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How to Choose A Commercial Compost Turner?

On March 28th

There was an inquiry about our commercial compost turner from Fiji. The client had a project to set up a compost plant and started his fertilizer business. He was looking for a full organic compost fertilizer line to turn his cattle manure into organic fertilizer. In the email, a commercial compost turner with a large capacity was demanded. But, the type of it was hard to be decided by the client. The customer read the page about our compost turners and wavered over his choice of a groove type compost turning machine or a hydraulic composting machine. Therefore, he asked for our suggestion.

Before we found an ideal commercial compost turner for the buyer, there were 2 things we needed to know. (1) What is the hourly capacity of his plant? (2) How large is his composting plant?

What is the Hourly Capacity of the Client’s Factory?

“…I’m looking for an organic compost fertilizer line that can produce 150-180 bags of fertilizer per hour, and 5 kg per bag…” said the customer. Commonly, it takes 15-20 days to get well-composted cattle manure.

Therefore, the client should prepare enough cow dung compost in order to ensure consecutive production. How much manure compost does the client need to make? About 144 tons. Then, how much fresh cow dung should the buyer collect to make cow dung compost? At least 400 tones. To be honest, our commercial compost turners, no matter the hydraulic compost turning machine or the groove type compost turner, are capable of processing such a large amount of cow dung. The client can make his choice between them in line with his preferences.

What is the Difference Between Our 2 Types of Commercial Compost Turners?

Though designed for large-scale composting, the hydraulic compost turner and the groove type composting machine have different target consumers.

WIndrow composting in organic fertilizer plant
Groove Type Composting Machine in Our Client's Fertilizer Production Line

How Large is the Client’s Composting Plant?

The size of the plant is a vital factor that should be reckoned with when we recommend an ideal commercial compost turner for our customers. For example, we are more likely to introduce the hydraulic compost turner to customers who have enough room for large-scale composting, because it obviates the need to establish a groove. That can save a large sum of money for our client.

According to the client, his plant covers an area of 1,200 meters square. It is quite small actually, given that the factory has to leave some room for the organic fertilizer production line. Therefore, we need to offer a commercial compost turn that allows the client to use available space to make tons of cow manure compost. As we mentioned, the groove type compost turner requires less room for composting. The customer needs to set up 3 grooves to stack his cow dung and use the compost turner to aerate his compost pile.

Then, we drew a design for a 2,500 t/y cow dung composting plant. It marked the areas for raw materials storage, fresh cow dung separation and fermentation, and the information about the composting grooves, like their width and depth.

7 t/d Composting Plant for Sale

Due to its low purity, composted cattle manure can not be sold as organic fertilizer products. Hence, we provide the client with a 7 t/d production line for making organic fertilizer powder. After 20 days, the client can feed his well-composted raw materials into the feeder.

Then, the rotary drum screener machine will sieve all the useless materials in his compost to improve the purity of his composted cattle manure. Carried by an auto conveyor , cow dung fertilizer powder goes into the bagging equipment. Our smart bagging machine will weigh a certain amount of cow dung fertilizer powder with high precision, and pour it into the bag. The sewing device will automatically seal the bag.

In the process of bagging, you need 2 workers. One puts the bag in the right place, while the other helps stack bags of fertilizer products.

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