model of manure drying machine, we offer the client a 1,400 t/y organic fertilizer production line that allows him to make profits from his animal manure.

The production line consists of 3 machines, namely a semi-wet materials crusher, a rotary drum screener, and a single bucket packaging machine. These fertilizer making machines will automatically process chicken poop compost, such as screening and mixing, and turn it into organic fertilizer powder. Then, the client can bag the fertilizer for sale. As a result, the customer not only finds an efficient way to dispose of his chicken manure but also starts an organic fertilizer business with a small amount of investment.

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