The Solution for Animal Farm Waste Management in Mombasa, Kenya, With a Manure Compost Machine

At the beginning of April

There was a customer in Kenya looking for a simple but efficient way to manage the waste on his animal farm. He had 20 ha of land where he fed 600,000 chickens and 1,000 goats. Facing tons of manure, the client found it was such a trouble to deal with. Then, he googled a simple and proper way to dispose of his animal manure, and our page about the process of making animal manure fertilizer inspired him. Yes, turning animal manure into organic fertilizer is an efficient and profitable way to manage farm waste. But, what should our client do to process chicken manure and goat dung into organic fertilizer? First, he needs a manure compost machine!

What Does a Manure Compost Machine Do for the Client?

It is commonsense that composting animal manure is the first and decisive step in the production of quality organic fertilizer products.

There are 2 ways of composting: cold composting and hot composting. The latter is widely adopted by most farmers and fertilizer makers because it takes less time to make safe and nutritious organic fertilizer. Usually, one needs to turn his compost in the process of hot composting, or the heat of it is likely to disable the activities and reproduction of microorganisms which are helpful to the decomposition of organic matter. But, how to turn tons of fresh chicken manure and goat dung on the client’s farm? It is quite a taxing and laborious task to do it manually, right?

Windrow Type Compostor in Operation
Groove Type Composting Machine in Fertilizer Plant

Therefore, the client needs a manure compost machine that has the ability to aerate his animal manure compost in an easy way. A leading manufacturer of commercial compost turners, we offer various types of fertilizer composting machines. With sharp and rigid turning teeth, our manure compost machines can turn your compost piles efficiently, providing more oxygen for microorganisms to consume and bringing the temperature of your compost down. Then, the process of composting is quickened. The client can get his organic manure after 20-25 days.

If he uses the traditional way, namely cold composting, the procedure of composting will last for months. Hence, the utilization of an commerical compost turner in the process of composting chicken poop is an efficient way to dispose of farm waste. But, there is still a question: which types of composting machines should the client choose?

· Compost Turner Machine for Windrow Type Composting ·

Large Capacity, Less Investment

The customer once mentioned in the email that he had large-scale farmland. So, we suggested he adopt the method of windrow type composting. There are 2 reasons:

This method is easy and simple for beginners. The client can stack his animal manure into a long strip, and drive the compost turner to aerate it.

The client can compost animal manure on his farm, instead of setting up a composting plant or composting grooves. That will save a large sum of money and time for him.

Windrow composting in organic fertilizer making plant

We have 2 hot types of windrow composting machines for sale. Considering the huge amount of his chicken manure, it is advisable for the client to buy our hydraulic compost turner, a commercial compost tuner machine. It can turn a huge volume of animal manure compost, about 1,500 m3. Because of its special design, it will form a neat and straight compost pile after the process of aerating animal manure, keeping a pleasant and healthy environment on the buyer’s farm. But, the client should make sure that his chicken manure compost stays away from his animals and water sources.

· Hydraulic Compost Turner ·

Model: SXLDF-3000

Capacity(m3/h): 1500

Power(kw): 156

Working Speed(m/min): 6-10

liquid solid separator for sale

How to Make Organic Fertilizer in a Simple Way?

After the process of composting, as all harmful bacteria and insect eggs are destroyed completely, the compost is sanitized. However, it fails to meet the national standards as a safe and quality organic fertilizer because of its low purity. For example, chicken manure usually has a diversity of impurities, such as undigested grains, litter rocks and twigs. The customer should sieve them and improve the purity of his animal manure fertilizer. So, we advise the customer to have a full organic fertilizer production line that processes his well-composted animal manure automatically.

The design of organic fertilizer making plant

Given his preference for a simple method of making organic fertilizer, we drew a design of a powder organic fertilizer production line for the client. In fact, organic fertilizer powder is much easier to make than organic fertilizer granules. There are 3 steps in the procedure of making animal manure fertilizer powder: screening to improve the purity of organic fertilizer, crushing to get a fine fertilizer powder and bagging to facilitate storage and transportation.

Our organic fertilizer production line, with smart fertilizer making machinery, can process composted animal manure into organic fertilizer powder automatically after the client manually feeds the raw materials. The operation of the whole fertilizer production line is foolproof and requires less manual work.

6 t/d Organic Fertilizer Production Line for Sale

In general, the models of organic fertilizer making machine are chosen in accordance with the annual amount of the client’s animal manure.

But, the buyer can not tell how much manure he can collect in a year. So, the number of his animals should be seen as the main factor that is taken into consideration when we design his organic fertilizer production. Let’s say, the production line runs 8 hours a day, and it needs to produce 6 tons of organic fertilizer powder a day, according to our calculation. If the input of raw materials increases, the client should prolong his working time.

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