50 T/D Chicken Manure Fertilizer Pellets Making Plant in Iraq

On March 29th

A company based in the UK contacted us for a plant solution. It aims to provide design and consultancy on fertilizer production for clients, mainly in developing countries. Recently, its manager had a client from Iraq asking for a design of a chicken manure fertilizer pellets making plant. In order to meet his client’s needs, the manager googled to find a reliable supplier of fertilizer machinery whom he could cooperate with. He contacted several suppliers for the design, and we were the first who replied to him. To make sure that we could offer an ideal plant solution for the manager, we asked for more information about the plant project of his client.

What Does the Client Need?

“…We have a client in Iraq asking for a solution for setting up a chicken manure fertilizer pellets making plant. Its output is 50 tons/day. We hope you can provide us with a proper design of a chicken manure production line and an efficient poultry pellet machine…”

SX Machinery, a leading supplier of the chicken manure machine, can fulfill his requirements easily. We provide 4 hot types of poultry pellet machines for sale. With distinctive features and advantages, they are able to make chicken manure into organic fertilizer quickly. In addition, we have sold over 100 production lines for chicken manure fertilizer to our customers from all over the world. These production lines won high praise from their owners for the features of high efficiency, smooth operation and automatic production. We are confident in our ability to provide an ideal chicken manure fertilizer production line and a poultry pellet machine to the client. But, there is a crucial question that remains unsettled.

What is the Client’s Budget?

“How much is your budget?” That is a question we will ask every client before we draw a solution for his plant project or recommend the types and models of fertilizer making machinery. Honestly, the budget has a vital role in our choice of the design of fertilizer production lines. Providing our clients with the best fertilizer machinery is the guideline that drives us to march forward in the manufacturing industries, despite many obstacles. However, all our efforts are useless if the machines or designs we offer are exorbitant for our clients. Therefore, we prefer to design the fertilizer production line on the basis of the capital of every buyer. Offering affordable fertilizer equipment and helping our clients start a fertilizer business are more important and meaningful to us after all.

Organic fertilizer factory

According to the client, the price of his 50 t/d plant for chicken manure fertilizer granules should be within 200,000 dollars. To be honest, one needs to spend at least 230,000 dollars to get a full production line for making organic fertilizer granules. However, the customer uses well-composted chicken manure as raw material to produce organic fertilizer. In other words, he doesn’t need to buy a fertilizer solid-liquid separator or a commercial compost machine. That saves a sum of money for him. Then, we drew a design for a chicken manure fertilizer production line, and sent it to the client, with a quote sheet and plenty of pictures and videos about the equipment he required.

50 t/d Chicken Manure Fertilizer Pellets Making Plant

Assuming that the plant runs 8 hours a day, the production line needs to produce at least 7 tons of chicken manure fertilizer granules per hour. Hence, a poultry pellet machine with a large output is indispensable. Among the poultry granulators we sell, the rotary drum granulating machine is featured in the mass production of granular fertilizer. It has a wide range of hourly capacity, from 1 ton to 30 tons. So, we recommended the SXZGZ-1870, a commercial granulating machine for chicken manure whose hourly capacity is 5-8 tons.

Rotary drum granulating machine for sale
Granulation Trials by Rotary Drum Granulatior

As a wet granulator, this type of chicken manure granulating machine makes organic fertilizer granules that have high water content, about 20%. The chicken manure fertilizer granules are soft and sticky, and one can easily squash them. Therefore, it is necessary to dry them before the process of bagging, or the granules are likely cake. When the fertilizer granules rush out of the granulating machine, they will head for the rotary drum drying machine and the rotary drum cooling machine, 2 machines aiming to improve their strength. After the process of drying and cooling, the strength of chicken manure fertilizer granules will be 20-25 N.

Affordable Production Line for Making Chicken Litter Fertilizer

The price of the chicken manure fertilizer pellets making plant is about 190,000 dollars, which is acceptable for the client. But, the high freight fee is the main crux of the matter for the client to waver his decision. It is a harsh reality that shipping costs recently took off like a rocket because of the Covid-19 epidemic worldwide. With so many uncertainties, we are not sure whether the freight fees will soar or not.

That actually is the most favorable price that we could offer, and we can not make any compromise on it. So, we told the manager to convey our message to the client, that the profits our production line would bring to him were much more than the freight fees, and accordingly, he should seize the opportunity to get his plant the best price. After several days, the manager asked about the payment term and time of shipment and said that the client would pay the deposit at the end of the month.

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